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Chapter 1201: The Teachings of the Heavenly Emperor

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Three identical figures stood in the air bowing to each other. They looked rather odd. However, from Nine Nether and Mandela’s perspectives, it was more shocking than odd, since they could sense an identical aura coming from these three figures.

The aura was equally powerful among them. If each of the three figures had not been wearing different colors of clothing, they could not have identified the real Mu Chen.

“This is as good as having three Lower Earthly Sovereigns…” Nine Nether murmured, shocked. If anyone wished to fight with Mu Chen in the future, they would have to face not one but three of him!

Moreover, if all the figures joined hands, they would be much more powerful than any other three Lower Earthly Sovereigns who joined hands. After all, any teamwork could not be comparable to the cooperation between three Mu Chens who shared the same thoughts. They were not individuals, so they would be flawless once they combined their powers.

“Rare Super Power… It really lives up to its name…” Nine Nether could only sing her praises with envy.

While they were stunned, Mu Chen was also looking at the two manifestations in complete surprise. They were of a different level from the spiritual clones made from Spiritual Energy. These two manifestations were two human beings possessing all the powers and the same unlimited potential as Mu Chen.

Even so, the three of them had a clear distinction between the primary body and the two subsidiary bodies. Mu Chen was naturally the primary body. Although the other two bodies were individual beings, they helped to increase the power of the main body and keep the main body alive. The manifestations could be destroyed, but if Mu Chen were to be killed, the other two manifestations would also disappear.

As Mu Chen was stunned by the two manifestations, the Heavenly Emperor popped out beside him. He looked at the two manifestations and shook his head slightly. “Although you have made them successfully, they are still a little unstable. Looks like they’ll need more cultivation for the time being.”

Mu Chen nodded in embarra.s.sment. After all, it was the Spiritual Energy empowered by the Heavenly Emperor that allowed him to practice the Qi into Trinity successfully. Although this could speed up his cultivation, the two figures manifested had unstable foundations. That was the flaw.

The Heavenly Emperor pointed to the Heavenly River below and said, “In the future, you can place these two figures at the bottom of the Heavenly River. While they practice in the Heavenly River, they can also stabilize their foundation.”

Mu Chen was slightly taken aback when he heard this. After all, the Heavenly River was situated within the Ancient Celestial Palace. As the palace was in an unstable dimension, it would be difficult to look for it again once they left.

The Heavenly Emperor smiled as if he was reading Mu Chen’s mind. He took out the ancient Celestial Emperor Sword and said, “Once you have this sword, you can enter the Ancient Celestial Palace and control the dimension as you wish.”

Mu Chen was shocked. He did not expect the Heavenly Emperor to bestow the entire palace to him. Even though the current Ancient Celestial Palace was a dead city, the hidden strength was still rather daunting.

Even without those remaining treasures, the Heavenly River was sufficient enough to tempt the various super forces. Moreover, there was another attraction within the palace - the Hidden Scripture Pavilion. That would be the real attraction of the entire Ancient Celestial Palace! Any forces that possessed the palace would enjoy a bright future if it could survive the attacks from the various greedy forces.

The value of the Ancient Celestial Palace was so high, Mu Chen was shocked by the Heavenly Emperor’s actions. For a moment, he did not dare to receive the sword. At the same time, Mu Chen was pondering if the Heavenly Emperor intended to revive the Ancient Celestial Palace. If it was so, he would be most willing to do it. After all, the opportunity that the Heavenly Emperor granted was too important to him.

He had to repay his kindness.

However, as Mu Chen had his thoughts, the Heavenly Emperor smiled again and said, “The Ancient Celestial Palace is history now. It has finished its task, and there’s no need to continue with it. I’d rather make some contributions with the palace than just allow it to disappear into this void.

“However, even if you can command the entire palace, you’ll need to rely on your own strength to get into the Hidden Scripture Pavilion. That fellow only submits to the capable ones.” The Heavenly Emperor could not help but give a happy grin.

Mandela and Nine Nether moved in closer at this time. Mandela was a little stunned by the Heavenly Emperor’s words. She nodded slowly with flickering radiance in her eyes. No one knew what she was thinking.

The Heavenly Emperor smiled and looked at Mu Chen. “Take it. If you are grateful to me, just promise me that you will help and do your part when the Extraterritorial Race eyes the Great Thousand World again in the future.”

Mu Chen had nothing to say, as the Heavenly Emperor had said it all. He formally took the Celestial Emperor Sword, and he bowed to the Heavenly Emperor with respect. He said in a stern voice, “I will definitely fight to protect the world if the day comes!”

