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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one zero three - Must complete the task

Shui Ruoshan originally thought that Yin Suye was trying to reverse-holding him back in order to convince him in another way, but he never imagined that Yin Suye would kissed him just like that?! He instantly widened his eyes in disbelief, and he was so shocked that he couldn't move. How did things change from the two of them trying to persuade each other to an explosive kissing scene?

At a moment like this, should he scream 's.e.xual hara.s.sment!'? Or sigh that the first kiss he has kept for twenty years is gone?

Not right!

He should be surprised. How did this strange phenomenon such as a man kissing another man happens between him and Yin Suye? He really wants to kneel to this kind of G.o.dly development! Too unscientific, a'ight?

Just as Shui Ruoshan wanted to ask something, he realized that Yin Suye's tongue has slipped inside his slightly opened mouth. He wanted to struggle, but his body was tightly held by Yin Suye; unable to escape! When Shui Ruoshan felt like he is going to suffocate in Yin Suye's arms, something round and sweet was suddenly pushed into his mouth by Yin Suye's tongue. Just that not waiting for him to swallow it, that medicinal medicine thingy has melted directly in his mouth…

"Sleep well. When you woke up, the trouble will be no more."

After making sure that Shui Ruoshan had swallowed the (sleeping)drug/pill, he then reluctantly let go of Shui Ruoshan's little mouth. Never knew that the little guy would give him such a headache when he(SRS) becomes stubborn. Facing this person who refused to budge, Yin Suye could only drug him and let the little guy sleep quietly for a while, so that he(YSY) don't have to worry about what uncontrollable thing might happen to the little guy when he(YSY) goes to endure the punishment from the Fate Subst.i.tution.

Considering that his hypnosis skill is not that effective to the little guy, Yin Suye can only choose a medicine that is without any side effects to make him sleep. So when he turned around and hugged Shui Ruoshan, he had already put the medicinal pill prepared in advance into his(YSY) mouth, and then fed it into the little guy's mouth, plus using his mental power to make the little guy absorb the drug's effect quickly.


Shui Ruoshan didn't think that Yin Suye would do anything he can think of in order to feed him the pill! Knowing that he will not cooperate, Yin Suye even thought to use kisses to feed him the medicine. This is really a ruthless move!

Shui Ruoshan wanted to reprimand Yin Suye's behavior for being shameless, but the efficacy of the medicine was faster than he imagined. Not very long after that, he felt that his consciousness was getting heavier. He couldn't say anything anymore, and his body turned soft right away…

After Yin Suye confirmed that Shui Ruoshan has really fell asleep in his arms, he reached out and gently touched Shui Ruoshan's s.h.i.+ny lips. He seemed to be still able to feel those sensation from the lips, that soft, tender, warm, meaty, sweet sensation…that wonderful feeling was just like the impression the little guy gave him. He never thought that a simple touch would give him such an ultimate feeling. Just a small touch, and he(SRS) could make people crazy, and willing to do anything for it! Sure enough, the little guy felt different to him! In an instant, Yin Suye's eyes became deeper, but it was a pity that the moving emotions that he had brewed in his eyes were unseen.

"Fox." Yin Suye reluctantly removed his eyes from Shui Ruoshan, looked up and called out towards a corner outside the Imperial City.

"Subordinate is here!"

As Yin Suye's voice fell, a slender young man with a fox mask on his face and dressed in all black came out from the corner. This young man called Fox then gently stepped over like a shadow, quickly pa.s.sing through the crowd, and came to Yin Suye in two, three steps. He respectfully knelt to Yin Suye as his greeting.

"Protect Shui Ruoshan well."

Although Yin Suye doesn't want to be separated from the little guy, there are things that can't be solved by force. So in order for them to be together in the future, there are some things that he must do!

Actually when he decided to initiate Fate Subst.i.tution, Yin Suye didn't plan to expose his secretly cultivated forces in the public. He notified all the secret guards by gestures instead to secretly contact Shui Ruoshan after he left for his punishment; to protect Shui Ruoshan's safety at all costs and follow any orders from Shui Ruoshan. Unfortunately, facing the little guy who never follow his planning, Yin Suye always has to change his plan at any time according to the actual situation.

For example right now, he must let the secret guard appear to take care of the unconscious little guy.


Upon receiving the order, Fox stood up and then reached out, prepared to take the person from his master's hand, only to find that his master tightly hugging the person. This caused Fox to blink in confusion, so he looked up to Yin Suye at loss. He seemed to be considering whether he should remind his master to let go now, or remind his master to let go, or remind his master to let go? But then at the next second, when his master stared at his outstretched hands with a horrifying gaze, Fox's body subconsciously trembled. He really wanted to know where he did wrong!

Next, he immediately and wittily took back his arms and knelt down with his back facing Yin Suye. Fox was thinking silently, since he can't hold that person, it should be fine to piggyback him, right?

"If you can't take care of him well…"

Yin Suye pursed his lips tightly and seemed to hesitating whether the little guy should be handed over to others. Other than himself and the little guy, Yin Suye trusted no one! Out of choices, he can only choose the person he quite trusted to take care of the little guy. Obviously, Fox is one of the people that Yin Suye could agree with. After all, Fox didn't betray him in his past life. He couldn't be sure if it was because he died too early that Fox didn't have the chance to betray him, or he really didn't think to betray him. It should be fine if he can confirm that Fox would not betray him right now.

