Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 332

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Chapter 332 “The Real Sc.u.m of all People (1)”

“Ruolan,” knowing what her daughter-in-law was thinking, Old Madam Lan was the first to intercept the considerate woman. Gently rubbing Dong Roulan’s hand, “Your father’s body has long been cured. You don’t have to worry about him, rather it’s you we’re most worried about. If we didn’t come today to support you then others might really think our family doesn’t care about you!”

“Grandpa, Grandma,” puffing up her cheeks, Lan Xiaoyun (girl cousin) promptly comes forward to snitch to her elders. “You don’t even know it yet. This horrible woman not only harmed Mother, she even switched the medicine that was meant for her for a fake! Then as if that wasn’t enough, she even persecuted me for trying to refuse the idea of her marrying me off to that whatever third prince of this kingdom. Oh yes, Grandfather, she also took advantage of our absence and kidnapped Redsy!”

“And…” Choking on her words, the girl pauses to glance at Bai Yan before speaking again: “If not for Cousin coming in the nick of time with me, I fear both of you would’ve never been able to see Mother again.”

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Scared to the point where his heart was thumping hard, Old Lord Lan was dreadfully white at the fate that could’ve befallen his family member.

“Son,” it was then Bai Yan signaled the baby with a wink.

Understanding his mother’s intent, Bai Xiachen needed no urging to move forward. Toddling over with his little feet, he gently stroked the old grandpa’s chest to sooth the man’s unstable emotion.

“Grandfather, don’t be so angry. Mother said those who do bad things will eventually face retribution so there’s no need for you to push your body because of those evildoers.”

Perhaps it’s the soft comforting voice of the little steam bun, or maybe something else entirely, but it sure did the trick here. Snapping the chair handle apart, the old grandpa reverts back to his solemnly stern self: “My daughter-in-law faced such maltreatment at your home, shouldn’t the Dong House give me a proper answer for this?”

Answering that demand with a weak smile, Old Lord Dong couldn’t refute the claim: “Yes, I can’t deny it’s our family in the wrong here. I couldn’t protect Roulan so here’s the perpetrator. Whatever you want to do with Fu Bao Yun is up to your Lan House now.”

“Destroy her cultivation and then toss her into the Demon Beast Forest. She can fend for herself there!”

Stricken with fear in her eyes, Fu Bao Yun literally screamed out of panic there: “No, I don’t want to go to the Demon Beast Forest! I don’t want to be a cripple!”

Even if her strength remains intact, the outcome would be the same if she were to be tossed into that forest. Not to mention they intend to destroy her cultivation too.

That’s equivalent to a death sentence!

“Would both In-laws have any objection to my punishment?” Despite his sentence sounding like a question, Old Lord Lan wasn’t exactly expecting a refusal from the elders of the Dong House.

Sure enough, Old Lord Dong matches the other elder with a supportive smile: “As per your wish, I got no opinion on this matter.”

“No!” Scrambling up from the ground like the frantic mess that she was, Fu Bao Yun pounced in front of her husband and refused to let go of that leg: “Rou Qin, no matter what were husband and wife. Out of consideration for all the years we were together, please save me!”

“Rou Qin, I know I did wrong to your sister, but isn’t she just fine right now? You can’t do this to me, you people can’t take my life for this!”

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