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She changed her clothes and closed her eyes. She was considering her next action.

She knew there’s should be an awful lot of reporters outside. Very quickly the news of her and Lin Cheng Huan would be spread out and be in the headline news.

Lin Cheng Huan came out: “Ms Ding.”

Ding Chen looked at him: “Nan Pei, shouldn’t you take responsibility of me now?”

Lin Cheng Huan was startled and nodded: “What do you want me to do?”

“Since this happened, then shouldn’t you marry me?”

“What about Han Lei?”

“Han Lei……” Ding Chen laughed coldly: “Between me and Han Lei, there’s nothing. Last night if he didn’t abandon me, this will not happen. For another woman, he dared to abandon me, I also have no need to be together with him. Moreover with this happened, everyone saw us before, what can I do?”

“So will you marry me or not?” Ding Chen asked again.

“Okay.” Lin Cheng Huan nodded.

“Will you regret it?” Ding Chen stood up and looked at him: “Aren’t you love Su Ran? Will you feel regret to be with me?”

“No, I will not. I should take responsibility.”

Ding Chen snorted: “Do you think you should take responsibility because it’s my first time?”

Lin Cheng Huan didn’t expect her to ask him so frankly, he was startled and couldn’t say anything.

Ding Chen pa.s.sed a coat to him: “let me tell you, I also think I should take responsibility.”

“It’s your first time too right?”

Lin Cheng Huan almost choked by his own saliva, he coughed and heard Ding Chen said: “Don’t tell me that I’m wrong. You are first timer too!”

Very quickly, Ding Chen got a call. Inside the call, her bodyguard told her that the reporters gathered around the hotel. He asked her to be careful and told her that they had came over and picked her.

Ding Chen laughed: “No need, I will come out this way.”

Wasn’t there a lot of reporters outside? Then let’s take this chance to announce it publicly!

According to Ding Zhen Ye’s personality, he should be outside watching her situation. His hobby is looking at this situation. He should think that she is miserable now and would be surrounded by reporters. She would run away. He wanted to see it personally.

She hung up then looked at Lin Cheng Huan: “Let’s go, my fiancé.”

Lin Cheng Huan didn’t use to that nickname so he was startled and nodded quickly.

Ding Chen came closer to him and held his arm. His body stiffen and she smiled: “What are you nervous of? Relax.”


They opened the door and walked together. Outside their room, there was also a lot of people. Reporters were kicked out, but a lot of people still wanted to watch.

Ding Chen didn’t look around, she just rolled up her hand on his arm. She smiled and went to the elevator.

“Tonight, am I pretty with this clothes?”

Lin Cheng Huan didn’t expect that she will ask this kind of question. At first he was shocked and said with his eyes on her: “Pretty.”

“Although now my clothes are crumpled because of you, but later on I should look pretty right.”

Lin Cheng Huan was helpless and just laughed quietly.

They both looked at the screen, finally it reached second floor: “Nan Pei, are you ready now?”

She then suddenly realized: “No, now it should be Nan Zhu.”

“My Nan Zhu” (My male-lead).

The lift stopped and opened. Ding Chen kept holding at Lin Cheng Huan’s arm and walked slowly.

There’s quite a crowd at the lobby.

The hotel’s manager came over: “Ms Ding, Mr Lin, there’s a lot of people outside, what about using the backdoor? Or come directly to the bas.e.m.e.nt?’

“No need.” Ding Chen declined and pointed at the manager: “It’s better that you check what did happen last night, who dare to trick me. As soon as possible give me answer!”

“Ms Ding, this….”

“What? Do you think I slander your employees?” Ding Chen smiled.

“No, we will give you an explanation soon.” The manager shook his head.

Ding Chen looked satisfied and walked forward. Finally they reached the entrance door. There was a lot of reporters. They also know clearly about Lin Cheng Huan’s status.

With Ding Chen and Lin Cheng Huan’s act to come out, they were surprised.

“Ms Ding, Mr Lin, can you guys explain what is your relations.h.i.+p? Mr Lin, you publicly check in to the hotel with another people’s fiancee, don’t you think it’s shameless?”

“Ms Ding, don’t you think your action is embarra.s.sing and letting Mr Han down?”

They kept on throwing them question.

Ding Chen and Lin Cheng Huan used to this kind of situation. They both kept on smiling and unaffected.

Lin Cheng Huan looked at the Ding Chen: “I’m checking in with my girlfriend, whose problem is it?”

His words shocked everyone.

“When do you start to date? Ms Ding, aren’t you engage with Mr Han? Last night you had dinner with him.”

Ding Chen smiled: “Since you know that I’ve dinner with Han Lei, then you should know that during our dinner with just under thirty minutes, Han Lei left me there?”

The reporters looked at each other.

Ding Chen looked at them and said: “Last night that dinner is my break-up dinner with Han Lei. We are not engaged anymore.”

The whole atmosphere turned.

“Ms Ding, what happened? Did you break up with Mr Han because of Mr Lin?”

“Aren’t you guys reporter should possess remarkable abilities? Why don’t you go check on Han Lei? What did he do? Before he engaged with me, he was with another woman. He kept on hiding it. Now the woman is pregnant. That kind of man, why should I want him? This kind of marriage, why should I undergo with it?” Ding Chen laughed coldly.

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