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We all felt the bad omen when we realized Mankuai went with Qilu to the United States, while Chuxia was recovering. Argh! Why did things turn out like this?! More to say but will wait for everyone to read this first. Come on readers join us in raging against….

CHAPTER 449 Who's An Chuxia?

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Jiao Daihu isn't paying attention, and hits his head against the window, grinning through the pain.

"Jiao Daihu ge, are you okay?" Mage resists laughing as she asks if he's injured.

"I'm fine!" Jiao Daihu is a bit embarra.s.sed, but he replaces his embarra.s.sment with a sly expression. "I'm just teasing you, boss. I will make sure you have a happy future. I won't do anything unethical. Is that what you're worried about?"

Nangong Zifei's lips form a thin line and doesn't talk. The car quickly disappears into the darkness of the night

* * *.

The sun rises daily. It may seem like nothing is changing, but they are changing quietly…

An Chuxia's body recovers little by little until she is well enough to be finally discharged. While steward Han and Jiang Yuan are signing her discharge papers, Jiang Yuan receives a phone call. It's a call that would make An Chuxia collapse.

An hour ago…

It is quite efficient to get discharged since the hospital belongs to the Hans. Before An Chuxia knows it, she and Jiang Yuan are walking out, smiling, as steward Han follows them.

A week ago, they received news that Han Qilu has woken up from his coma. This made An Chuxia very happy. However, Jiang Yuan still forced her to stay in the hospital for one more week. Chuxia was afraid she was going to be left behind.

"I'll drive the car over." Steward Han steps forward after getting permission from Jiang Yuan. Jiang Yuan didn't ask Lao Chen to drive, but he drove steward Han over to pick up An Chuxia, who happens to be in a good mood.

"I told you, the food in that restaurant is really delicious. How about going there after we walk around the block?" Jiang Yuan suggests cheerfully.

An Chuxia should nod. The day after tomorrow is Jiang Yuan and Han Liuhai's 20th wedding anniversary. The staff is already preparing for the festivities, and Han Qilu is returning that day. She heard his recovery is good, but since he's being treated in the United States, she really doesn't know the specifics.

It's like Han Qilu didn't exist. Correction, it's like there is no connection between Han Qilu and An Chuxia. Han Qilu called occasionally, and said he was going to write home instead, but An Chuxia didn't get a call from him. Han Qilu also called the home phone, which made An Chuxia uneasy.

But she's afraid that she'll be scoffed at if she told anyone about it, especially Jiang Yuan. It's one of the reasons why she doesn't bring his name up either.

She's happy he's coming home, but at the same time, his return is making her very anxious.

"Mommy, I want to go to the United States," she suddenly says. "Since he's been conscious, he hasn't called me once… I… I want to go to the United States."

"What? He hasn't called you? What kind of a son of a bit*h is he? Do you want to call him now?" Jiang Yuan can't believe it.

Han Qilu hasn't mentioned An Chuxia when she called him. She thought he's been calling An Chuxia but didn't want to mention it to his mother. Now that An Chuxia has mentioned it, Jiang Yuan is embarra.s.sed.

No wonder why her baby had her eyebrows knitted these past few days.

"You don't have to call." An Chuxia shakes her head. "It's ten o'clock here. And, what, it would be ** o'clock over there. It won't be a good time to call. Actually… I'll just surprise him."

Surprise? Wouldn't her sudden appearance before him be a surprise?

All of a sudden, the image of the two children kissing appears in Jiang Yuan's head and it suddenly makes her blush. "Maybe Han Qilu wanted to give you a surprise? You didn't use to say h.e.l.lo at all… ."

Suddenly, Jiang Yuan's phone vibrates in her pocket. She takes a look at it before wrinkling her brow. "Look who's calling?"

An Chuxia looks at the mobile phone's screen and sees Bad Kid. Her heart skips a beat.

"Aren't you going to answer it?" Jiang Yuan smiles, disappointed that An Chuxia didn't take the phone away from her. As soon as steward Han brings the car over, Jiang Yuan orders him to buy drinks for them from a store nearby.

An Chuxia bows her head and quietly presses the answer key. "Hi?" Her voice trembles.

She hears a pause before Han Qilu's familiar voice comes through. "Who are you? Mom?"

An Chuxia thought he didn't hear her, so she says in annoyance, "It's me, An Chuxia!"

"An Chuxia? Who? Should I know you? Did you steal my mother's phone? I warn you, you can't afford to steal this device!" His voice over the phone is truly angry.

