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Has she finally revealed her fox tail?

Elena stared fixedly at Shen DaiYing, wanting to find clues from her expression.

She’s certain that the woman that was spying on them in the practice range a couple of days ago was Shen DaiYing! Other than that strand of long black hair, she found other proof!

Aura, that was the best proof!

That day, someone was clearly hiding on the second floor watching them, but Elena’s “magic detection radar” couldn’t detect her at all. So it goes to say, that person has the ability to hide their aura.

As it turns out, this princess also has that ability!

At first, Elena couldn’t believe it, but standing next to Shen DaiYing allowed her to confirm it… She can clearly see Shen DaiYing’s existence with her eyes, she can hear her voice with her ears, but her “magic detection radar” can’t pick up her aura, it was like nothingness, no magical fluctuations, there was not even a living person’s aura!

Even if Elena focused completely on her, she could barely pick up a faint aura. How was this possible?

Why could Shen DaiYing hide her own aura?


Elena noticed the two beautiful swords hanging at Shen DaiYing’s waist, a slender Tachi and a short dagger… she was a delicate princess, why did she have swords?

On one side, Elena was worried to death, trying to think of Shen DaiYing’s true purpose, but on the other side, Lin Xiao had no self awareness.

Lin Xiao’s head was currently only filled with one thought, “What does the princess want to tell me? Could it be that she’s confessing?”

That can’t be possible, even someone that was as clouded as the current Lin Xiao, he also felt his own thoughts were naive.

No matter how he puts it, this was his and Shen DaiYing’s first meeting, although he fell for her at first sight, Shen DaiYing had no reason to fall for him.

However, Lin Xiao still had a sliver of hope.

Although the probability was low, but what if?

“Sister Ying, what did you want to say to me?” Lin Xiao gulped and tried to probe.

“That… perhaps I shouldn’t ask.” Unexpectedly, the magnanimous Shen DaiYing became coy.

“Shouldn’t ask?”

“Un, this question might be too intrusive to your privacy, after all, everyone has their own secrets…” Shen DaiYing’s eyes were evasive.

“Privacy, secrets?” Lin Xiao could feel his heart beat faster and faster!

What she wanted to ask, was about privacy and secrets? What was it about?

Could it be that she actually fell for him?

Although Lin Xiao knew it was impossible, how things were unfolding confirmed his conjectures.

Shen DaiYing’s face was slightly flushed, her head was slightly turned, she had a shy expression and a bashful tone.

“This, after all is our first meeting, perhaps you’re still guarded against me, so asking this hastily might be too premature…”

Hearing what she said, Lin Xiao gulped.

First meeting?

It was too premature?

Those words all pointed towards what Lin Xiao was antic.i.p.ating, making him feel more and more confident with his judgment…

“No, no, no! Although it’s our first meeting, but Sister Ying, I’m not guarded against you at all!”

As if he wanted to dispel her hesitation, he quickly replied in an intellectual way which was unlike Lin Xiao. He was about to believe that Shen DaiYing fell for him at first sight, but Elena on the other hand understood!

“As expected, it was her…”

Shen DaiYing wasn’t confessing to him, she was trying to confess the truth.

Perhaps Shen DaiYing didn’t want to hide anything, but she was definitely the one peeping on them that day in the practice range. She was planning to lay her cards out on the table and clear her doubts from that day.

What she was saying was proof!

She just said, “Shouldn’t ask, regarding privacy”, Lin Xiao was a new student to Loran Academy’s magic department, yet he used numerous advanced techniques in the practice range, so he was hiding secrets! Of course, Shen DaiYing shouldn’t hastily ask such an intrusive question

“First meeting, guarded, too premature”, even Shen DaiYing herself knows that she shouldn’t ask, but for her, this was something she had to ask about. Anyone that sees a 15 year old using terrifying techniques like double chant and multi-casting, can’t help but ask about it!

What she really wanted to ask was, “How could you accomplish multi-casting?”

Sadly, Elena had complete clarity, yet Lin Xiao was still in the dark.

“Perhaps you already know, but out of courtesy, I think it’s better if I ask first.” Shen DaiYing bit her lips and made a decision.

