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  • The 5000-year-old Herbivorous Dragon

  • Author(s): 榎本快晴
  • GENRES: Action - Comedy - Fantasy
  • STATUS : ongoing
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The 5000-year-old Herbivorous Dragon summary:

Saying 5000 year old dragon has an impressive ring to it, yet that dragon was an extremely harmless, herbivorous being. However, because of his uselessly giant figure and scary appearance, he was mistaken for the Devil King’s executive and provided by the nearby village with a sacrificial maiden. Fundamentally cowardly and timid dragon tried to send her away, but the extremely enthusiastic sacrifice didn’t want to give up. Inevitably, he lied: “Okay, I just ate a small portion of your soul, so you can go back already.”, but the maiden with outrageous a.s.sumptions has misunderstood that she became the dragon’s kin. Then, out of all things, she begins to manifest strange power on the basis of her wrong a.s.sumptions – in turn, the helpless dragon, by some mistake starts a rebellion against the Devil King. Rebellion or whatnot, he wasn’t even his subordinate in the first place.

The 5000-year-old Herbivorous Dragon Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 76 Mar-21-19
Chapter 75 Mar-20-19
Chapter 71-74 Mar-18-19
Chapter 70 Mar-01-19
Chapter 69 Feb-27-19
Chapter 68 Feb-26-19
Chapter 63-67 Feb-25-19
Chapter 62 Jan-26-19
Chapter 60-61 Jan-26-19
Chapter 59 Jan-16-19
Chapter 58 Jan-13-19
Chapter 57 Jan-11-19
Chapter 56 Jan-09-19
Chapter 55 Jan-07-19
Chapter 54 Jan-05-19
Chapter 53 Jan-05-19
Chapter 52 Dec-28-18
Chapter 51 Dec-25-18
Chapter 50 Dec-24-18
Chapter 49 Nov-23-18
Chapter 48 Nov-22-18
Chapter 47 Nov-14-18
Chapter 46 Nov-14-18
Chapter 45 Nov-12-18
Chapter 44 Nov-10-18
Chapter 43 Nov-08-18
Chapter 42 Nov-01-18
Chapter 41 Nov-01-18
Chapter 40 Oct-30-18
Chapter 38-39 Oct-22-18
Chapter 37 Oct-14-18
Chapter 36 Oct-14-18
Chapter 35 Oct-05-18
Chapter 34 Oct-02-18
Chapter 33 Sep-30-18
Chapter 32 Sep-25-18
Chapter 31 Sep-22-18
Chapter 30 Sep-20-18
Chapter 29 Sep-17-18
Chapter 28 Sep-13-18
Chapter 27 Sep-11-18
Chapter 26 Sep-09-18
Chapter 25 Sep-07-18
Chapter 24 Sep-05-18
Chapter 23 Sep-03-18
Chapter 22 Sep-01-18
Chapter 21 Aug-31-18
Chapter 20 Aug-31-18
Chapter 19 Aug-02-18
Chapter 18 Aug-02-18
Chapter 17 Jul-17-18
Chapter 16 Jul-17-18
Chapter 15 Jun-28-18
Chapter 14 Jun-13-18
Chapter 13 Jun-09-18
Chapter 12 May-31-18
Chapter 11 May-24-18
Chapter 10 May-23-18
Chapter 9 May-10-18
Chapter 8 Apr-26-18
Chapter 7 Apr-26-18
Chapter 6 Apr-26-18
Chapter 5 Apr-26-18
Chapter 4 Mar-29-18
Chapter 3 Mar-22-18
Chapter 2 Mar-14-18
Chapter 1 Mar-09-18
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