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Those Sweet Times

Chapter 35 Part 2

Though Chen Yinghu outwardly looked like simple-minded, he was actually
quite thoughtful.

He could tell that both Xiang Nuan and Lin Chuyan would like to do another
stream with him tonight. But it might not be a good idea to bring a girl back to
the hotel again. Though Xiang Nuan wouldn't mind, what about Lin Chuyan?
Would he mind? And even if Lin Chuyan didn't mind, maybe Keke would think
otherwise if she found out……

As such, Chen Yinghu brought his computer with him when he left the hotel this
morning. After dinner, they went to a tea house and got a private room. The three
friends could stream and play a few rounds together once again.

Last night, some of Hu Ge's fans had already recognized that Xiang Nuan and
Lin Chuyan were the ones who had pretended to be grade schoolers in the past
when playing with Hu Ge which generated long discussion threads. Some thought
it was quite a coincidence, some thought maybe it was a plot to make the stream
more interesting. After all, Hu Ge's stream gained a lot of popularity at that time,
increasing his fanbase……

But the majority of bullet comments were asking Xiang Nuan and Lin Chuyan to
speak more. Some even asked Lin Chuyan to sing a song.

When Xiang Nuan saw that request, she said: “Don't sing.”

Lin Chuyan laughed and said: “Ok, I won't sing.”

The bullet comments flew in a frenzy. Xiang Nuan watched the more suggestive
comments and found it was impossible to clarify her relations.h.i.+p with Lin Chuyan……

She blushed a little.

Chen Yinghu spoke in time: “Then let me sing a song for you all.”

The comments instantly changed to:

-- --Hu Ge, don't sing!

-- --I kneel down and beg Hu Ge not to sing, thank you!

-- --Hu Ge, don't sing, I'll donate to you.

-- --Hu Ge, did you know? Last time, I had the speaker on when you sang, my
mom almost called the police.


But Chen Yinghu insisted on singing one song. When he started to sing, his viewer
count dropped by 30%. Fortunately, he didn't continue but rather began to seriously
play and viewers.h.i.+p rose again.

The two days that Xiang Nuan played with Hu Ge, she had the chance to play
Da Qiao many times and enjoyed it to her heart's content.

Chen Yinghu told Xiang Nuan: “It's not that you don't have the skills. What you're
missing is a view of the whole picture. People without a good sense of map
awareness can't play Da Qiao well.”

The Da Qiao's specialty was teleporting teammates, fast and accurate. She had
to have a good sense of when to save teammates, when to start a team fight, and
when to retreat.

“Then, how can I develop a good sense of the whole picture?” Xiang Nuan earnestly
wanted to learn.

“You need to play more to get a better understanding of the whole game.”

Actually, it wasn't just Xiang Nuan's problem. Chen Yinghu found the same problem
with Lin Chuyan. Both of them hadn't played this game for long, though they had fast
reactions and good skill, they still lacked experience and an overall understanding of
the game. That was the reason why no matter which champion Lin Chuyan was playing,
he could trick a lot of enemies but he would also die off rather easily. His performance
wasn't consistent.

That night, Lin Chuyan walked Xiang Nuan back to her dorm after she had played
enough. While walking on the street, Xiang Nuan said to Lin Chuyan: “I finally
understand why you like Hu Ge. He really has a very good personality.”

Lin Chuyan frowned: “What do you mean that I like him? You better explain.”

“Don't you like him?”

“I…...I'm straight.”

Xiang Nuan was amused: “Lin Chuyan, what's wrong with your brain?
Are you crooked?”

Lin Chuyan watched her with a smile and didn't say anything. Under the warm
yellowish street lights, the contour of his face seemed especially mellow, even his gaze
seemed quite gentle.

Under his gaze, Xiang Nuan remembered the bullet comments during Hu Ge's stream.  
Somewhat embarra.s.sed, she looked down: “What are you smiling about?”

“It's nothing. I'm treating him like a true friend. So do you trust me now?”

In the beginning, Xiang Nuan was surprised to find Hu Ge and Lin Chuyan were friends.
Her surprise was more about how they could even became such good friends in just one
week rather than distrust for Lin Chuyan. But after these two days with both of them, she
concluded: As long as Lin Chuyan was earnestly nice to a person, it would be hard for
that person to resist him.

She wasn't surprised anymore.

Xiang Nuan told Lin Chuyan what she really thought. Actually, she was a little envious…...
seeing Hu Ge and Lin Chuyan getting along so well…...QAQ.

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