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Ding Chen turned her head confusedly and in the next moment threw herself on Lin Cheng Huan. She pressed down Lin Cheng Huan on the bed. She sat down beside him and opened up his robe. She smiled: “Let the nurse help you to examine what is happening.”

Tang Zi Chu watched Lin Cheng Huan and Ding Chen already married and became a couple. Ding Chen is also pregnant. Su Ran will give birth to the third child. He and Tian Mi were still in dating relations.h.i.+p, he felt unease about it. He wanted to as soon as possible to change Tian Mi’s status, he also wants to have children with Tian Mi.

Not only Tang Zi Chu, Mother Tian and Father Tian also want Tian Mi and Tang Zi Chu to settle down. They want to hold their grandson!

As a result, three of them became a group and pushed Tian Mi to accept Tang Zi Chu’s proposal.

Tian Mi’s parent is ethical person. As both of them agreed to get marry, they know that they should arrange meeting with Tang Zi Chu’s parent.

Tian Mi had never met Tang Zi Chu’s parent!

Tang Zi Chu is from a small town at Jiang Nan city. In Jiang Nan city, Tang family is quite popular. Tang Zi Chu’s grandfather had ever be their mayor of town, his father was also head of the popular school there. His mother is an owner of the supermarket there.

There’s no direct flight to go there. They still need to take a train to get there.

Before Tian Mi followed Tang Zi Chu back, they helped her to prepare a lot of things, the special local products of An City. Tian Mi watched them put the big plastic and small plastic to her suitcase. “What are you doing? I just go there to visit, why should I bring this much?”

“What is go there to visit?” Mother Tian rolled her eyes. “It’s your first time to meet your future in-law, you should be polite.”

“Don’t you think it’s too much?” Tian Mi was dissatisfied. “What is this thing? It’s so smelly.”

She opened the plastic and surprised: “Salted fis.h.!.+”

Father Tian laughed: “This is a special thing. Your in-law will love it. Papa has chose it carefully. They don’t have it there, it’s our special product so you should definitely take it to let them try it.”

Tian Mi was speechless. She sat down on the sofa: “Can I not bring all of things?”

Tian Mi’s parents answered together: “No!”

“This is too heavy, I don’t want to bring it.”

Tang Zi Chu said: “It’s okay, I will bring it.”

Tian Mi immediately glared at him.

This thing will be so heavy later on and be their burden. It might could be smelly for the people in the train, wouldn’t she be embarra.s.sed later on?!”

Tang Zi Chu noticed her worry and smiled: “Don’t worry. There’s a package for it. That time I will wrap it for a few more time, okay? There will be no more smell.”

“How can you know what I am thinking?”

Tang Zi Chu smiled: “Our hearts have a connection.”

The next day, they got on the two hour flight and thirthy minutes of train. Finally they arrived.

Tian Mi was so nervous to meet Tang Zi Chu’s parents.

Tang Zi Chu brought all the carriage, no matter the small or big one. Tian Mi felt pity of him. She took one of the suitcase from him: “I already reminded you before, to not bring too much. But you just obey my parent. Look how can we go?”

“My Papa will pick us up.”

“……!” Tian Mi was silent for a while and opened her eyes big: “Tang Zi Chu, what did you say?!”

“I said that My Pa today will pick us up!”

“Why don’t you tell me earlier on!”

She had spent a long hours in the train and airplane, she hadn’t tidied up herself!

“Let me go to the restroom!”

She threw her things and wanted to run, Tang Zi Chu pulled her hands: “You look beautiful, really really beautiful.”

He said it then, he raised his hand: “Pa, we are here!”

Tian Mi followed Tang Zi Chu’s hand and looked at a middle-aged man who was wearing a relax outfit.

Father Tang came over directly.

Tang Zi Chu hugged Tian Mi’s waist and said: “Pa, this is my fiancee, Tian Mi. Tian Mi, this my Papa.”

“Hi, Uncle.”

“Ai, good good.” Father Tang was really friendly. “Are you tired? Let’s go, go home. Your grandma and Mama are preparing a lot of food.”

Father Tang helped to bring the stuff.

Tang’s house is a courtyard house, it designed in special way.

Tian Mi followed Tang Zi Chu and came inside slowly. She swallowed: “I’m so nervous.”

Tang Zi Chu held her hands: “Don’t be. I am here. My grandma and Mama should really like you. My Pa likes you too right?”

“I am still so nervous.”

“Why should you be so nervous?”

When they got inside the house, Mother Tang and Grandma Tang were putting the dishes on the table. When they noticed they had arrived: “You are here? Hurry up wash your hand and eat. You should be hungry now.”

Tang Zi Chu put his stuff, he held Tian Mi’s hand and came over to introduce her: “Grandma, Ma, this is my fiancee, Tian Mi.”

“I heard a lot about you from Zi Chu. Today finally I can meet you.” Grandma Tang smiled.

“Right. Mi Mi, today your grandma had talked a lot about you, she wants to meet you. Are you hungry? Go wash your hand and come here to eat. Zi Chu, take Mi Mi to the restroom.”

Tang Zi Chu held Tian Mi’s hand: “Let’s go.”

Mother Tang and Grandma Tang are experts in cooking. Their dishes really suit Tian Mi’s taste. She ate a lot and felt embarra.s.sed about it.

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