Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 367

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Chapter 367 “s.h.i.+fu is Here! (1)”

“From what I remember, the rules of this test is that one cannot intake a potion that can temporarily boost one’s own strength. I like to know what’s your opinion on Nangong Yi’s action then.” Faint in her smile, Bai Yan easily points out the fault here.

Sweating all over at the inquiry, Nangong Yi gnashes his teeth and simply lied outright: “She’s framing me.”

This was no surprise at all because the two, they had already matched their stories prior to the test – their plan was to refute the claim no matter who asked.

“I had something to do earlier so I couldn’t witness the act myself. Everyone, is there anyone present here who saw what she claims?” With that said, Lu Zifeng then swept his threatening gaze around the arena, warning them enough to know what not to say.

In reality the man here had been paying close attention to the fight the entire way, right up from the beginning, but there’s no way he will admit something so d.a.m.ning would he?

Exchanging a look with their nearest bystanders, those close enough to understand the ins and outs hurriedly denied it: “We didn’t see it.”

“That’s right, if none of us saw it with our own eye then that means there’s no proof to back up your claim. Even if you are trying to malign someone, you should at least come up with a better idea.”

That’s right Bai Yan, this is the influence of power. No matter how hard you work in the future, you can never achieve what I have done today!

Making a faint smirk of his own, Lu Zifeng attempts to make the final blow, “It’s not us in the Holy Land abusing our power to be bias, it’s you who can’t bring proof to the forefront. Without proof, we can’t exactly frame an innocent contestant now can we?”

“Sister,” it was then Bai Xiao cuts in due to his urgency, “it doesn’t matter if I don’t enter the Holy Land. I will use my own strength to create a paradise in this world for you and my nephew.”

This undoubted had a warming effect on her heart. Revealing a stunning smile, Bai Yan halts her brother from further speaking: “Its okay Brother, I will take care of this matter. I have my reasons.”

That said, she then imprints the faces of all those around her, making sure not to miss a single individual. “Are you all sure that Nangong Yi didn’t take a tabooed drug?”

No response ever came, only murmuring silence of indecision from this crowd. They fear the Demon Beast Sect and the Flower Brothel behind this woman, but they also fear the Holy Land even more!

Then just when it appears that all hopes were lost for the righteous side, two resounded voices suddenly broke in with appropriate timing.

“I saw it.”

“I also saw it.”

Seeking the source by turning around, Bai Yan quickly saw who they were, it was the Dowager and a young boy walking through the crowd.

“s.h.i.+fu….” The young boy shyly cries out for her attention.

As the old saying goes, what goes around comes around. This was Nangong Zhun, the prince who was saved by Bai Yan and Bai Xiachen in the palace a while back. Though the lad has been recognized by Bai Yan as her disciple, but the woman was undoubtedly the worst mentor on the planet. Aside from a name, she has done nothing worthy of her post.

Bai Yan can understand why the young prince would side with her here; after all, she did save his life and give him a path to a bright future. But why was the Dowager siding with her too? They’ve only seen each other a couple of times since she returned, hardly worthy to be called a deep relations.h.i.+p.

“Mother!” Nangong Yuan (king) was very agitated by her mother’s intrusion.

“Yi Yi (holy land princess, Xiao Wan (demon princess),” turning dark in her smile, Bai Yan cold eyes the crowd before her, “write down all their names. Aside from the Dowager and my disciple Nangong Zhun, none of the people here are permitted to ever purchase and drugs from any of our businesses.”

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