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He wasn’t afraid of saying it… Lin Xiao has never been in a relations.h.i.+p before!

In his previous life, he was always studying foolishly in high school until he woke up to reality in university, but it was already too late, he already became an otaku and couldn’t get any girls. Countless lonely nights he spent alone with him and his hands…

As for this life, when he transmigrated to Eileen, he was already a young boy, he first met his little sister, Snow, who was 5 years younger than him. Then he joined Loran Academy, he has only been in Eileen for a couple of years and had no time for love.

As for him being single for 20 some years, Lin Xiao did feel bitter but he was also calm. Like they say, we’ll part without fate and we’ll meet because of it, something like feelings couldn’t be forced.

Take for example, him and Elena.

No matter how beautiful Elena was, even if they had a slave contract, that fate was already hard to come by, but even after several months, nothing sparked between them. Except lately, there was a little something, but even then it wasn’t much.

Is this what the “it was not meant to be” expression meant?

If it was up to Lin Xiao, he would rather have a more gentle and beautiful girlfriend, like the princess before him, Shen DaiYing.

“h.e.l.lo everyone, I’m Shen DaiYing. Please take care of me from now on.”

The entire cla.s.sroom immediately became quiet.

Although it was their first meeting, Lin Xiao suddenly came to realize something, thump, thump, thump… all of a sudden, Lin Xiao came to realize for the first time, just how powerful his heartbeat was.

But, what was that feeling that felt like electricity was running through his body?

What was that warm, soft throbbing that made it difficult to breathe?

It was clearly their first meeting, they’ve never even talked, but…

He wanted to see her laugh, he wanted to be by her side, he wanted to give her happiness, and he never wanted those affectionate eyes to shed tears.

Was this feeling the so called “love at first sight”?

“Elena, I think I’m in love…”

It was like he wanted to confirm that his feelings weren’t fake.

It was like he wanted to prove that the happiness in front of him wasn’t a dream.

Lin Xiao really wanted to share his current feelings with someone.

Unfortunately, the only one he could talk to was Elena.

“Love?” When Elena heard that word jump out of Lin Xiao’s mouth, she felt like she was in a different dimension.

Who was this infatuated idiot in front of her? Was it Lin Xiao? Or was it someone else?

What does love mean? Who was he in love with?

As she was pondering, she looked towards the princess on the stage.

The jet-black hair that blanketed her shoulder, those half-open and half-closed eyes and the tear shaped mole under her right eye…

That fitting windbreaker, those s.e.xy pants, that alluring black silk stockings, and those breathtaking red high heels…

“There’s still many things that I may not understand about Lombard Kingdom, if I accidentally do anything wrong, please don’t get angry!” Shen DaiYing magnanimously introduced herself.

Originally, when Elena came to the cla.s.s for the first time, although everyone was captivated by her beauty, she never made such a huge disturbance. It was because she was too beautiful, an un.o.btainable beauty. Everyone flinched from that cold and aloof personality that repelled people thousand of miles away.

But Shen DaiYing was completely different, as for appearance, she was inferior to Elena, as for s.e.x appeal, she lacked Elena’s huge chest, as for genes, she was far behind the silver hair and red eyed Elena with her black eyes and black hair, but this her, made the boys crazy for her, even more so than Elena!

It wasn’t just her affectionate eyes, it wasn’t just her slender legs, the crucial point was distance, Elena was indeed extremely beautiful, an unearthly beauty, but Shen DaiYing was a mortal, someone who could cry and laugh with them.

Shen DaiYing’s beauty had more humanity.

“Hey, did you see? She really is beautiful.” Lin Xiao was still holding on to Elena’s skirt, not hearing her reply, he tugged on it a couple of times, almost pulling it off.

“Let go of your dirty hands!” Elena slapped his hands way and coldly said, “Whether she’s beautiful or not, why are you asking me?”

“I’m just asking…”

“Hmph, you like her?” Elena asked.


“Peh, human males think with their lower half as expected, you probably like her s.e.xy and slender legs wrapped in black silk, right?” Elena coldly sneered.

It was a pity, but the expected retort didn’t come.

“You’re right, I like that black silk!” Lin Xiao calmly nodded.

“…” Elena felt like that punch was useless, so she continued to mock him, “She’s a princess, there’s no chance for a commonplace plebeian like you.”

“Perhaps, I’ll take it slowly…” Lin Xiao muttered without caring.

Lin Xiao still wasn’t taking it, so Elena could only continue.

“It’s clearly your first time meeting her, yet you say you like her? Are all humans so irresponsible towards feelings?”

“No, this is called love at first sight!” Lin Xiao was still staring at the beauty on the stage, although he was talking to Elena, his thoughts were long gone.