The Extraterritorial Race was the biggest enemy of the entire Great Thousand World. If that day came, Mu Chen would stand up for it, even without the Heavenly Emperor entrusting him. After all, no eggs could remain unbroken when the nest was overturned. If the Great Thousand World was invaded, none of them could escape the fate of being eliminated.

The Heavenly Emperor nodded and reminded Mu Chen, “I have had this sword with me for many years. I depleted most of my energy in the previous Spiritual Energy Empowerment. I can only help you to activate the sword another two to three times with my remaining energy, so don’t use it unless you are pushed to your limit. When you reach the level of Heavenly Sovereign one day, perhaps you can wield the sword again.”

Mu Chen nodded.

The mightiness of the Celestial Emperor Sword was unpredictable. Its level must have surpa.s.sed the High Grade Sacred Object and hit the Super Sacred Object level. Even though the sword had depleted quite a vast amount of its energy, the remaining power could still pose a significant threat to any of the Upper Earthly Sovereigns.

“You have managed to practice the Qi into Trinity successfully; however, this is only the first step. The Rare Super Power is divided into three levels: the Tri-Division Level, the Tri-Union Level, and the Tri-G.o.d Level.

“The current skill that you’ve mastered was only the beginning of the Tri-Division Level. When you can bring the two manifestations into one, you will have reached the Tri-Union Level. When the three combine into one, the power will be more daunting. As for the last level, the Tri-G.o.d Level, I had yet to figure it all out back then. Hence, I’m afraid you will need to comprehend it on your own.”

Mu Chen was dumbfounded by the Qi into Trinity, as it lived up to the name of Rare Super Power. The division and union skills were too profound and beyond imagination. He wondered how powerful the Tri-G.o.d Level was.

“Heh, although the Qi into Trinity is rather profound, you cannot be biased about it. The Immortal Golden Body that you are practicing now is also formidable and extraordinary. But, you do not have a full comprehension of it at the moment.”

The Heavenly Emperor looked at the purple golden light figure behind Mu Chen and smiled. “The Immortal Golden Body has three levels of Super Power. One is the Immortal G.o.d Rune. You have comprehended a little of this Super Power. The G.o.d Runes transformed by the Immortal Energy can have a myriad of changes, and they are indestructible. Its formidability could be comparable to a real sacred object.

“But you have not practiced this not long, so you can only cultivate two Immortal G.o.d Runes. I could cultivate 999 G.o.d Runes back in those days. The mightiness of it could fight with a High Grade Sacred Object.”

Mu Chen was again dumbfounded by the words. He was struggling with just two Immortal G.o.d Runes. The Heavenly Emperor was superb since he could display 999 of them back then.

“The second Super Power is known as the Immortal Lotus, and the third Super Power is known as the Immortal Change of Life and Death… But to cultivate these two Super Powers, you will have to rely on your comprehension and discovery of your Immortal Golden Body, because I can’t give you any help on this.”

“Immortal Lotus… Immortal Change of Life and Death…” Mu Chen mumbled to himself. He smiled soon after. If everything required the a.s.sistance of the Heavenly Emperor, he would fail as a successor. He believed that he could comprehend the remaining two Super Powers and utilize the full power of the Immortal Golden Body.

However, as Mu Chen pondered his Immortal Golden Body, he suddenly had a thought. With a slight hesitation, he asked, “I wonder… where can I get the final evolution of the Immortal Golden Body?”

The final evolution of the Immortal Golden Body was one of the five remaining Primitive Celestial Bodies - The Primordial Immortal Body!

The Heavenly Emperor paused noticeably. He was deep in thought, and he kept quiet for a while before he spoke slowly, “If you have fully mastered the Immortal Golden Body and you’re ambitious enough, you can try your luck at the Maha Ancient Clan… They are the protectors of the Primordial Immortal Body.

“However, the Maha Ancient Clan is one of the most ancient clans in the Great Thousand World. They shared the same fame as the other ancient clans such as the Budur Ancient Clan. Their strength runs deep, so you need to be at least a Heavenly Sovereign to get your Primordial Immortal Body!”

“Maha Ancient Clan…” Mu Chen was feeling overwhelmed, but when he heard the other name, he was hammered by it and developed a different feeling towards it.

“Budur… Ancient Clan?” Mu Chen slowly touched his chest with his palm. He remembered that the cultivation technique his mother had left him was known as the Great PaG.o.da Art!

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