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The Earth had long ago sunk into chaos.

Regardless of whichever continent it was, as long as people accidentally raised their heads, they would not be able to see the blue sky. Instead, there were phantoms from other worlds. They were similar to mirages which were extremely staged and false yet inadvertently emitting genuinely intimidating presence.

At this time, even ordinary people had become agitated, let alone fluxers. The felt that Earth's heavenly transformation was about to descend.

Under such circ.u.mstances, it didn't matter if it was the Central Continent or the Desolate Continent nor if it was the Higher Dimensional Continent, Northern Continent, or Holy Spirit Continent. The lives of humans in each and every continent were filled with chaos.

This was especially so because the phantoms in the sky were transforming quickly, coming increasingly closer and becoming increasingly more genuine. With such a sight every day, the humans on Earth had gone crazy.

None of the rulers could control the situation, regardless of whether they were ordinary sages or even half deity battle sages. After all, facing the frightening future of the heavenly transformation, the lifeform which possessed great intelligence had began to lose all reason.

"My G.o.d, this world is going to collapse!"

When people got out of bed every day, the first thing they did was to look at the sky. After gazing for a long time, they would find the phantom images which filled to sky having become more real.

Three months ago when this phenomenon had began, they were only blurry images in the distant background. But by then, the phantom images had become clear enough for their faces to be seen. Even the details like fingers and b.e.s.t.i.a.l claws could be identified.

Ordinary people didn't know the significance of it, but the people at the peak of the Earth's strength pyramid were well aware that it implied that the sixty-six different planes were getting increasingly closer to combining.

"Our descenders, is there still no news of their return?"

"In my opinion, we no longer have time to wait for them."

"Your Grace Pope, has your faction figured out how much time we have till the Heavenly Transformation?"

"If nothing unexpected happens, it could be as soon as six months, but the longest wouldn't surpa.s.s a year."

"The current situation cannot continue. At least as we wait for our descenders to return with good news, we must settle the question of shadow sacred female. Otherwise, we won't have the strength to vie for survival with the powers of other planes."

"Your Majesty Vega's words are correct. It is time that we let go of our grudges. We must combine our forces and invade Seventh Dimension to purify Sacred Shadow Female Ling Shuang."

"Declare your position, Battle G.o.d. If all of you view our Earth's benefits as a priority, then War G.o.d Temple and Divine Religion should wait until our Earth's position has stabilized after merging with other planes to settle their grudges."

The rude and headstrong Barbarian Kings who couldn't talk reason displayed an unusual position.

In front of formidable power, even people as domineering as the Barbarian Kings had no option but to lower their heads.


Under the watchful gazes of half step deity characters, Battle G.o.d who had remained silent for a long time nodded his head. This person was considered as the most powerful person on the Earth besides the Flux Ancestor. Even if he had lost the four pieces of Battle Barbarian Supreme Suit, his strength was still sufficient to make every peak powerhouse to feel endless apprehensions.

When he finally agreed to put aside their grudges, the other powerhouses breathed a sigh of relief.

It wasn't that they wanted armistice, but that they had no other option but to stop fighting. In front of them was the heavenly transformation which was getting closer with each pa.s.sing day while behind them was the Sacred Shadow Female Ling Shuang who now lead the entire Seventh Dimension to threaten them.

Under the pressure of these two factors, the people standing at the peak were finally forced to reach an agreement.

"It's good that this has been settled. There's not much time, so we have to join our forces and attack the Seventh Dimension in ten days without leaving anyone behind."

This negotiations were done in the royal court of the Central Continent. The news from it spread to every nook and cranny of the world in a flash.

At the same time as these changes happened, all the sage level powerhouses leading their sects' full strength, including all the transcending and nirvana flux masters, entered the legendary Seventh Dimension in succession.

Originally, it was difficult for those under sage realm to enter the Seventh Dimension, but all the battle sages were cooperating at that moment. Because of that, they could use an unprecedented amount of power to forcefully open a pa.s.sage.

Everyone was clear in their hearts that there would be many casualties in this battle, and even sages wouldn't be able to escape.

The many flux masters in the large force battle would mainly act as cannon fodder and nothing else. Even those who had recently entered sage realm wouldn't be considered anything more than ordinary fighters.

The genuine core of this army was actually the domain sages and the most powerful experts under the sky, the battle sages.

Ten days pa.s.sed by, and the half deity battle sages of the whole Earth gathered together. They led a force of tens of thousands of fluxers to storm the Seventh Dimension.

Only the transcending flux masters or lower cultivation fluxers remained on Earth, which clearly displayed the resolve of the most powerful people in the world.

The absolute majority of Earth's strength was involved in this time's all out attack.

However, the people standing at the peak of Earth were still late in hardening their resolve. Who could have expected that within the brief period of one year, the Sacred Shadow Female could have surprisingly united the forces of the majority of the Seventh Dimension.

A large decisive battle erupted between the two sides.

High level human fluxers began to perish in large numbers in the first wave of the decisive battle. But an arrow which had been shot could not be called back. The human powerhouses had already made up their minds that unless they killed the Shadow Sacred Female, they would not retreat.

The Fifty-Fifth Earth gradually sunk into endless bloodshed, which continued without an end in sight.

Three months pa.s.sed in this manner.

On that day, the heavens suddenly changed, and a large hole appeared in the skies. A heavenly bridge that seemed to come from heaven itself was established without any base. Surprisingly, the other endpoint of the heavenly bridge was the trifling Lucky Wind City located at the coast of the Central Continent.

The sudden appearance of this extraordinary phenomenon stunned the humans of the six continents.

And like that, the obscure little town of the Central Continent instantly became the center of attention.

"Lucky Wind City?! Could it be possible that he has returned… Have you returned?" mumbled a mature woman sitting on the supreme seat of Heavenly Cloud City's lord.

It was likely that most people in the world would not a.s.sociate the descent of the heavenly bridge in Lucky Wind City with the descent of that person. After all, although he was outstanding once upon a time, he a trifling flux disciple, a chess piece and nothing more. But at that moment, Lin Yuerou had a feeling which instantly shattered her patience which had lasted for five years.

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