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The community where Nie Yi and the others chose to settle was a combination of small high-rises and villas. He did not want to separate from peace and other people. In addition, those people did not want to separate from them. In the end, they chose a renovated one in the middle. A single-family villa, he planned to live in it.

“How do you open this door?” Shao Zhenglan looked at the door of the villa and frowned. The door of the villa was made of real materials. They planned to live here, it was obviously inappropriate to violently dismantle.

“I’m coming.” Nie Yi said, who had been in the last days for a decade, he also practiced some craftsmans.h.i.+p, such as unlocking. Of course, being able to learn this was also related to the mental power of their abilities.

Using his mental power to carefully check the lock, Nie Yi opened the car from his own because he had previously pushed the cars that were blocking the road, so that the front of the truck was on the side of the truck. Knocking down a small piece of iron, and then using the fire abilities to melt the piece of iron, and using his mental power to control it, it became a key, which opened the door.

Ping Shengchao and the others were okay. Those who had just been rescued a few days ago saw this scene. Then thought about the scene where Nie Yi used the fire to burn zombies. It looked like those with Nie Yi in their eyes were full of reverence.

Among them, they would also deal with people before the end of the world. He wondered if the next road would depend on Nie Yi. Now he would compliment: “Nie Lao Da, you are really powerful. If you don’t have you, we don’t know what to do.”

“I have done it."

He said that he had already gone to the big truck again. At this time, Qi Jingchen was still sitting in the truck and was guarded by Nie Yi's two bodyguards.

The window of this truck was gone, and some iron sheets had been broken in front. Although the performance was no problem, it could continue to open, but the appearance was very miserable. Let Nie Yi miss the one that he once operated in the last days. A car that had been transformed.

Opening the door of the co-pilot and carrying Qi Jingchen out of it, Nie Yi looked at the two bodyguards again: “Get a few more buckets of water.”

“Yes.” The two bodyguards immediately went to the water with a cry. Nie Yi entered the house, and then saw that those who followed were already fighting for positions, and many people went upstairs.

After scanning a circle, he found that Xu Nan and several other people who were optimistic were downstairs. Nie Yi's mood was better, and then he walked upstairs with Qi Jingchen.

This detached villa had three floors, the second floor had two bedrooms and one study, and the third floor had two bedrooms and one study. When he went up, the second floor had already been occupied, and the third floor had people, what was even more funny was that the third bedroom facing the south was not only already occupied, but the person still locked the door.

“Come out!” Nie Yi slammed his door, and he was so angry and furious. Almost all of them were on the road to protect those people who had faces that occupy the top floor of the bedroom.

However, this situation would be in the early days of the last days…

“There are people inside, I occupied the bedroom first.” There was a voice inside.

“Don’t come out again, you don’t think about it in your life!” Nie Yi hardened his face.

The people inside probably also noticed that they were not right. They opened the door. Nie Yi discovered that the room was occupied by the tall man who was the one who joined the family team!

“This room is what I grabbed…” The man was still trying to argue.

“If you don’t want to die, let me go in.” Nie Yi was very tired of this man, he kicked directly on his lap, kicking him down but did not hurt him.

The momentum of Nie Yi was really amazing. The man was shocked and ran down.

At this time, Qi Jingchen still did not forget to continue to pull hatred: “This bed has been slept in and is dirty, I don’t want to sleep here.” At this stage, although everyone drank water, it was not enough to take a bath. Just leave the person. The smell of sweat on the body could be smelled by the nose.

“You have to take a shower first, I will immediately change the things inside.” Nie Yi immediately said.

“There is still dinner.” Qi Jingchen said again.

“There should be a lot of food in the vicinity, I am going to find it.” Nie Yi was extremely obedient.

The bodyguard had already moved the water at this time. Nie Yi went to the bathroom connected to the bedroom to put the water in the bathtub, and prepared a set of clothes for Qi Jingchen, then went to clean the bed.

After cleaning up, he asked the two bodyguards to go to the nearby place to find something to eat, and then went downstairs.

