Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 375

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Chapter 375 “The Good Bok Choy Has Been s.n.a.t.c.hed Away (3)”

“s.h.i.+fu,” first turning to her third s.h.i.+fu, “I don’t know what Yi Yi told you before but I would never allow anyone to take bully me around. You can stop worrying about me now.”

Of her three s.h.i.+fus here today, Qiu Shu Rong was among the worst in terms of holding a temper. Therefore, if she doesn’t put a stop to this today then who knows what sort of trouble these two might pull out the next day. What’s more, its one thing if her s.h.i.+fu can come out on top, its another when its impossible to outdo Di Cang!

“Since Yan Yan is already saying this then I won’t dispute the matter with you.” Huffing a grunt, Qiu Shu Rong nevertheless still held an annoyed expression on his face.

My precious disciple is such a good bok choy and she’s being s.n.a.t.c.hed away by this pig. Though the pig is quite the looker but he’s still a pig!

But unlike the irritated elder here, Di Cang only grinned like he’s amused. Then without indication, the man swiftly made a grab for his woman and pulled her into a embracing hold: “Forgive me Father-in-law, I was rude just now. I promise you, I will never allow any harm to come her way again in the future.”

At that, Qiu Shu Rong immediately widened his eyes in horror: “Boy, who are you calling father-in-law? Who is your father-in-law? I don’t even have a daughter so where did a son-in-law come from?”

“Little Yan Yan calls you s.h.i.+fu so me calling you father-in-law isn’t wrong either.”

Towards the demand, Di Cang only had this to his reply: showing a smirking grin, he selflessly kissed down on those plump rosy lips to make his claim.

Naturally this didn’t sit well with the old fella at all, none at all. Jumping up and down with steam shooting out his head, Qiu Shu Rong (Third Elder) wanted to instantly attack this frivolous thief who’s trying to steal his precious treasure.


Meanwhile back in the crowd, Bai Zhi could only clench her fists hard like a million ants were nibbling at her heart. The feeling was unbearable and she had no way to vent the frustration.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, isn’t it supposed to be the disciple following their s.h.i.+fus command? Why are the elders of the Holy Land so obedient to her? And even more unacceptable is how Lord Cang is reacting. Just one word and he’s willing to behave himself?

Then while all of this was going on behind the background, Di Cang did something totally unexpected again. Releasing his lip, he suddenly called out to the distant: “Since you are here then why are you not coming out?”

This undoubtedly startled Bai Yan who was still in the dark. But before she could ask for some answers, the das.h.i.+ng figure that’s far off into the sky had gradually revealed himself.

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The little princess of the Holy Land called him Brother? It can’t be… This man is the young Lord of the Holy Land?

Bai Zhi was already filled with resentment to begin with due to Di Cang’s existence, now the young Lord of the Holy Land is also here? As a result, the young girl finally caved in her will and puked blood from her mouth due to the intense rage and jealousy from within.

If the man was ugly then that’s one thing. Maybe that would give her some comfort, however, that’s not the case here! Adding in the fact that the girl had a dreaded personality, it’s not all that surprising that she would take this so hard.

“You did it on purpose didn’t you?” Bai Yan glares at the shameless man for that kiss.

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