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The reason entering the 27th domain would cause such a huge commotion was because all the cultivators here knew that every 9 domains were at completely different levels. The 9th and 10th domain were completely different. So was the 18th and 19th domain. You might be fine in the 18th domain but not even be able to last a few seconds in the 19th domain.

Now, someone was in the 27th domain, everyone wanted to know if this person could go into the 28th domain. If he did, he would be the number one master in West Cultivator City, or the cultivator with the greatest knowledge of domains.

In the history of the Heaven Domain, no one had pa.s.sed the 30th domain. If this man could get into the 28th domain, he might be able to challenge the 30th domain.

Because of this, those cultivators flocked to the observing palace.

Those luxurious rooms were filled, even those famous cultivators in the city had to squeeze in one room with some people.

There was one top grade room that no one went to squeeze in, it was said there were four cultivators inside and all female cultivator too. However, no one dared to go in, even the vice city lord Luo Yujian didn't ask to go in. everyone knew that the girls inside were the family of that cultivator.

Who would risk disturbing the family and friends of a cultivator who could go into the Heaven Domain's 27th domain?

There was also news that that this cultivator almost killed Xi Zhong Merchant a.s.sociation's a.s.sociation leader Meng Sha before he went in. Eventually, the story became that the cultivator didn't even raise his hand and just used his cultivation essence to form a purple cultivation essence sword that heavily injured Meng Sha.

Meng Sha was one of the ten big powerful people in Heaven Domain. Just who was this being who could heavily injure him without moving his hand? This was beyond their imagination.

Su Jingwen began to worry seeing all these cultivators flock here. She thought that even with restrictions, their room wouldn't be able to stop all these powerful cultivators.

Luckily, they worried too much. No one dared to come to their room or even knock.

Tang Mengrao breathed easy.

In North Far State she was one of the big three, but here she couldn't even be ranked.

The two managers from the Xi Zhong Merchant a.s.sociation were more powerful than her. There were countless cultivators who could kill her here.

She felt ashamed to be called one of the big three in North Far State now.

There were still more and more people coming, everyone wanted to go watch inside.

Eventually, the powerful beings here set up a transfer projection formation and finally eased up the squeeze.

Cultivators had spirit sense and so even if they weren't in the Heaven Domain square, their spirit sense could see the progress on the screen.

There was no projection formation at the square but for Ye Mo, a huge projection formation was set up.

Meng Sha was very worried now, he realized how dumb he was. He had annoyed a powerful cultivator like Ye Mo.

If he had another chance he would rather be a coward than try to show his power. It wasn't really losing face now as it wasn't embarra.s.sing losing to a powerful being who could reach the 27th domain. He was worried that powerful being would come out and look for his trouble. If that was the case, he would have nowhere to hide

He had a few truth realisation state friends but who would be willing to fight against this powerful being for him? Even he wouldn't himself.

He sighed and could only sit down and yield to fate. His foundation was here, he couldn't leave at all.

When Ye Mo entered the 27th domain, he immediately felt that the s.p.a.ce around him seemed to have turned into a swamp that he had sunk into. There were sharp sword rays everywhere in this swamp. One slight error and he would be ripped and crushed. The s.p.a.ce seemed to be constantly contorting and he couldn't capture that rhythm.

His domain quickly broke and shattered in this constantly changing s.p.a.ce. That contorting s.p.a.ce made Ye Mo feel this was s.p.a.ce disposition not domain.

But the next moment, he realized this was definitely no s.p.a.ce disposition, this was still a type of domain. Luckily, those sword rays and the swamp didn't mix together so he could struggle. Instantly, he formed his domain again.

He wouldn't have been able to survive here if he didn't gain a new understanding of domain after pa.s.sing the 26th domain.

As soon as his domain formed, it was crushed again but Ye Mo tried relentlessly.

If it was some other cultivator, he might have retreated into the 26th domain.

In fact Ye Mo knew too that he could use Illusion Cloud Domain Shatter Strike to hack open the domain so he could go into the 28th domain. But that way, he wouldn't be able to learn anything. In here, he had the time to attack, but in the 28th domain, he wouldn't even be able to use an attack.

He also knew that every nine domains represented a completely different level, so the 28th domain would be countless times more powerful than the 27th domain.

Time pa.s.sed as Ye Mo's domain kept getting crushed and reformed. As time went on, Ye Mo's domain could last longer and longer until it could completely defend against the domain here.

But Ye Mo didn't go into the 28th domain now. He would rather go back to the 26th domain if he didn't have the confidence.

Cultivation was important but so was his life.

So when his domain could completely defend against 27th domain, he started to expand out and attack.

This idea came from the Lightning Sword. He learned his Lightning Sword by attacking the divine d.a.m.nation with lightning.

The method he used now was to use his own domain to attack the domain in here and feel the cultivation essence motion inside to improve his own domain.

Time went on and he could completely defend against the domain here and walk freely without trouble. However, he still couldn't attack the domain around him.

Ye Mo didn't give up like this, how could he go to the 28th domain if he couldn't fight back against the 27th domain?

When you fought someone, it wasn't enough just to block the opponents domain, you needed to break your opponent's domain. He used Illusion Cloud Domain Shatter Strike to do this before, but now he wanted to use his own domain to tear apart the s.p.a.ce around him.

If he learned how to do this, his domain would immediately be near great completion. Even if he fought truth realisation state tertiary stage masters, he might be able to win.


There was heated discussion inside and outside the Heaven Domain square because Ye Mo had stayed in the 27th domain for more than three days. According to his past progress, he wouldn't stay in one for more than one day.

Soon, a new round of betting opened up. One side bet Ye Mo could enter the 28th domain, the other side said he would leave from the 27th domain.

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