Probably he was scared by him before, there was no one on the top floor, but the second floor was full of people, and some people were arguing to fight for a good position.

“Since you follow me, it is best to give me a little rule. Adults have a place to sleep. Several bedrooms are reserved for families with children. Children sleep in bed. Adults sleep on the floor.”

Nie Yi said: “If I feel that I don’t have a bed and I don’t feel well, I will open the door and send you out. There are so many houses around you to pick them up.”

When Nie Yi came out, no one dared to scream.

“And, no matter where you are in the future, we will pick the place where we live!” Nie Yi said again, seeing that some people were not convinced, and said: “If you feel dissatisfied, you can leave!”

“Nothing dissatisfied. This is what it should be.” Immediately there was an expression of interest.

Nie Yi was not done talking, then look at Shao Zhenglan: “Shao Zhenglan, you build a wall outside the house, Qi Yaoyao, you clean up the bedroom on the north side of the top floor, wait for you and Shao Zhenglan to sleep there.”

“Boss, me?” Ping Shengchao took Xu Nan to move the materials out and asked at the moment.

“You sleep in the aisle.” Nie Yi smiled, there was a study on the top floor, so that Ping Shengchao, Jiang Huai and two bodyguards sleep just fine.

As for Yan Zhe… he would not take care of him again.

Distributing the things that were good for sleep, and then distributing the materials, Jiang Huai had already recorded the information of all the people involved in the battle, and then the performance of the people, and the performance along the way, in the living room on the ground floor and distributed materials.

The family members did not contribute, but they could not get the food. However, Jiang Huai took out a box of children’s milk and sent two boxes to each child.

This kind of milk for children was 120ml, but it was also a good thing in the last days, most of the people who saw the milk were not dissatisfied.

The food was divided into instant noodles and bread biscuits. Xu Nan took back his own one. He only had to give his wife and daughter a little while eating, but his wife had not eaten much. Finally, she put the rest into the package.

They still had the food they left in their bags. In fact, they didn’t lack food, but they still didn’t eat and drink.

However, while some people carefully kept the food, some people ate the food all at once…

Everyone ate something, and after drinking some water, they saw someone slowly descending from the stairs.

Going down was a young man in his twenties. His skin was white and his hair was wet. He wore a large T-s.h.i.+rt and a pair of jeans. It was clear and refres.h.i.+ng, but with an inexplicable temptation.

Of course, the temptation of that point, perhaps only Nie Yi felt, other people in their own sweat, the water that was not dare to drink all the time to see such a clearly bathed person, just felt awkward.

This person… why was it so good?

“Jingchen, why did you come down?” Nie Yi asked quickly, and at the same time stepped forward to help Qi Jingchen.

“I’m hungry.” Qi Jingchen frowned, eyes rightly look to Yan Zhe, Yan Zhe after the discovery of his eyes looked on with resentment, and raised his chin: “You put the desk tidy.”

On the ground floor of the villa there was a living room with a kitchen and a small bedroom that was probably for the nanny, and the dining room was open to the living room. The table pointed by Qi Jingchen was naturally the dining table, and there were people sitting in the chairs to eat.

This person wants to cause public anger? Otherwise, why could you eat food in the room, but you had to go downstairs to the present? Ping Shengchao’s eyes looked at Qi Jingchen in a complicated way. Nie Yi looked at the people sitting at the table and pointed to an open s.p.a.ce next to him: “You go there to do it.”

The person sitting at the table didn’t dare to provoke Nie Yi, and immediately left. Nie Yi saw that Qi Jingchen did not come to do it. He took a bag of wipes from Jiang Huai and then wiped the tables and chairs.

Qi Jingchen sat down in this way, and at the same time, the two bodyguards came back with food.

They brought back some duck eggs and a duck, and there were many vegetables and even a few potatoes.

The countryside around the city basically had no pigs, but some people would feed a few chickens at home to raise a few ducks. This duck was that they use some miscellaneous supplies to exchange them from a farmer who was still alive.

