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Chapter 17-I don’t accept


Li Muyang’s life before was the same as his skin color, jet black that was unable to see any light.

It was also because of this, that Cui Xiaoxin approached him on her own initiative in the Beast Aspect Pavilion and agreed to tutor him to help with his school work, at that time his lungs were filled with grat.i.tude, When Cui Xiaoxin encountered the killer he rush towards her, wanting to sacrifice his own life for her.

And because of this, his grades have improved a little, and his life finally saw a faint light, his heart more than anyone else cared about it, and valued it more than anything else.

Like a flower in the desert, you have to carefully nurture it, and wait for it to bear fruit. The result was that the little flower was kicked and trampled to death, putting your heart and hope to that faint light, and once it extinguishes it would make you fall into darkness again.

His heart was so desperate, so grief.

Seeing Li Muyang’s expression, everyone quietly stayed.

They can feel that Li Muyang’s heart was filled with grievances as well as hostility that was difficult to suppress, they can clearly see the bulging blood vessels on the back of his neck, and the tightly closed fist that was firmly holding the writing brush.


The writing brush broke under his grip, and immediately black ink flowed around his black palm.

Just like he said, even if you suspected me of cheating, you must first find a way to prove it, rather than directly putting a ‘cheat’ hat on the student’s head.

This slander was like a knife on the table engraved with the ‘early’ character, even if the cut heals, many years later, it would also leave an ugly scar on the human heart.

Hearing Li Muyang’s interrogation, Zhao Mingzhu’s face darkened.

“Li Muyan, do you still need proof? You previously have what sort of grade, you yourself don’t know? I don’t know? Your cla.s.smates don’t know? You didn’t come for a few days and now your able to answer like this in the exam, do you think you’re a genius?” Zhao Mingzhu’s language was still harsh, but her voice compared to before had weakened a lot. “Well, you want evidence, right? Ok, I’ll give you proof.”

She scanned the students around Li Muyang, the one Li Muyang was sharing a table with is called Yang Jun, Zhang Chen’s lackey, similarly a soccer member in the school. Grades can only be considered moderate, so he couldn’t hand over such a perfect answer.

Then, her eyes looked forward, looking at the girl in front of Li Muyang, said: “Chen Yuanyuan, bring me your examination paper I have to take a look at it.”

Chen Yuanyuan rubbed her eyes, looked up at Zhao Mingzhu said: “Zhao teacher, I’m not done—I haven’t answered one-third of the questions.

Zhao Mingzhu frowned, in her mind Chen Yuanyuan is a good student, and Li Muyang was near this student with the best grades. But even she has one-third of the questions unanswered, then Li Muyang naturally wouldn’t be able to copy of off her.

“Zheng Fang, did you finish answering the questions?”

“Teacher, I haven’t finished.” The girl with a small stature answered in a weak voice. Afraid of Zhao Mingzhu blaming her.

“Chen Lei—-“

“Teacher, I’m done.”

“I’ll have a look at it.”

Chen Lei sent the papers up, Zhao Mingzhu’s whole face was excited, as she had finally found an evidence that Li Muyang has cheated.

Immediately after looking at the paper her face turned green, and directly threw out Chen Lei’s paper, then shouted: “Chen Lei, are you a pig head? The first and third big question I’ve said countless times, and made it clear to separate the question, but you still got it wrong and gave it back to me, do you have any memory at all? Do you really want to go to college? Redo it and bring it back to me.”

Chen Lei picked up the paper from the floor, his face dyed red as he ran back to his seat.

Zhao Mingzhu’s eyes scanned the audience and asked: “Which student finished their paper? It doesn’t matter if you haven’t answered 2 or 3 questions.”

No one replied.

“No one yet?” Zhao Mingzhu’s face increasingly became ugly.

Li Muyang stood up.

He pushed his chair back, step by step went towards the platform.

“Li Muyang, what do you want?” Zhao Mingzhu snapped.

“Don’t bother.” Li Muyang said in a low voice.

He walked up the platform, and stood side by side with Zhao Mingzhu.

He took an examination paper on the table which hasn’t been sent out, followed by the use of the writing brush meant to correct the student’s papers, and started answering the examination paper in front of Zhao Mingzhu.

Zhao Mingzhu’s eyes watched, and her face muscles twitched.

“This guy still doesn’t want to admit defeat; he actually wants to answer on-the-spot?”

As Zhao Mingzhu thought that, Li Muyang who was standing beside, slightly bent over, and on that blank paper an authentic answer was shown.

Brush brush—-

His hands moved from place to place as he wrote, rarely lifting his wrist.

Another question was overcome, the blank parts of the paper were filled up little by little.

The cla.s.sroom was silent.

