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[Next] Arge Chapter 167: Satsuki’s Storm

I got in Sakura Nomiya again after a long time, it was filled with the nostalgic fragrance of flowers.
As Kuro-san was there with us, we crossed the checkpoint easily.
As the gatekeeper saw Kuro-san’s face, he said “again!?”. I guess this is the usual thing.

By the time we get in, the sun is already set. However, the street lights are bright, they illuminate the night road.
Above all, The Sakura petals are illuminated in pink light,
It’s a beautiful sight to behold.

『…It is a nice scent. As expected from the Sakura』(Aoba)

So saying, Aobsan inhales deeply.
She closed eyes very happy with a smile.
The metropolis filled with the fragrance of flowers, as usual, there are many foreign races.
It is fun to watch the lively townscapes but if you don’t pay attention you may go astray.
After enjoying the fragrance of the flower plenty of time, Aobsan looked at me.

『Well then, let’s first go to see Arge’s acquaintances, because greetings are important.』(Aoba)

『I agree.
I also want to see them for a long time.
Kuro-san, may I ask you for a guide?』(Arge)

『Of course ~n ~dayo! ~Wafu.
Here, here, over here ~n ~dayo!』(Kuro)

Following Kuro-san’s guidance, we lead the horse to the Satsuki coffee shop.
This coffee shop managed by the vampire with the same name Satsuki.
I have been in their care before so I would like to say a greeting.

And if Satsuki-san is familiar with the way to go to the empire, we may ask her good information. She seems to have a wide connection.
Above all, to the extent that I can confidently introduce to Aobsan, that Satsuki’s cake is delicious.

It was a good walk.
We arrived ~n ~dayo.
The shop is already closed today, so don’t hesitate!』(Kuro)

『Well then, excuse me』(Arge)

After connecting the horse to the store, we went into the shop through the door.
I can hear the doorbell echoed.
The interior, that I didn’t see for several months, has a calm atmosphere just like before.
The lights are limp because the business hour is over,
Store interior is rather dark but it’s filled with relieved air somehow.

『Wafu~! I’m home ~dayo!!』(Kuro)

In return for Kuro-san’s vigorous voice is the sound of footsteps.
The footsteps are rather fast, which means someone is heading here in a hurry.
And a nostalgic face appeared from behind the store.

『Tch, please let go of me!
I will never wear such things …! ?』(Isabella)

『Just a little!
I have prepared them beforehand!
Hey, Isabellsan, don’t you look forward to it?
As the maker, Satsuki-chan guarantees it!』(Satsuki) (T.N: Satsuki calls herself as 3rd POV Satsuki-chan)

『How did you know to prepare them beforehand…?!』(Isabella)

A nostalgic face was the one that I have antic.i.p.ated and the one that I haven’t antic.i.p.ated.
The lady who is wearing j.a.panese clothes out of the two is Satsuki Ichinose, the master of this shop.
She is the shopkeeper, so of course, I have expected to see her face.
However, I didn’t expect to see Isabellsan here.
She was supposed to live in a place called Demon Continent far away from here.

『Yes, as usual, Isabellsan is obstinate.
I’m telling you are going to look nice in it…
Satsuki-chan is sad!
It’s “shock” in the kingdom language』(Satsuki)

『There’s no such thing…!』(Isabella)

From their conversation, it seems like Satsuki-san wants Isabellsan to wear new clothes, which is one of Satsuki-san’s hobbies.
Isabellsan doesn’t want to wear it so she tries to escape.
Both of them are tall and have big
When such two were tangled up, various forces are wonderfully clas.h.i.+ng with each other.
Or rather, Satsuki-san’s figure is really dangerous in j.a.panese clothes.

『…Dai Oppai Obake (Big breast Monster War?』(Aoba)

『Oops, just now Satsuki-chan heard a very frightening impression of this year …』(Satsuki)

As a result of Aobsan’s murmuring her thought, Satsuki-san noticed us.
At first, she was stunned for a moment when she noticed us.
And In the next moment, she instant-jump at me…

『Arge-chan! Long time no see!』(Satsuki)


I was buried in her chest faster than I expected.
Satsuki’s hug blocks my visibility completely.
Her voice that came down from above seemed really happy from her heart.

『Iyaa, I’m glad that you come back again like you promised!
I also thought that you are alive. As expected you are still fine, aren’t you?』(Satsuki)

『Fugu~u, u~gu~gu』(Arge)

『Oh, but are you really all right?
Did your skin become rough on a long trip,
Or did you get tricked by a suspicious person?』(Satsuki)

『U gu~tsu, sa~ fu~ hi~ han~, ugu~gu…』(Arge)

『…Ara? I’m sorry.
It’s my usual habit』(Satsuki)


Satsuki-san seemed to notice my intention from my groaning voice and she released me.

…As ever, it’s amazing elasticity. While breath in the fresh air, I think so.

I was buried several times before, Satsuki-san’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s are tremendously soft.
When she hugged me, it was just like sinking into a marsh.

『Ehm… Long time no see, Satsuki-san』(Arge)

『Yes, it’s been a long time.
You seem to be fine, but… to think you bring in another beauty again!
No, more than that she is an Alraune!
Nice to meet you, the eternal seventeen years old Satsuki, the manager of this shop!』(Satsuki)

『Ah, yes, likewise… my name is Aoba』(Aoba)

Aobsan seems to be confused, but it’s normal for Satsuki-san to be in high tension.
Let’s get used to it.
Actually, I’m more concerned about Isabellsan, who is having a relieved face from the back of the shop.

『By the way, why is Isabellsan here?』(Arge)

『…I just followed my boss.』(Isabella)

『Your boss? So that means…』(Arge)

『Yes, I’m also here』(Mutsuki)

At the moment I heard his name and wondered about it, his voice replied from the back.
And from there, the Vampire King who rules over one of the territory of the Demon Continent came out.
It’s Mutsuki-san.

Because the sun already set, Mutsuki could walk around comfortably.
When I look at him, he raises one hand and greets me.

『Yo, Arge. You can save the trouble of searching for you』(Mutsuki)

『Searching…? Do you mean Rich.e.l.le-san’s group…?』(Arge)

The fox girl crossed the ocean and came here directly…
…Rich.e.l.le also wanted to help with the search,
But she needed to help with the restore of her land first,
As for the rest, they didn’t have a s.h.i.+p ready yet…
well, that’s about it.
But it seems you are “Alright”』(Mutsuki)

He laughs and his fangs are showing. It was the same when he was at the demon continent.
Somehow I found it reliable and I smile from relieving.


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