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Is Your Breath Okay?

“Reeve, Su-chan, could you explain it again?”

Evening inside Ellis's mansion. In front of Ellis was Reeve kneeling on the ground with Su-chan sitting beside her. Frau and Claire were standing behind Ellis with an anxious look on their faces, while Katie was off on her own to the side not caring about anything that was going on.

“I'm sorry Mistress. But there was a carriage being attacked by monsters. It couldn't be helped.”
“So, what exactly happened?”
“Um, Su-chan just released a little bit of his High Voltage Breath bathing the swarm of monsters in electricity, and then I jumped down and took care of the monsters hanging onto the carriage, and then………..”

Ellis was getting a headache. When she heard the story, she wondered why Reeve hadn't just left the monsters near the carriage to the knights that were already there and have Su-chan finish off the leftover monsters with wind blades or some other long-range attacks. Instead they had a beautiful woman taking charge, working her blade around the carriage and killing the nearby monsters. All while being in perfect view of a score of witnesses.

“Mistress, there is one other thing I should tell you, and it's that one of the pa.s.sengers on the carriage appears to be my older sister.”
“Your older sister?”
“Big Sis Bizon married and moved to the capitol Skycastle a few years ago.”

Ellis's headache was getting worse. If it were the residents of Warren or even Marsfield they could be convinced to remain silent, but it would be the worst-case scenario if Reeve's strength became known to the kingdom. She didn't even want to think about the rumors already possibly floating around.

“We can't help what's already been done, but next time try not to be so flashy.”
Ellis made a deep sigh as she gave Reeve a light scolding. But then Katie spoke up.

“By the way, what's a High Voltage Breath nya?”

In accordance with Katie's question, suddenly a ‘Breath Release' was engraved into the minds of every girl with the exception of Reeve. The four other dragons all began to laugh haughtily before trying to sell themselves like usual.

“Ellis, my Grand Aqua Breath is intense.”
“Frau, my Super High Heat Breath too, it's pretty good.”
“Katie, my Extreme Cold Breath is the strongest.”
“Claire, my Black Ball Breath sounds like it'd be strong I think!”

Between the sensation of the spell being engraved in their minds and the added words of the dragons being spoken at the same time, the girls were all left eager to see the attacks for themselves.
But it unfortunately couldn't be done here. So, the girls all gathered around the dinner table to have the meal Frau had prepared as they used the description of each dragon's breath attack to spice up the food.

And then it was time for a bath.

And then the nightly activities after a long day.

Today's top batter as a matter of course was Reeve.

“For the first time in a long time you need to be punished. Reeve, prepare yourself.”
“Mistress, forgive me. Ah………..such, no………………”

And the other three obediently waited for their turn while the dragons rested downstairs bragging about their respective Dragon Maiden.
It was a peaceful night.

And then the morning inevitably came.

“So Claire, shall we go make the rounds?”
Ellis called out to Claire while the lovely sized Rchin was hanging from her back like a backpack.

“Understood Ellis, I guess we should start with the Thieves' Guild.”
Claire had already finished her preparations for going out. On her head was the resting fancy sized Pi-tan.

The purpose for these two people today was to try and solve Plum's problem.
First off would be the Thieves' Guild. Four people sat before them–Margherita, Marilyn, Machel, and Guild Master Baltis.

“So that's what we mean. The target audience is a little narrow, but we'd like to proceed as soon as we've gotten everyone's permission.”

After fully laying out her plan, Ellis tried to make sure everyone understood. Baltis's viewpoint was the same as it always was, as long as it didn't negatively affect the Thieves' Guild, he didn't care. Margherita and Marilyn thought it was a good plan, and Machel spoke on behalf of all her subordinates when she gave her consent as well.
Next up was the Merchants Guild. Maria, Nicole, and Ichiro came in to attend this one.

“I wonder, I suppose it won't hurt the guild at all.”

Maria had no objections after hearing Ellis's explanation. As for Nicole and Ichiro, the two of them had actually been worried about the very same thing, so they promised to provide their very best support.

“Next up is Boss.”
“That's right, I suppose we'll just have to confidently push through.”

The third stop was the Workshop Guild. With Flint and two of his chief supporters by his side, these three would represent all the craftsmen in Warren.

“What do you say Uncle? I'm honestly envious on how much money you'll be making.”

Just hearing Ellis's explanation and seeing Claire's drawings had the three hardened craftsman wanting to pa.s.s out.

“We're going to need the Marsfield guys to stay a while.”

Claire tried to respond to Flint's worries.
“Should I make you another Mogemoge-kun?”
“It would be appreciated if you did so. By the way Ellis, that's a pretty dress you have on.”
“It's great Uncle. And like this, most people wouldn't think he's the Guardian Dragon.”

At Flint's words, Ellis made a full turn on her toes so he could see everything. The Guardian Dragon Rchin was tied up like a baby and strapped to her back. While securely fastening him to Ellis, there was also a hole in the fabric that allowed his tail to hang out and not get smooshed.

“It's effective and comfortable. As expected of Ellis.”
“And the one on Claire's head can't be seen as anything other than a stuffed animal.”
“It was useless to try anything else since Pi-tan loves it up here so much.”
“It's awesome up here!”

A girl's touch could make even dragons turn out like this. Flint immediately began preparing materials and plans for further construction as soon as Ellis and Claire left.

Just to be sure, Ellis and Claire did make a report to the Adventurer's Guild as well before going back to Cross Town and visiting the boutique.

“Plum, can we count on your cooperation for this?”
“Absolutely Ellis. It appears that my friends were more jealous of the gachih.o.m.os and fas.h.i.+onable gays than I had thought. Everyone readily agreed to cooperate.”
“I know that Plum's place is also often busy, so thank you.”
“Likewise, I can't possibly thank you enough.”

Plum gave the both of them a wondrous smile. It was a sight that made Ellis and Claire wonder exactly what part of her was male. But imagining what she would look like when the plan was actually finished made the both of them excited.

“Well, are you going home now?”
“That's right.”

And so Ellis and Claire were able to walk on home feeling confident with themselves. First off though they'd have to drop Rchin off at the Jewelry Box Teahouse and give Credia Claire's specially made pottery though.

And after a while.

“Hm, I should be leaving soon. Credia, could you pour the tea into that small barrel that Claire made for me?”
“Understood Guardian Dragon.”
“Just Rchin is fine.”

While smiling, Credia poured out the cold tea in front of Rchin's eyes in the small specially made barrel that Claire had made. She then tightly closed the lid and tied it to a strap hanging around Rchin's neck.

“Are you sure you don't want me to see you off?”
“Yes, I'll walk home myself today. This is also part of my role as a Guardian Dragon…………but could you help me down?”

Credia picked Rchin up off the high chair and set him down on the ground just like he asked.

“Well then, I shall come again.”
“We'll be waiting Rchin.”

The Land Dragon Rchin truly loved the scent of this tea, and he greatly enjoyed the faint scent of it that came when it was poured into the hot water of his bath. And Aiful and Credia of the Teahouse as well, Rchin loved them all.

Later, the figure of the Guardian Dragon walking home to Lily Garden from Cross Town would become one of the specialties for the highway connecting the two.

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