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Loran Academy

Magic Department cla.s.sroom

No one was talking, the atmosphere was dead.

Why did it turn out like this?

Everyone was human, everyone is students attending the same cla.s.s, why was there such large differences in their luck?

No one knew.

Was Lin Xiao the protagonist in a story?

Why do all the beauties surround him???

A huge breasted silver haired maid, okay…

A pink haired n.o.ble flirting with him all the time, okay…

But, why, why was the princess who just arrived interested in him?

No matter how much the students in the cla.s.sroom wracked their brains they couldn’t figure out what went wrong, right when cla.s.s ended that beautiful princess actually talked to Lin Xiao on her own and invited him out alone!

What is going on?

To the others this was devastating news, but to Caesar it was great news.

He was always worried that Shen DaiYing would trouble him after she transferred, but now Lin Xiao helped him take the first knife and became the center of attention, this way he could be uninvolved.

But, he was also perplexed because of Shen DaiYing’s invitation, he suspected it was Rosie who had something to do with it.

“Rosie.” Caesar walked up to her and asked, “What did you go to do earlier?”

Rosie stopped, seeing it was Caesar, she was a nervous wreck.

“Eh? I-I didn’t do anything, hehe…” she s.h.i.+fted her gaze, afraid of looking at Caesar.

“Liar! Did you go bother Shen DaiYing?” Caesar saw through her lies.

“Bother her? Really, why do you have to make it sound so bad! I-I just went to welcome her…”

“You’re still making excuses?”

“No really, I didn’t! But…” Rosie’s feeble voice revealed her guilty conscience, “But after I welcomed her, I had a chat with her.”

“Really?” Caesar still didn’t believe it, and sternly said, “Rosie, Shen DaiYing doesn’t just represent her self, she represents the Great Qin Empire, and she may even have other goals… anyways, we can’t become enemies!”


“Don’t bother her!”

“Oh… ” Being scared by Caesar’s tough imposing manner, Rosie weakly nodded, but quietly asked, “So… Caesar are you worried about me?”

Although she was yelled at, she knew it was for her own good, so she wasn’t mad, but very happy!

It was because of what Caesar said earlier, “we”! Caesar used “we” to describe his and her relations.h.i.+p, doesn’t this mean that he already treats her like one of his own.

Rosie felt so happy.

“Hey, stop laughing foolishly!” Caesar didn’t understand and quickly got back on topic, “So what did you guys talk about?”

“Just this and that… oh, right, she specifically asked me about someone.”


“Lin Xiao.” Rosie answered.

“… Why did she mention him?” Caesar curiously asked.

“What else did you guys talk about?”

“That…” Rosie mumbled as if she was hiding something, but under Caesar’s sharp gaze, she confessed, “I said that you were a hoodlum and Lin Xiao was a hero and praised him a lot!”


Getting his answer, Caesar became silent.

He wasn’t angry, he just didn’t understand why Rosie did that. But he suddenly remembered, Lin Xiao seemed extremely happy when he got invited by Shen DaiYing.

“Rosie, Lin Xiao still doesn’t know about the engagement yet, right?” Caesar asked.

“Un, he doesn’t. The engagement will be made public by the in a couple of days, at that time, everyone in Winterless city will know.”


Which means, that right now Lin Xiao doesn’t know that Shen DaiYing is engaged, and Shen DaiYing is treating him as a hero, those two…

Caesar had an ominous premonition.

Loran academy, field.

The reason Shen DaiYing invited Lin Xiao was after careful deliberation.

This time coming to Loran academy, she had only one mission (at least what it looks like), that is to get on good terms with Caesar. The two of them are already engaged, and next year they will officially get married. It was final, but before that, they needed to have some foundations for feelings, if she could get Caesar to fall in love with her, that would be best.

She already asked around before coming, Caesar was a proud and aloof prince. Although she was confident in her appearance, rashly taking the initiative can produce the opposite of the desired outcome.

As for this high and mighty prince, loosening the reins was a better way to catch them, a long term plan.

That’s why on the first day, she purposely didn’t go look for Caesar, and did the opposite and looked for Lin Xiao!

Thanks to Rosie, she finally confirmed something, the one demonstrating extraordinary talents that day was indeed Lin Xiao!

Lin Xiao was clearly a new student, how could he use “double chant” and “multi-casting”? She had to get to the bottom of it.

They were both of the Eastern tribe, their ident.i.ty was sensitive, Shen DaiYing was forced to leave on her own, so she had to know whether Lin Xiao was friend or foe.