She had to get an answer.

Lin Xiao was clearly 15 years old and a new student. How could he use “double chant” and “multi-casting”?

What level magician was he?

Who was he?

Who was backing him?

Shen DaiYing must get answers for all these questions, even if her sudden rude questions may cause hostility, she still had to ask.

Friend or foe, she must get an answer right now!

This was her true purpose for calling out Lin Xiao!


To Elena, it sounded like Shen DaiYing was trying to come clean, but to Lin Xiao, it sounded completely different.

She wanted to say something, but hesitated, her bashfulness… it was evident, Shen DaiYing likes him as well!

That’s right, according to what she said earlier, Lin Xiao came to a conclusion, Shen DaiYing was preparing to confess to him!

Being liked by someone he likes, Lin Xiao suddenly felt like the happiest person in the world.

It felt like time suddenly stopped.

“Lin Xiao, you…”

Lin Xiao was thinking about something very complicated…

If the princess confessed to him, how should he respond? What should he do afterwards.

Should he accept right away, then embrace her while laughing? No, that might be too romantic, this isn’t a novel.

Then, should he pretend to refuse, then seize the opportunity to kiss her? No, this isn’t a TV drama.

Wait… why did he have to wait for her to confess?

Lin Xiao felt like he was an idiot.

As a man, how could he let her take the lead?

No, he had to take the initiative!

He has to loudly declare his feelings before her!

What kind of man is he, if can’t even confess to the girl he likes?

So, as Shen DaiYing was speaking, Lin Xiao also yelled something.

Time continued to flow again.

“Lin Xiao, why can you use multi-casting?”

“Princess, I also like you!”

Her prudent questioning and his sincere confession echoed throughout the field.



“Eh?” “Eh?”

Quickly, they both exclaimed.

Even Elena, who was silently watching on the side was shocked.

What was this idiot Lin Xiao saying? Why did he say “I also like you?”

Did he misunderstand something?

“… that… haha… what did you just say? I seem to have misheard… that…” even the easygoing Shen DaiYing was flabbergasted.

She never expected to get confessed to, and from Lin Xiao!

As for Lin Xiao, he was even more of an embarra.s.sment.

“No, no, no, you didn’t mishear… not really, you misheard… no, no, you didn’t, I…” Lin Xiao finally realized that he was overthinking it, Shen DaiYing didn’t plan to confess, it was all his misunderstanding!

But he already said it, what should he do? Should he take it back? Or should he play dumb?

No, he’s a man! How could he easily take back something he said? Moreover, it was a confession!

Was his feeling something that cheap?

“Princess, I might have misunderstood something, but I meant what I said earlier! I really…” Now that it’s come to this, Lin Xiao had no way out, he could only continue forward, and look forward to the miracle ahead!

Sadly, there was no miracle, just a deep abyss.

“Princess, I…”

“Sorry, Lin Xiao, I have no way of responding to your feelings.” Shen DaiYing looked away and couldn’t face Lin Xiao.

“Eh? Why? Is it because I’m not…”

“No, not because of that” Shen DaiYing sighed.

“Please don’t be hurt, it’s not you, I just can’t do that.”

“But, why?” Lin Xiao didn’t understand.

Did the princess have something she couldn’t say?

“Lin Xiao, you still don’t know yet, right?” Shen DaiYing used a trembling voice and gently spoke of the cruel reality, “Actually, I’m already engaged.”


Snap, that was the sound of a heart breaking.

“Engaged? What does that mean? Why are you…”

“I’m Caesar’s fiancée, we’re getting married next year.”

Speaking of that, Shen DaiYing actually felt relieved, she forced herself to put on a lovely smile and calmly declared something that was plain as day.

“So, let’s just be friends.”

If you had to describe Lin Xiao’s current mood, you could say that the sky was falling and the ground was sinking.

One hundred years ago, the Great Zhou empire was also destroyed due to a huge earthquake.

One hundred years after on the same day, Lin Xiao also encountered the biggest earthquake of his life.

However, for him, he didn’t know when he could rebuild his “Great Qin Empire”

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