"Han Qilu… are you kidding me? You think this is funny?"An Chuxia is definitely aware something is wrong. But she is still holding on to a glimmer of hope.

"Do you know me?" Han Qilu says momentarily. "Are you someone I met before I lost my memory? Sorry, I can't remember the last few months. The doctor said this is normal when there's a head injury. I apologize, my att.i.tude is quite awful, but may I speak to my mother? I have something to tell her."

An Chuxia's brain goes blank, and the mobile slips from her hand.

Jiang Yuan returns, and sees An Chuxia's pale face and her device on the ground.

She runs to her baby to ask her what happened. She couldn't care less about her phone on the ground. She's more distressed over her future daughter-in-law.

"He… ." An Chuxia's tears flow freely, and the words come out incomplete. She keeps repeating: He… He… Him… .

Jiang Yuan picks up the mobile phone from the ground, realizing it's not broken, and that the call is still connected. She rushes to answer. She is upset. "What did you say to my baby, Chuxia?!"

"What?" Han Qilu, who's walking back and forth in the presidential suite of the hotel in the United States. "Mom, is that you? Who was the person who picked up the phone? I told her I needed to speak with you. What was that loud noise?"

"What? You're asking me who my baby An Chuxia is?" Jiang Yuan's voice trembles. She doesn't realize something is wrong. She's just upset Han Qilu couldn't hear An Chuxia.

"He's lost his memory… I forgot to tell you." An Chuxia finally completes her sentence.

Jiang Yuan is stunned. "An Chuxia, don't tease me. He's very normal, and he didn't say anything about losing his memory."

On the other side of the phone, Han Qilu says, "Mom, I said it's partial amnesia. I didn’t want you to worry, so I didn't tell you. Who is this An Chuxia?"

Jiang Yuan clenches her teeth as she hears his harsh tone. Then, she hears him say, "It doesn't matter who she is, Mother. I just wanted to announce some good news. I've reconciled with Mankuai, and I proposed to her."

"What?!!!" Jiang Yuan raises her voice to a shout. "I won't allow it, absolutely; it's not allowed!"

An Chuxia turns paler, apparently, overhearing Han Qilu's words.

"Mother, I know you don't have a good impression of her, but she has changed. We've reconciled, and we are good together… ." If there was more, Jiang Yuan didn't want to hear any more of it. She presses the End b.u.t.ton. She is breathing heavily from anger.

"What happened that you two look like you're devastated?" Steward Han was just returning from the convenience store when he ran into Ling Hanyu. He told Hanyu that An Chuxia has been discharged. Then, they started talking about some financial matters. And when he got to the hospital's entrance, he saw Jiang Yuan's red face, and An Chuxia's very pale face, weeping.

Since Xiao Mingluo's brother, Mingyuan, is at the late-stage of his cancer, Mingluo has been helping both his father and his company affairs, and his brother. He'd given An Chuxia a call earlier that day to offer his congratulations on her discharge. Then he called Ling Hanyu who suggested they should pick up An Chuxia from the hospital instead.

But as soon as Hanyu sees them, he's really puzzled. After the wilderness adventure, Lao Ling has finally given up on An Chuxia. He doesn’t mention An Chuxia to him. Hanyu is now considered pure and abstinent.

But in the bottom of his heart, he feels pain for An Chuxia. Seeing her cry breaks his heart as well.

Jiang Yuan said she's angry, and she puts a hand on An Chuxia's shoulder in silent comfort.

"How come…" Ling Hanyu is shocked. Han Qilu called him, but he didn't say anything about having memory loss. But he distinctly recalls that Han Qilu hasn't mentioned An Chuxia. It was the only time that he didn't feel right being happy that Han Qilu has awoken from his coma.

Steward Han stands behind her. He says, "Xiaonainai, rest a.s.sured, his amnesia is temporary. Give him a few days to recover. I believe that you are the young master's true love."

An Chuxia bites her lower lip, her expression is dull and distressed. "I want to go to the United States."

This time, Jiang Yuan doesn't stop her. "I'll go with you!" She wants to make sure An Chuxia won't commit murder!

"You don't need to." An Chuxia shakes her head. "I want to see him alone. I want to make sure he's not fickle about forgetting me. Then I can be a.s.sured of the fact that he's happy to be with another person."

Although tears are still in her eyes, she refuses to let them fall.

If he's really fickle, then the least she can do is say hi to him and not bless his relations.h.i.+p, right?

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