No one spoke, no one answered, not even one of them made a face of a mocking expression.

Everyone looked up at the platform, at Li Muyang who was focused on answering the question, they were witnessing a miracle, and they were also witnessing Li Muyang’s innocence.

The bell rang, but n.o.body left, and the cla.s.s continued.

When Li Muyang finished the last question, he has merely used up thirty minutes. Because he had already answered these question, he didn’t need to ponder once more.

Once again, he handed the paper to Zhao Mingzhu’s hands, and said: “You look.”

Zhao Mingzhu automatically took the paper, as she confusingly looks at Li Muyang.

This waste under everyone’s eyes really made an earth-shaking change.

Regardless of the new paper he turned in is right or wrong, he alone, still bravely stood up to fight back, strode to the platform and in front of the whole cla.s.s answered the question—-he was no longer the previously timid, weak, confused and struggled with everything, and there was no trace of this traits in the presence of this student.

“Of course, you might say, because I just copied it over, so I kept those words in mind as I answered this questions—-“ Li Muyang stared sharply at Zhao Mingzhu, and with a haunting voice of hatred, said: “In order to avoid such accusations, there are a lot of questions I’ve answered with a different method. Teacher Zhao please also look carefully at the two papers and see any difference between the two.”


The cla.s.sroom became a mess again.

“What? Did he say that he changed the method in answering the questions?”

“Impossible, right? Did Li Muyang eat a G.o.d Dan—-otherwise how did he become so fierce?”

“Was this kid always playing as a pig to eat the tiger? Intentionally doing poor in the tests before, to paralyze us, and decided to wait until the paper to come back and amaze the world with a single brilliant feat——“


Zhao Mingzhu didn’t pay attention to the conversations in her cla.s.s, as her sight finally fell onto the paper in her hands.

Looking at one of the questions, one answer appeared in her eyes, which had matched with the answer she had in mind.

Li Muyang didn’t lie, there were many questions that he answered with a different method. I can’t tell which one is better, but the answer is the standard answer in her heart.

Still, like the paper handed in before, there were two question left blank. That part was the one he couldn’t answer.

Such result, such ability, even the first in cla.s.s Cui Xiaoxin may not necessarily be able to do it.

She was already sure, Li Muyang wasn’t cheating, as both the examination was done by Li Muyang.

Zhao Mingzhu grabbed the examination paper, looking as if she was holding a burning red hot charcoal.

Her expression finally changed, as she struggled to make a smile and patted Li Muyang’s shoulder and said: “Yes, Li Muyang didn’t cheat, this paper is indeed your own answer—-the progress is very obvious, and you must continue and maintain it.”

Zhao Mingzhu looked under the stands, said: “Li Muyang, you go, the other students still need to continue the test.”

“Teacher Zhao—-“ Li Muyang standing in front of Zhao Mingzhu didn’t go.

“What?” Zhao Mingzhu suddenly looked up, her eyes flas.h.i.+ng fiercely. She has prover his innocence, does this guy still want to push it?

“You’ve taught for years, and have never apologized to the students, right?” Li Muyang asked aloud.

The air froze, every student felt the chill on the back of their neck, Swish.

They thought the Li Muyang must certainly be insane, daring to make the school’s most famous old-fas.h.i.+oned witch to apologize.

“What are you trying to say?” Zhao Mingzhu formed her hands into a fist, Li Muyang had just answered the paper she crushed into a hard paper ball.

“If not, then—-“ Li Muyang looked straight into the eyes of Zhao Mingzhu, stressing with each syllable, he said: “then since I started it.”

“Li Muyang——-“

“Does Ms. Zhao feel that it’s fine to do these things, you said those words, harmed a student and is still unable to apologize? If that’s the case, I’ll report today’s matter to the school, I’ll go complain to the about my teacher slandering and insulting me—-“

“Zhao Mingzhu stared at Li Muyang, said: “Li Muyang, are you sure you want this?”

“Yes, ma’am, I’m sure.”

“Well, I ow you an apology, I have said something wrong, I shouldn’t have in the absence of investigating the matter accused you of cheating—–Li Muyang, I’m sorry.” Zhao Mingzhu hoa.r.s.ely said.

She had just done what she had never done before.

Something that she never thought she would ever do.

“I didn’t cheat.” Li Muyang said to the students in the cla.s.s.


Li Muyang turned around to see Zhao Mingzhu, said: “I don’t accept it.”


“I said—-teacher Zhao’s apology I don’t accept it.” Li Muyang said again.

He stepped down from the platform, and went back to his seat.

He put the ink, water cup and the book on the table and stuffed it into his bag, and then carried the large bulging bag as he walked out of the cla.s.sroom.

This time, his back was very straight, as proud as the Han Song Valley.

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