Real Cheat Online Chapter 38 - (100-75) X 2 = Raging Cat + Demon

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Chapter 38 : (100-75) x 2 = Raging Cat + Demon

Dodging Jiisha’s claw attack, firing the bullets, dodging, chopping with my knife, dodge and firing the bullets again. Silently, I keep shaving his HP bar with faster rate than before. Though this guy claws grazed on my body so many times till my HP bar dropped to half, it’s recovered thanks to Aoi-san 【Song of Healing】while his HP bar shaved off for sure thanks to Midori-san who attacked from behind with her magic in the interval between my attack.

「His HP bar finally turned yellow……………. Sou-kun, we’re halfway to our goal! Do your best! 」

「OU!  」

I’m sure that I can shave off this guy HP bar for sure even after this, so I put more strength to the hands that gripping my gun which aiming to his throa―― WHAT THE! ?

Maybe because it’s wary of me, The Jiisha suddenly leaped above my head.

「Oioi……….. You didn’t do that before」

But this distance is bad, that guy is extremely good at middle range combat. Though it’s not really hard to fire the gun bullets into that guy throat, doing so while dodging THAT is just too troublesome. And THAT is……………. His mowing down strike with his tail.


The tail attack that mowing from the angle that I never experienced before is approaching. Moreover, it might shave off half of my HP bar if it’s a clean hit. Nevertheless, multiple attack is difficult since the tail was coming from that kind of stance. Even if it’s possible, I will bring our distance closer for close combat again as long as I dodge that attack.

But, Jiisha’s movement really exceeded my expectation. The one that is coming from above after I’m evading that tail attack by half beat is Jiisha huge frame who is kicking the empty air.

――The heck………… You can even does that! c.r.a.p, I can dodge this.

「――Windmill! 」

Sharp blades of winds appeared before my eyes and then started to spin quickly like a propeller, playing a huge role in stopping Jiisha’s mad rush and diverting his landing point from me.



I escaped from danger thanks to Midori-san’s magic and then leaping toward the bosom of Jiisha who had just landed on the ground. His reaction toward me became slowed down might be thanks to the hate meter that turned toward Midori-san who had just landed a big move on him. Not stopping my attacking hand.

「――【Polar】activate! 」

I won’t miss the brief delay in Jiisha’s movement right after landing on the ground. I’m leaping over him till right in front of his face and then plunging s.h.i.+darezakura《Knife》 into his right eye.


Same as before, this guy jaw is wide open when I attacked his eyes. From there is his usual beloved bullets set meal. His HP bar steadily shaved off till below half.

But, Jiisha’s gap also closed with that attack. With his left eye looking at me, he swing his left paw toward my torso.

「As if I’m gonna let you do that――Wind bullet! 」

Three wind bullets. .h.i.t his left paw, slightly diverting its trajectory. And then, I’m running pa.s.s the very low way, slipping below his throat and then drawing the sword on my waist. It’s the spare sword that I borrowed from s.h.i.+nji.


It’s the strongest stabbing skill in reference to the stabbing skill in the swordsman manga which I read in s.h.i.+nji house a long time ago. [TL : Maybe referring to Ruroni Kens.h.i.+n] I’m ramming the tip of the spare sword into Jiisha’s throat. In fact I want to unleash this skill with a katana to match the atmosphere but, I can’t fuss about such things. Moreover, the power of this skill was already certified when I punched a hole into the wall before coming here. And just as I expected, that sword pierced Jiisha’s throat and triggering the shower of red light effect.


I’m pulling out the sword before this guy muscle shrinking and then make a dance-like retreat in front of me. My aim is naturally his pharynx. I’m emptying the bullets in my gun cartridge without care. Though his clawing attack is descending from above when all of the bullet in my gun used up, I dodge it and instead using his forelimb as scaffolding to keep running to his back.

Though I can’t predict the incoming attack since I’m on his back, most of Jiisha’s attack also won’t reach me. Now enjoying the rodeo in order to not being thrown back from his back and then dancing again with Jiisha when the reload of my bullet has finished.

Few minutes have pa.s.sed since I’m dancing with Jiisha. I shaved 75% of Jiisha HP bar and it already turned red.

「Now then, from here is the real things」

When Jiisha HP bar turned red, I took some distance from him. Jiisha isn’t going to chase after me and instead rounding his body like a cat in the kotatsu to cover the vital area of his entire body. [TL : Kotatsu reference please] I’ve been expecting the situation so far. The problem is from now on.


「Yeah.  Please a.s.sist me, everyone! 」

Everyone is gathering in one spot matching my retreat. Surely, soon a cylindrical pillar appeared around Jiisha, moreover, a flat board-like thing appeared above Jiisha. But, we who took some distance away from Jiisha have a clear look on its true form. And that is――

「It really is a kotatsu. I thought you’re joking when you told me about this before but, it’s definitely the most appropriate expression when seeing it up close」

The thing that appeared on top of Jiisha gigantic body whose height reaching three metres tall is a gigantic kotatsu which far bigger than Jiisha. Though the futon of the kotatsu is missing from this scene, I ended up imagining Jiisha slipping under the kotatsu desk like a cat. And then, now it’s missing the all important heater.


Jiisha’s body is s.h.i.+ning and then engulfed in the heat. Yup, it’s definitely that guy heater. Soon enough, radial heat wave are emanating from his entire body. It’s not a simple heat of a kotatsu, the burning heat wave engulfing his entire body. Though we were beaten in previous fight since we’ve no means to deal with this omnidirectional attack, the same case won’t be happened today.

