Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 373

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Chapter 373 “The Good Bok Choy Has Been s.n.a.t.c.hed Away (1)”

“What?!” Ren Yi (Second Elder) was hurting straight into his guts over this fact, “Which one of you b.a.s.t.a.r.ds here is that Nangong Yi? Get your a.s.s out here this instant! If not for a b.a.s.t.a.r.d like you then all those good stuff wouldn’t have been spoiled.”


Before Nangong Yi could even get up from the ground, the seniors had already rushed up to him and slapped the prince across the face. As a result of the impact, several of his teethes had come flying out.

“No… this has nothing to do with me,” he cries out in his panic, losing all composure in the process. “Bai Xiao didn’t eat any snacks when he was fighting me, I don’t know anything!”

Due to the baby boy calling the Dan pills as snacks for his own convenience, the three elders also addressed the precious items as such to cuddle him for more, thereby creating this confusion between those that’s in on it and those that’s not.

“Oh that’s right, it seems we still haven’t dealt with the matters at hand yet.” With his anger subsided after venting it out on the poor man by clobbering him, Qiu Shu Rong then returns his gaze back over to Bai Zhi who was sitting there helplessly on the ground, “You there, what were you saying about my disciple, unworthy and unjust?”


The people gasped, hissing at the last statement.

For a time, regret and remorse was all that could be felt in the air, the only exception being Nangong Yuan (king) due to his mother and son’s action earlier.

“It’s really her…” Lu Zifeng’s heart trembles with shock.

Ordinary people may only know Bai Yan as the disciple of these elders, but he’s not ordinary, he’s a disciple of the Holy Land! Only those within would know how frightening her status truly was within the sect!

While the rest of the onlookers were all gasping and wowing at the news, Qiu Shu Rong (Third Elder) on the other hand only had one target in mind: “You say my precious disciple is unfilial? Then what about your parents, hmm? Yu Rong would sell her off for a mere pill while your father would remain bias no matter how cruel your mother treats her. How are people like that worthy of her filial piety?”

Such a father like Bai Zheng Xiang doesn’t deserve any kindness from his children, not from Bai Yan nor Bai Xiao.

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“As for you… As far as I know, you and Bai Ruo have more than once framed my precious disciple during her time in the Bai House and even tortured her on many occasions too. Now you got the face to claim injustice?”

With every word from the Third Elder’s mouth came another level of fear for Bai Zhi. Now because of her own guilt, the vicious girl could hardly make out another word and could only s.h.i.+ver there like a rattled doll.

Have I really been deceived by Bai Zhi during this period?

“And lastly, you mentioned about her becoming pregnant with child before marriage? So what! Even when she’s carrying little Xiachen there would be plenty of men rus.h.i.+ng to court her. And you say seduce other men? What nonsense! As if any ordinary men can catch her fancy, even our Holy Land’s young lord has been rejected by her in the past.”

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