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CHAPTER 448 Dead Heart

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

TN: Mage's name is p.r.o.nounced as Mah-ge (like brother ge).

Two people reluctantly watch as the couple in front of the car stand pretty close to each other. One claps his hands, optimistic about what he's seeing, while the other frowns.

"Oh, it's such a headache. Our boss is preoccupied with sister-in-law and forgets about us." Jiao Daihu is the optimist. He acts like he's complaining, but in reality, he's just saying things to appease the woman. Just listen to her.

In his heart, he has long regarded An Chuxia as his xiaonainai, Nangong Zifei's wife. The girl Zifei met at the bar [the night after meeting Chuxia] is sitting right next to him at the moment. (See Chapter 396).

Her name is Mage. She was adopted by Maliya's elderly father. The night of Maliya's unfortunate incident, Mage ran into Maliya's boyfriend, Jieke, when she had forgotten to bring an umbrella. Jieke kindly took her home so she could take a hot bath and change into dry clothes. Unfortunately, she forgot to bring her clothes into the bathroom, and Maliya happened to walk in the house at that precise moment. Her naked appearance made things worse.

Maliya gets easily agitated. She was upset, thinking Mage was stealing her boyfriend from her. So, she ran to the bar, trying to hook up with Nangong Zifei, who happened to be sitting in the corner [of the bar]. By the time she was able to get to the bar, Maliya was being sent home. Maliya was drunk, and was kicked out of the bar, her heel broken. It's just fortunate for them that Nangong Zifei sent a car to save them.

Since that incident, Nangong Zifei had rejected Maliya, their father died, and Maliya won't forgive her despite nothing happening between her and Jieke.

Jiao Daihu doesn't understand why Nangong Zifei took in the homely, useless girl and gave her a place to live and wait for him. Because of this, Jiao Daihu dislikes her, and inadvertently mentions An Chuxia.

He looks at Mage's displeasure, and it makes Jiao Daihu's heart sing. He sighs with relief. "Hey, Mage, how's your homework going? You know our boss doesn't like useless people. You better…"

"Jiao Daihu-ge," Mage pulls her gaze from the couple onto the man beside her. "I know I don't deserve to be with the boss. You don't have to say it. I don't think of him that way."

What she said isn't quite true, but she knows that in Jiao Daihu eyes, she shouldn't have any feelings for Nangong Zifei. She can't think that way.

Jiao Daihu moves his lips, but doesn't say a thing. Is he bullying her? What he said is true! He doesn't care!  Jaio Daihu pulls out his phone and plays a game.

An Chuxia doesn't want to return to the ward, while Nangong Zifei wants her to go back. He knows she shouldn't be waiting outside to get home.

"Zifei, I know I shouldn't talk about him to you. But… I am really worried about Han Qilu," An Chuxia says, tears flowing down her cheeks. She feels helpless.

Nangong Zifei didn't know Han Qilu has been sent to the United States for treatment. He deduces from An Chuxia words what's happening.

"Do you want me to help you leave the hospital to find him?" Nangong Zifei isn't angry with An Chuxia. But in his heart, he asks, "Why are you only worried about Han Qilu?" However, on the surface, he acts unaffected.

No matter how one tries, there are just some things that rarely happen. He didn't want to use all his a.s.sets to pay An Chuxia's ransom when he heard Nangong Zijue kidnapped her. Although it was the last thing in Zijue's mind, he wondered, "If An Chuxia dies, Zifei won't live."

Zifei's lips are pursed, showing he's quite upset.

"Well! Please help me!" An Chuxia's eyes sparkle. "Help me get out of the hospital. Just help me leave."

It is quite impossible for her to get discharged from the hospital herself because Jiang Yuan stipulated it in her release. In this case, Zifei will be the one checking her out. However, she's unsure that even he would be able to do so.

"An Chuxia." Nangong Zifei reaches out and touches her right shoulder before staring at her. "This is Han's hospital. I am not powerful enough to get you discharged. But if you want me to help you get discharged, I will. However, you have to think about everyone who’s worried about you. Jiang Yuan really likes you, and if her future daughter-in-law disappears from the hospital, she'll be worried to death over you."

An Chuxia is silent. Jiang Yuan will definitely be worried… she doesn't want her to worry.

"I know." An Chuxia looks up. "I will get better as fast as I can, and get discharged from the hospital."

Nangong Zifei doesn't nod. She looks at her deeply before standing up. "I won't prolong my stay. It's still early, and you need to get more sleep. I'll leave."

An Chuxia tugs on his sleeves as she smiles brilliantly at him. "No, thank you."

Nangong Zifei shakes his head. As he said, she didn't have to thank him. Then, he hears her say, "If I met you first, I would have loved you."

His body freezes, his knuckles and fingers stiffen.

Slowly, he shows her a sly expression. "Thank you."

He wishes for a quick death now since he didn't meet her first.

The next time he's reincarnated, he'll definitely find An Chuxia before she meets Han Qilu so they won't be separated from each other. In this life, he'll let go of her first… It will be a cheap victory for that son of a bit*h, Han Qilu.

That is, if he wakes up.

If Han Qilu stays in a coma, he shouldn't blame him when he jumps the queue.

"I'll go ahead. Go get some sleep." He doesn't smile at her before turning and leaving.

Back in the car, Jiao Daihu starts gossiping again. Nangong Zifei doesn't even pay attention to Mage's presence. Instead, he starts talking to Daihu about his conversation with An Chuxia. Usually, he won't gossip with Jiao Daihu. After all, he's not a woman. He won't act like a girl. But today, he needs to talk about this situation.

Nangong Zifei remains quiet. Jiao Daihu doesn't say anything for ten seconds before saying, "What you're trying to say is, if Han Qilu doesn't exist… ."

"Don't think too hard and waste your brain cells. Otherwise…" Nangong Zifei doesn't say anything else once he starts the engine.

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