"If I don't take care of Shui Ruoshan well, I shall use my death as an apology!" Fox immediately displayed his loyalty.

"En, even if you die, you must complete the task." Yin Suye was not quite satisfied with the Fox's guarantee, so he seriously corrected his words.

"Yes." Although Fox promised without hesitation, the corner of his mouth slightly twitched. His master's requirements are so high that it is very stressful. Will the pressure crush him?

"Remember, be sure to protect him!"

As he says that, Yin Suye dropped a soft kiss on Shui Ruoshan's forehead, and then reluctantly placed him onto Fox's back.

"Subordinate understand!"

When Fox received that person, he did not dare to neglect his duty and used the most suitable and comfortable way to piggyback that person.


Rui Xue immediately jumped out upon seeing its owner going to be sent away. It jumped onto Fox's shoulder and angrily glared at Yin Suye and Fox. It felt that if it does not come out to remind them of its existence at this moment, its owner might get abducted to G.o.d knows where, and will definitely forget about this cat. So it must stay with its owner.

Humans have a good saying for this :

Cat loved by its owner is a treasure(bao), and cat without its owner's love is the gra.s.s(cao)!
A cat that doesn't stay inside its owner's heart is not a good cat(mao)!1It actually rhymed in chinese but can't do it in English

"Take him to the secret base."

Yin Suye ignored Ruixue's 'selling meng'2acting cute act, but instructed Fox in all seriousness. The so-called secret base is actually the biggest secret base Yin Suye has in the Capital. It is also a base belonged solely to him. Only by using all his powers he has to protect the little guy that he can be rest a.s.sured.


Fox originally lived in the shadows, he only came out from the dark under Yin Suye's order. Just that before Fox could leave with Shui Ruoshan and Ruixue, the surrounding soldiers immediately blocked his way.

"I didn't seem to agree to let your people take this demon away?" w.a.n.g Batian took a step forward and stood in front of Yin Suye.

w.a.n.g Batian patiently waited for Yin Suye to handle his matter because he found out that Yin Suye valued this demon and felt that there are areas that he could exploit. So he ordered the soldiers to block them first. He was thinking if he use this demon to force Yin Suye to surrender the method of extending life. For w.a.n.g Batian, the more betting chips he has, the better it is. So he naturally was reluctant to let the demon who is already in his hands to go so easily. Moreover, the demon trespa.s.sed the Imperial City should have been imprisoned and tortured. Even if Yin Suye is willing to initiate Fate Subst.i.tution for him, it does not mean that the demon can be released without guilt. It is only when Yin Suye has successfully pa.s.sed the trial that the demon can be considered innocent.

"Do you want to 'let the fish dies or break the net'3die together, suffer losses at both end?"

Yin Suye was very calm towards this scene in front of him. Although he wants to settle everything once and for all through Fate Subst.i.tution, it does not mean that he will be afraid of w.a.n.g Batian. If they really can't talk it out, he doesn't mind taking strong measures.


w.a.n.g Batian suddenly hesitated after being threatened by Yin Suye. He wants to make the demon stay because he wants to increase his betting chips on Yin Suye. But he doesn't want to make it a mutual loss for both of them. Comparing to the demon, w.a.n.g Batian obviously was more concerned of the method to extend lifespan in Yin Suye's hands.

"w.a.n.g Batian, if you dare to do anything to Shui Ruoshan, I can guarantee that you absolutely won't get what you desire!"

With just a glance, Yin Suye saw through w.a.n.g Batian's intentions. However, he deliberately misled w.a.n.g Batian at the beginning and let w.a.n.g Batian thinks that he(YSY) has a way to extend his life; everything was done for the sake of the current moment. Because he cannot guarantee that w.a.n.g Batian won't try to make a move on Shui Ruoshan while he is going through the trial's punishment. That's why he used this method to s.h.i.+ft w.a.n.g Batian's focus on him. Before he(WBT) could get his hand on the lifespan extending method, Yin Suye believed that he(WBT) won't take any actions so easily; then Shui Ruoshan's safety would naturally be guaranteed. This is the real purpose for his scheme right from the start.


After considering it for a long time, w.a.n.g Batian finally compromised. He felt that he finally forced Yin Suye to admit in front of him that he(YSY) knows how to extend his(WBT) life so he could not give up the chips that he had already has in order to get more chips. Moreover, he already knows that Yin Suye has placed the demon in his(YSY) secret base, then that means he can totally send people to monitor and get a control first. As long as the demon stays in this secret base, he will be able to capture the demon at any time. It won't be to late for him to capture the demon after he controlled Yin Suye in his hand, if he(YSY) could give him what he wanted. With this in mind, w.a.n.g Batian waved at the soldiers and signaled to them to leave.

Fox saw the opportunity and quickly left, carrying Shui Ruoshan behind him.

"Begin the Fate Subst.i.tution!" After confirming that Fox had left with Shui Ruoshan, Yin Suye swung his sleeves and took the first step, walking past the soldiers.

Yin Suye left everyone with a view of his tall and straight back. His clothes floated slightly behind him, and his golden hair shone in the sunlight. His shadow left a long figure on the ground, giving him a sense of darkness…

The fearless and inconspicuous look gave people the impression that Yin Suye wasn't initiating the Fate Subst.i.tution, but a distinguished guests attending a grand banquet. Seeing that Yin Suye took the initiative to leave, w.a.n.g Batian indicated to the people staying to watch the show to disperse. After that, he grandly left with a group of soldiers, following Yin Suye's departure.

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