With that power, if he was an enemy, he must be eliminated as soon as possible!

“I didn’t expect to find someone of the same tribe at Loran academy.” Walking next to Lin Xiao, Shen DaiYing was actually the same height as Lin Xiao, because her legs were slender, she looked even taller.

Because there weren’t many people, the were leisurely strolling around.

“Y-yeah… unexpected, haha.” The usual clever and eloquent Lin Xiao was stuttering.

“Lin Xiao, you’re only 15, right? I’m already 17, so I’m 2 years older.”

“Oh? Two years older, so… can I call you Sister Ying?”

Lin Xiao asked something so sickening, but she wasn’t upset and laughed and nodded her head!

“Sister Ying, huh… doesn’t sound too bad. Why don’t you call me that!”

“Eh? Really?”

“Hmm… but what should I call you? I’m not too familiar with the Lin surname.” Shen DaiYing slightly smiled and pretended to casually ask something she was doubting, “Lin Xiao, you’ve never lived in the Great Qin empire, right?”

“Yeah.” Lin Xiao frankly answered.

“As expected… I’m guessing you should be of the bereaved family of the Eastern tribe, right?”

“Bereaved Eastern tribe?”

That was a new and original word that he was hearing for the first time.

Seeing his blank expression, Shen DaiYing confirmed her thoughts, then patiently told him about the story of the bereaved Eastern tribe as they strolled around.

The eastern ocean archipelagos, and the Great Qin empire was established by the Eastern tribe, this was the current saying, but it wasn’t always like that.

Actually, a long time ago, the ocean archipelagos didn’t exist. There was actually a fertile land to the east of the White Wave Ocean. At that time, the Eastern tribe was called the Great Zhou empire, under the rule of the “Empress”, the empire prospered for hundreds of years.

As they say, nothing lasts forever, a hundred years ago, without any warning, a terrifying earthquake that comes every thousand years devastated the continent!

The ground rocked and the mountains shook, the sky was falling, numerous ravines split apart the flat continent. People died, families split apart and the Great Zhou empire was thus destroyed. After that, the original single continent was split into separate islands cast out into the ocean and developed into a boundless ma.s.s of archipelagos.

And was thus named, ocean archipelagos.

However, the Eastern tribe did not fall, they united and reestablished a new empire, “Great Qin”.

“After that earthquake, countless people were lost, corpses scattered the land, some got on boats and escaped to Eileen, and lived on there. A hundred years, although these people still carried the blood of the Eastern tribe, they weren’t citizens from Great Qin empire, we call them ‘the bereaved’.”

Shen DaiYing didn’t looked annoyed at all speaking about these dull things, she was still warmly smiling.

Seeing her, Lin Xiao’s heartbeat kept increasing.

“So Lin Xiao, I feel even more close to you guys.”

“I-is that so?”

“Un, so I’m very happy you can take me around the academy…” she suddenly stopped while speaking.

“That’s right, is this your maid?” She looked at Elena and asked while beaming.

“Un, un…” Lin Xiao nodded.

“I can’t believe you have such a beautiful maid… silver haired and red eyes, how beautiful!” Shen DaiYing praised from the bottom of her heart, “I feel ashamed, she looks more like a princess than me!”

“…” Following behind them, Elena opened her mouth as if she wanted to retort.

Although what she said wasn’t weird, and could even make one comfortable, but she felt like Shen DaiYing was mocking her. But she was a high and mighty princess, and she was just a maid, if she retorted she would cause unnecessary trouble for Lin Xiao.

Thinking of that, Elena carried on her usual demeanor, and pretended to not hear.

“Your maid, is she angry?” Shen DaiYing whispered in Lin Xiao’s ear.

The distance between them shrunk and Lin Xiao was surprised.

She was so close to him and he couldn’t breathe!

“D-don’t worry… she’s always like that.”

“Oh, is that so… but why is she always following you?” Shen DaiYing asked, “I thought it was just going to be us two, I didn’t expect you to bring your maid.”

“No, no… actually… that…”

Lin Xiao wanted to carefully explain his relation shop with Elena, but he couldn’t say the truth, that she was the Demon King? After a while, he finally said, “Sister Ying, you can just pretend she doesn’t exist!”


After a suspicious gaze flashed by, Shen DaiYing followed up and said,

“Actually, Lin Xiao, I called you out today because I have something important I want to talk to you about.

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