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After three whole seconds, the third G.o.d Lord was dazed and asked again, "Brother Ye, you're really a level eight pill king?"

Ye Mo laughed. "Are level eight pill kings really rare? I can concoct for you on the spot."

It was very rude to do that so third G.o.d Lord quickly waved his hand. "No need, no need. I really didn't expect brother Ye to be a level eight pill king, that's magnificent!"

Then he rubbed his hands. "Brother Ye, you know that we don't have a lot of things, but we have a lot of spirit herbs. However, we don't even have a level one pill king. How about brother Ye come be our guest at G.o.d Lord Peak? I promise you will be happy."

Even the beast cultivators behind him looked at Ye Mo with uncertainty and shock, but most were suspicious.

Even the young G.o.d Lord seemed in extreme disbelief. If he knew Ye Mo was level eight pill king, he would give even 100 Yi Xing Vines, much less one.

Even in the Endless Forest and the West Cultivator City, pill kings were extremely rare, much less level eight pill kings. They were sure Ye Mo was a truth realisation state peak stage cultivator - if it wasn't a truth realisation state peak stage cultivator, who would dare to say he was a level eight pill king unless he never wanted to see the sun again?

Although Ye Mo knew the third G.o.d Lord didn't have any bad will, he had concerns bringing so many people to the G.o.d Beast Mountain Range. If he didn't go, it would be a waste. This third G.o.d Lord must have a lot of high level spirit herbs. Level eight and level nine spirit herbs were very useful to him now. He was a level eight pill king and if he wanted to reach level nine, he would need large amounts of level nine spirit herbs to experiment with.

The reason level eight level nine pill kings were so rare was mainly due to not having enough spirit herbs to practice on.

He was disaster transformation state level six and if he didn't have enough cultivation resources, he might stay at this level for another 100 years. But if he had top notch cultivation resources such as large amounts of extreme grade spirit ranges or a few immortal crystals, he would be able to reach disaster transformation state peak stage quickly.

Then, he would need to concoct pills for reaching truth realisation state. For that, he would need to be a level nine pill king. Without question, even if there were level nine pill kings on Luo Ying continent, he wouldn't be able to find them. He could only rely on himself.

So, Ye Mo was truly interested in third G.o.d Lord's invitation.

Seeing Ye Mo's silence, third G.o.d Lord suddenly woke up. "Brother Ye, I was too rude, I'm Jia Huanzhen, G.o.d Beast Mountain Range's third G.o.d Lord."

Then he said to the disaster transformation state peak stage beast cultivator guard, "Tell everyone to go do what they need to do. Brother Ye is our guest now, no one shall stop him."

"Yes!" The beast cultivator answered and followed the order. Moments later, all those spirit beasts left.

Seeing this, Ye Mo knew that the third G.o.d Lord truly wanted to connect with him. Just when he wanted to agree, the third G.o.d Lord said hesitantly, "Brother Ye, would you be able to concoct the Snow Sang Pill?"

Ye Mo immediately asked, "You have the level eight spirit herb Blue Snow Seed?"

Snow Sang Pillwas a heaven grade level seven pill. It was very hard to concoct, ordinary level eight pill kings would need to be careful. It's main purpose was to cure pill poison. However, no one could afford to use the pill as the main ingredient was Blue Snow Seed.

It was a level eight spirit herb and was very rare. Theoretically, it should be a level eight heaven grade pill but it had a special attribute - it couldn't be kept for long. It would only last for a year and then it would melt like snow no matter what.

Thus, the value of the pill was greatly reduced.

"You're indeed a level eight pill king, this is great! Brother Ye, this is great!" third G.o.d Lord immediately said in surprise and joy.

Ye Mo laughed to himself, if a level eight pill king was confirmed like this, then there would be level eight pill kings everywhere in South Peace State.

Then, third G.o.d Lord took out a Blue Snow Seed and gave it to Ye Mo. "Brother Ye, please help me concoct a Snow Sang Pill. I need it desperately."

He thought that Ye Mo didn't want to go to the G.o.d Lord Peak so he took it out here.

Seeing that third G.o.d Lord didn't even use jade box to preserve the Blue Snow Seed, Ye Mo was speechless. But he was happy that third G.o.d Lord didn't tell him to keep going to the G.o.d Lord Peak.

Seeing this, the young G.o.d Lord didn't leave immediately either. He looked over, wanting to see if Ye Mo could concoct a heaven grade level seven pill.

Ye Mo set up a restriction casually making the people around unable to see his methods. Then, he took out Shen Nong cauldron and the Mist Lotus Heart Fire.

The restriction he set up casually made the third G.o.d Lord gaze his eyes out. The two beast cultivator behind him and the young G.o.d Lord were also dumbfounded. They could tell by that restriction that Ye Mo was at least a formation grandmaster. A formation grandmaster was a pill king too? Who dared to believe this?

Yan Yan already collected the Yi Xing Vine when she saw Ye Mo's actions. She was dazed, she was a level six formation great master. She had spent a fortune to get that broken level eight formation to stop the beast cultivators for nearly a month.

Now, she realized her formation knowledge was nothing compared to Ye Mo's.

Ye Mo had already melted the Blue Snow Seed. Snow Sang Pillwas much harder to concoct than heaven grade level seven pills, but Ye Mo was a level eight pill king and in eight minutes, he was starting to condense the pill.

His restriction stopped vision and spirit sense but it didn't stop smell. A faint pill aroma spread out. When everyone smelled this, their minds were cleared and their bodies seemed to have lost impurities.

Everyone knew that what disappeared wasn't impurities but pill poison. Just smelling the aroma could remove pill poison - what would happen if you ate the pill?

The third G.o.d Lord was shaking with excitement. "That's right, it's this smell, it's this smell…"

The young G.o.d Lord's face was uncertain too. He also had the luck to get a Snow Sang Pill before. He could tell by the smell that it was indeed the Snow Sang Pill. But the smell was much purer than the one he got before. He finally realized why third G.o.d Lord was so polite to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo finished condensing the pill and used pill pulling spells. Then, he brought out 6 pure snow white pills and put them into the jade bottle. Then, Ye Mo removed the restriction.

The desperate third G.o.d king ran up to Ye Mo. Ye Mo pa.s.sed the jade bottle over. "The Snow Sang pills are done, brother Jiao. Have a look, see if they're up to your standard."

"Yes, yes…." third G.o.d Lord said before even opening the bottle.

He desperately opened the bottle and saw six snow white pills laying inside and the joy on his face was inexpressible.

The degree of whiteness represented the level of the pill, these pills didn't have a sliver of yellow and were pure white like snow. They were special grade Snow Sang pills.

"These are special grade snow white pills…" after a long while, the third G.o.d Lord exclaimed. He still couldn't believe he just got them. How many spirit stones would be needed to buy these? Ye Mo just gave them to him in merely 15 minutes.

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