「Leave it to me―― WINDMILL! 」

Windmill is a spell with the greatest damage output amongst Midori-san spell a.r.s.enal. It’s not just that, the one who carried the defensive duty as a s.h.i.+eld also appeared before us. But, this is not the end. We spent the entire day, for the sake of this moment.


s.h.i.+nji took out a gigantic steel s.h.i.+eld which almost as tall as himself and then invoking defensive art. Only knight job can equip s.h.i.+eld, or tower s.h.i.+eld.

And due to it sheer weight, the current s.h.i.+nji can’t hold that tower s.h.i.+eld with one hand, it’s completely useless garbage which can’t be used aside for defensive situation but, that is the situation we’re currently at. We are hiding our body behind this s.h.i.+eld.

「Me too…… Ei! 」

Aoi-san sprinkled some water that sealed in a bottle overhead us. The name of the water is【Holy Water of Fireproof】. Basically it’s an item to reduce the damage received from fire element attack. Now we’re at least finished our emergency measure for this situation. Now we have to endure the waves of our enemy attack.

「Uh………. GUH…………. OOOOOOOOOO! 」

Though s.h.i.+nji tower s.h.i.+eld seems to be on the verge of being blown out from receiving the waves attack that coming along with that terrifying impact, the four of us somehow managed to hold fast on him. Though we can prevent direct impact from the shockwaves, the problem is this heat. If this was the real life, such heat will definitely caused lungs and skin inflammation.

But thanks to the holy water that was brought by Aoi-san, our body can somehow withstand the heat wave till it

「Yosh, leave the rest to me! 」

「Wait a minute Sou-kun, it’s still too soon」

「No, please treat s.h.i.+nji first. I’ll be okay」

I’m stopping Aoi-san who is about to cast a heal to me and instead asking her to heal s.h.i.+nji whose body covered in scars.

My HP bar already reduced to mere 20%, it’s already turned red. If for example it filled to 50%, I’m afraid that it’ll become zero with just one attack of that guy. On the contrary, s.h.i.+nji still have 40% of his HP bar and it’ll be restored to 70% as long as he received 【Song of Healing】 from Aoi-san. If things going according to the plan, he can at least withstand 1 or 2 of Jiisha’s attack.

Moreover, there’s another reason for me to leave my HP bar as it is.

「Wait, Sou-kun, what in the world is that! ? 」

The one who said that first is naturally Midori-san. Aoi-san who noticed the unusual phenomenon slower than her also surprised by such sight. This is my last trump card. Its name is,

「My pa.s.sive skill ――【Red Ogre】」

【Red Ogre】, the pa.s.sive skill that automatically invoked when my HP bar descended below 25%. The effect is rising my movement speed along with attack power by 10%.

「I see, so that’s also the reason why your appearance changed too huh. Especially that horn-like thing」

Midori-san is telling about that fact with a tone as if she finally get the situation. The me who under the effect of “Red Ogre” skill is growing two horn from both side of my head, having my pupils color turned red and emitting burning red aurlike things from my entire body. Though there’s no change or whatsoever in my physical const.i.tutions, my appearance-Even by my own opinion- completely resembling a red ogre.

「Well, let’s save the story for later」

Leaving that words, I’m accelerating at my full speed toward the bosom of Jiisha. This speed is obviously surpa.s.sing my previous speed―― Or rather, this skill giving me the feeling of transcending through the limit of humanity.

In the blink of eyes I’m arriving right in front of Jiisha and then kicking his jaw.


I can imagine that s.h.i.+nji eyeb.a.l.l.s are almost popping out from its socket just by hearing his voice. That’s natural since I just suddenly kicked Jiisha jaw. So it can’t be helped if he’s reacting that way. But, I predicted my dramatic power up to some extent.

Yesterday. When I checked out the effect given by 【Red Ogre】 skill, I found one fact. And the fact is that the explanation of this skill didn’t do a justice in explaining the true horror of this skill.

The effect of “Red Ogre” is rising my movement speed and attack power by 10%. That point itself is wrong. But, to be exact, the effect itself can’t be explained by the short note. My movement speed is definitely become even faster. But, that doesn’t mean that the skill just simply rising my speed.

What is the factors that bringing about movement speed, or should I say, the speed. And that is composed of ideal posture, image, body balance and though there are many others, the most important factor is one own muscle. The movement of the muscle is an absolute essential for the forming of the speed, thus it was the backbone of this skill.

In short, what the 【Red Ogre】 skill does is rising the muscle strength of the avatar along with attack power, multiplying it by [10 %]. The attack that released from such rising state can’t be compared to my previous attack. Though even I thought “What the heck is this demonic skill”, the name of the skill is already 【Red Ogre[i]】. It was a demonic skill from its very core.[TL : The best explanation for this is the technique of Tooyama Kinji from Hidan no Aria called “Ouka” which using similar concept]


Now I drove a strike that packed with the weight and power of my entire body behind it right unto the right cheek of Jiisha whose jaw is still uplifted. Though as expected my power up is still lacking the power to blown Jiisha’s entire body, at least it have enough power to knock on his head.


I’m glaring at Jiisha with-literally-demonic scowl.

[i] [TL : The kanji for Ogre[鬼] can also translated as demon]

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