Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 371

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Chapter 371 “Face Slapping (3)”

It was a few years ago, Lu Zifeng still remembers it clearly what his s.h.i.+fu told him on the day of that person’s entry into the Holy Land: “Zifeng, you mustn’t go provoking that person no matter what occurs. Otherwise, not even I, your s.h.i.+fu, can protect you from the wrath of the three elders.”

“It’s over….”

If Bai Yan truly is the one mentioned back then, the only outcome awaiting me would be an ending worse than death!

“Brother Lu, what did you just say?” Bai Zhi’s eye was popping hard like its out to fall out, “How could Bai Yan’s little follower be the Holy Land’s own princess? Based on what can she make such a prestigious person be her own personal attendant?”

This is absolutely impossible!

Like the foolish girl, the rest of the crowd had also caught wind of Lu Zifeng’s outburst there. However, more were inclined towards disbelief than being shocked at the truth.

While this state of confusion continued on for a bit longer, it was Qiu Shu Rong’s (Third Elder) next sentence that shattered it and indirectly slapped Bai Zhi across the face.

“Little Princess, the Lord has tasked me to bring you a message on his behalf. He said that once you are done playing then you should go back, less you bring unnecessary trouble for Yan Yan.” In light of the kind and gentle face the elder was making, it somehow carried an almost malicious intent for some reason like it was meant for someone else.


I will not believe this!

Nothing but a follower of Bai Yan’s, how could she be the little princess of the Holy Land?

“Brother Lu, tell me please, tell me this is impossible…..” Shaking her head in self-deceit, Bai Zhi’s palish face showed how dreadful her emotions were right now, “All of you must be lying to me, right, RIGHT?! Bai Yan brought so much pain to my family and to ME! How can she be gifted with all these good things when she did so much evil?!”

As painful as this was, Lu Zifeng could do nothing but close his eyes in acceptance: “Zhi, I’m sorry, I fear I’m unable to help you this time. That girl really is the princess of our sect….”

Even up to this point, this foolish man still didn’t place the blame on the girl, That’s right, my precious Zhi is so kind-hearted and good inside, how can I possibly blame her for this ending.

Finally, with the last pillar of support on her mind crumbling into nothingness, the disgusting girl had gradually fallen to the ground, her body trembling while she wept silently like a pitiful child.

How can the world be so cruel? How can Bai Yan be so lucky when she’s nothing but a s.l.u.t’s daughter? Why? Why, why, why???

That’s right! It’s Bai Yan, that dirty wh.o.r.e stole everything from me!

“HAHAHA,” tightening her fist until it’s a clenched up ball, she slowly got up with a poisonous tint in her eyes. “So this is all the Holy Land can amount up to. To have your very own princess become a personal attendant for someone of such low standard, its baffling how your sect can even come this far.”

The people were shockingly stunned by this sudden outburst, their lips quivering with fear from the maddening insults thrown out by that foul mouth.

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“Bai Zhi!” Like the rest, Lu Zifeng practically screamed with horror in his eyes.

Originally the man was still trying to come up with a plan to help his woman escape this situation, but that was instantly crushed when the crazed girl unexpected threw out this bombsh.e.l.l of a sentence. In his panic, Lu Zifeng could only rush up to cup that mouth from saying more.

“First Elder, Zhi is only a tad overly straightforward, she….”


Before anymore excuses could be made, the senior had already sent a palm strike right out and blew the ignorant man across the arena and into the crowded seats.

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