After missing all those shots, Elena felt like she lost a fight, lost to someone, a dispirited feeling sprung up.

She wasn’t the only one who lost, there was another girl who lost miserably, Rosie clearly entered the cla.s.sroom together with Shen DiaYing but she was ignored by everyone.

Rosie suddenly noticed, that the her who was usually the center of attention was treated like air today, everyone pretended not to notice her existence, she was going crazy with anger!

However, she could only endure it…

Shen DaiYing was a princess, and she was only a n.o.ble, Shen DaiYing was Caesar’s fiancée, and she was just a mistress, Shen DaiYing had a sword, and she had nothing.

“Cough, princess…”

“Teacher Woos, please call me by my name.”

“Okay. Shen DaiYing, please go to your seat, we’re about to start cla.s.s.”


Under everyone’s attentive gaze, Shen DaiYing walked to the empty seat that Woos left for her in the back row, coincidentally that seat was right next to Lin Xiao.

As she was sitting down, she casually looked around, she stopped when her gaze swept over that large breasted maid. That maid was also looking at her, their appearances were sharply contrasting.

The maid’s appearance was still as cold as 10,000 year old ice, yet Shen DaiYing’s lovely smile was warm like a spring breeze.

She slightly nodded her head, and Shen DaiYing quickly looked at that black haired youth.

She was sure that this person was the one in the practice range that that, so she smiled and greeted him.

“You’re Lin Xiao, right? h.e.l.lo.”

“Eh? H-h.e.l.lo…”

Lin Xiao who was blanking out, gave a stiff and robotic response.

What just happened? The princess talked to him? Also, why did the princess know his name? How strange.

“Okay, let’s begin the cla.s.s…”

Woos didn’t care what these students were thinking, no matter who came, he still had to continue his cla.s.s.

However, teaching was up to him, but whether the students listened or not was another matter…

From the start to the end, Rosie was glaring at Shen DaiYing, and wanted to kill her with her gaze.

Elena was still like before, with what happened earlier, she could now clear her mind and not be surprised if the sky fell, who Lin Xiao liked had nothing to do with her, she just had to patiently wait for Elona to arrive in Winterless city and then plan her return to the Forest of the End.

And this times lead role, prince Caesar, was rather quite calm, no, he was the most collected one within all the students. He was neither happy no sad about Shen DaiYing’s arrival, no awareness as the fiancé. Who knew if it was because of his backing, or something else…

As for Lin Xiao, he, like the other students still didn’t know about the engagement between Shen DaiYing and Caesar. The forgetful Afu was to blame.

So, Lin Xiao spent the entire cla.s.s thinking about why the princess greeted him earlier?

Lin Xiao, who has never had a girlfriend or been in a relations.h.i.+p began his unreliable a.n.a.lysis!

His first thought was naturally… because he was from the Eastern tribe like her!

No, when she greeted him, she clearly smiled, and there was affection in that smile! She definitely wouldn’t smile like that if he was just someone of her tribe!

So, there must be another reason! Although, his a.n.a.lysis was slightly right, it began to deviate off track.

He believed that there was only one reason, Shen DaiYing fell in love at first sight too!

No, there can’t be that much of a coincidence… the woman he fell in love at first sight with also fell in love with him at first sight, nothing that good could happen.

Although, Lin Xiao who was stricken with the princess, and couldn’t think straight, at least he still had some intellect remaining.

But… why?

Lin Xiao wouldn’t be able to guess, but the reason she greeted him with an affectionate smile was because Rosie duped her.

“Multi-casting… is an extremely useful skill… only sixth-level or perhaps seventh-level and above magicians can use it… okay that’s all for today, dismissed!”

Woos responsibly and diligently talked through the dull theory cla.s.s, he only finally sighed in relief after he ended the cla.s.s. He glanced at Shen DaiYing at the black row, then took his books and left.

Cla.s.s finally ended, and Lin Xiao was still immersed in his fantasies. At this time, a pleasing sound came.

“Lin Xiao!”

It was like a dream, Shen DaiYing was actually walking towards him!

“Eh? W-what is it?” Watching that beautiful princess walk towards him, he was a bit panicked and could only quickly answer.

“Hehe.” Seeing her chuckle, politely bending down, lowering her voice and coming next to him like she was telling him secrets and softly said, “Hey, do you have some time later? I want you to take me around the academy?”

“Ah?” Hearing this, Lin Xiao was dumbfounded.

What was happening? She came to him before he even did anything? She was falling into his lap!

As for her invitation, Lin Xiao didn’t think about it too much and agreed.

“I, I have time!… No problem, I’ll show you around.”

“Un, that’s great.”

After receiving an affirmative response, she smiled even more

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