“What do you want to eat?”

“Roasted duck.” Qi Jingchen said.

Nie Yi took the duck into the kitchen, skillfully killed the duck and started roasting the duck. Other foods were cooked. At this time, he became more and more aware that his abilities became stronger.

Although his ability was stronger, it was not particularly strong. After all, some people just woke up and were infinitely close to the second-level abilities, but the growth rate of such abilities was already amazing…

The vegetables were boiled, the potatoes were half cooked, half baked, roast duck Nie Yi also helped the film good…

Before the end of the ordinary family dinner, maybe the dishes would be more refined, but now it was the end.

The people around were swallowing water. As a result, Qi Jingchen only stopped eating chopsticks when he ate it.

“You aren’t full. You can eat more.” Nie Yi said.

“I want to drink duck blood soup.” Qi Jingchen said.

“…” Nie Yi didn’t even think about putting the duck blood out. He didn’t bleed the duck directly. “I’ll let them go and get the ducks again.”

“No.” Qi Jingchen stood up and went upstairs.

“Jiang Huai, take the hot sauce from the pot.” Nie Yi swept the rest of Qi Jingchen’s food, and then chased Qi Jingchen upstairs.

Qi Jingchen's behavior was absolutely to make people want to play a meal, but he was only to let the boss drop him to do this… Ping Shengchao sighed with exasperation.

The two bodyguards went out to find food and it was extremely hard, but when they saw that most of them were eaten by their young masters, they felt comfortable and started to eat their own dinner.

Jiang Huai, who had no sense of existence, collected the hot sauce and the materials. He used to be responsible for various when he followed Nie Yi as an a.s.sistant. He was still doing the old business and was responsible for all the logistics.

Everyone else had something to do. Shao Zhenglan went out to build a mud wall with her ability. Qi Yaoyao went upstairs to arrange the room.

By now, Qi Yaoyao had determined that her brother should not suffer, and seeing her brother and Nie Yi get along with each other, Nie Yi certainly did not dare to do anything to her brother.

But even then, her brother should be unhappy now, otherwise he would never be as unreasonable as he was now, she must find a way to become stronger, and then take her brother away!

After making up her mind, Qi Yaoyao cleaned up and did a little exercise in the room, but she was too tired to stand it. She laid down on the bed and wanted to take a rest. The result was she fell asleep…

Shao Zhenglan did not slow down until two hours later. Swallowing up the floor, her abilities had been drained, and she fell down on the bed and fell asleep.

At this time, Nie Yi took a bath with Qi Jingchen’s bath and then took a bath with Qi Jingchen. Of course, he did not forget to pay attention to the situation outside.

Although Yan Zhe did not despise him before, Nie Yi did not mention his own ruthless behavior, but he still went to the third floor and then slept in the aisle.

The following people had known him because he had already known to Nie Yi and the others. Although he was not good for him, he did not dare to offend. If they were known to have been rejected by Nie Yi and the others, he was afraid there was no such thing.

Qi Jingchen, Qi Jingchen… Yan Zhe closed his eyes and meditated on the name in his heart. The force of his hatred for Qi Jingchen was getting deeper and deeper.

In the summer, the water he had received was not enough to wash his face. Qi Jingchen could still take a shower… obviously everything should be his. He thought that a week ago, Nie Yi would also look for water to scrub him. The thoughts that Yan Zhe had flashed before were lingering in his mind.

Although this road was slow because of the zombies, but after a day or two, he could go to the safe area of ​​B City. It would be too late.

The next morning, Jiang Huai once again. Things, Nie Yi was really let the two bodyguards go back to change a duck back, and then made a duck blood soup.

Only in the end, this duck blood soup almost entered his stomach, Qi Jingchen drank two…

After one night, many zombies were gathered outside the door, so Nie Yi and those who needed to fight after eating breakfast the first thing they did was to kill all of the zombies.

Yan Zhe was also killing the zombies. However, when everyone left the body behind the zombies and even the zombies, he quietly hid a zombie finger.

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