Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 334

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Chapter 334 “The Real Sc.u.m of all People (3)”

First glancing down at the dagger inside her chest, then back at her own father whom she wors.h.i.+ps like a G.o.d, she finally asked: “Why?”

The girl’s eye appears to be shocked still and couldn’t believe the scene.

“Don’t blame me, blame your mother. If not for her selfishness in dragging me down with her, I wouldn’t have done this.” The b.a.s.t.a.r.d grins, pleased by what he has done.

That’s what you get for dragging me down at the end! If I must die then I let you have a good ending either!

Making a heavy thud upon her collapse, its obvious there’s an enormous amount of regret in the young girl’s face. She can’t even close those eyes of hers in the end.

Twisted in her face over the loss of her daughter, Fu Bao Yun roars out in extreme pain: “You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you actually killed your own daughter, your own flesh and blood!”

“And whose fault is that?” Ruthless in his punch across the woman’s face, he actually sneered at his former partner: “If not for a tramp like you then I would’ve never fallen into such a state! If I’m going to die then I’m going to drag our children along with us!”

“You…” s.h.i.+vering there as she points at the dastardly man, Fu Bao Yun grew worried over the threat: “What are you planning to do with our son?”

Cruel in his smile, Qi Jia had no qualms about his twisted logic: “Do you think that tigress back at my home would let him live? If I was alive then I could still protect our son, but if I’m dead, you think he will get away?”

Why would the Qi family be so dry in their lineage over the years? Of course it’s because of that tigress back at home. That woman was as vicious as this man, murdering any possible baby before it could come into this world.

If such a person were to learn of Dong Mu Lin’s existence, surely she would take to drastic means of murdering him in one way or another.

Trembling all over, Fu Bao Yun now regrets it with all her might. She only knew Qi Jia failed her earlier, never had she ever taken into consideration what would befall her son if they are finished here today.

“Whatever words the two of you have to say, save it for when you enter the Demon Beast Forest. We don’t have time to listen to your nonsenses.” Wrinkling his forehead, Old Lord Lan was quite impatient at this point when his eyes caught sight of the cowardly man, “Fu Bao Yun and her man is now done with, but there’s still the matter with him. What sort of answer is the Dong House going to give me for Dong Rou Qin?”

Shuddering for a second there, Dong Tian Ling was a bit reluctant to answer. No matter what, the man’s still his son. “May I know what sort of answer is In-law looking for?”

“First, he must leave the Dong House for good. Second, our Lan House will continue to welcome both of you to visit in the future, but Roulan will never return here again in the future!”

For his daughter-in-law to suffer so much grievances inside this home over the years, there’s no way he will me merciful, not after finally learning the truth!

As for the subject herself, Dong Ruolan only pursed her lips and remained silent. It’s quite obvious her brother’s behavior thus far had thoroughly hurt her heart. If they continue to meet in the future, she might not be able to control her emotions and lash out in anger.

“This…” Dong Tian Ling was startled. Turning his sight towards his daughter, he wants to hear it from the girl herself, “Daughter, is this also your wish?”

Responding with a bittersweet smile, Dong Ruolan finally got the chance to say her story: “Back when Fu Bao Yun demanded I hand over my daughter to be used as a gift for her nephew, Dong Rou Qin was there too. He not only didn’t help me, he just stood there and watched. Such behavior, how can I not be disheartened?”

During their childhood both siblings were very good in their relations.h.i.+p, mainly because of how often Dong Roulan took a beating for her younger brother. Even so, she never regretted her actions back then for her brother’s sake. But what did she get in return after all those years of love and protection she gave him? Nothing, that’s what!

She’s tired already, so tired that she may never be able to forgive her younger brother again in this lifetime….

“Sister,” trembling in his lip, Dong Ruo Qin had no face left to meet his sister’s gaze. Closing his eyes in pain, he truly regrets it all: “I’m sorry, I was wrong….”

Despite the genuine apology, Dong Ruolan had no reply for it.

“Father,” suddenly popping his eyes wide open, he turns to his father. “I am willing to leave the Dong House until… Sister is willing to forgive me.”

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