Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 304

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Chapter 304 “Are You Sure it’s Lan Xiaoyun? (1)”

“What you said there is right, those who don’t know how to educate their son can’t be any good. I confess, I’m not a good person at all!” Literally screaming in her voice, Old Madam Dong directly flings her cane down to the ground as she roared out these pained words.

Following her mother-in-law’s outburst, Fu Bao Yun’s (shameless woman) n.o.ble expression finally crumbled. This old hag, can’t she at least read the situation? Why is she siding with those outsiders?

“By the way, Grandfather, Grandmother,” Lan Xiaoyun (girl cousin) appears to have remembered something just then. Wrinkling her brow, “I’ve wanted to ask for a while now, where did Redsy go? How come I can’t find her anywhere inside the estate?”

Redsy was the name the girl gave the red phoenix. Due to its docile nature and its obedient personality, Lan Xiaoyun was sure the bird wouldn’t go anywhere unless ordered to.

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As result of this out the blue question, the tense atmosphere immediately dispersed again.

“Your mother had the bird settle down inside the small garden. If nothing else, it should still be there. I’m sorry Xiaoyun, because of everything that’s been happening, I didn’t pay much attention.” The old lord sounded apologetic.

“But I’ve looked there already, I couldn’t find her.”

Not in in the small garden?

The old lord frowns: “It might just be out? I speculate the bird will come back in due time.”

The phoenix has the power of a sky rank martialist. Who in the kingdom can stop it unless the Royal Family gets involved?

Royal Family?

When these two words appeared in his mind, Dong Tian Ling (old lord) was immediately thrust into an ice block. His old face full of guilty consciousness.

“Impossible! Redsy would never leave by herself alone. Grandfather, tell me what happened to her. She’s my grandfather’s contract beast, not your Dong family’s!”

Lan Xiaoyun (girl cousin) was of the best among the Lan family members in terms of self-restraint. For her tone to be so harsh, it’s not hard to imagine the anger brewing inside.

“Hoho,” snickering in her tongue, Fu Bao Yun (shameless woman) wouldn’t have any of that. “Don’t think others wouldn’t know just because you won’t say. It’s clearly your mother suckering it from another man, what your grandfather’s contract beast? As if she’s good enough for the Lan House to be good to her!”

Stopping there, the shameless woman finally noticed the murderous eyes shooting her way from the young la.s.s. Gulping hard out of reflex, her aura instantly weakens by a mile: “You…what do you want to do? I am your aunt! You…”

“Enough!” Dong Tian Ling’s (old lord) expression was cold and hard, “Tell me now, where did you people take the phoenix?”

Going stiff in his body, it was the cowardly man who spoke first: “I… I don’t know.”

Looking at this son who had been loved by him for so many years, to be turned into this coward, to be turned into this state, not even the old lord can take it anymore. Literally shaking there due to his own anger: “I will give you one last chance. Choose the family… or this woman! If you still want to stay with this family then tell me where the phoenix is!”

Afraid to face his father the entire time, Dong Ruo Qin never once met those eyes: “Father, I really don’t know where it went. Maybe… it just left because it didn’t want to follow Sister.”

In that very second, a feeling of powerlessness had completely swamped his very heart. Shaking that old head, the old lord cannot even begin to describe his disappointment.

“Miss Bai Yan, it’s my fault. I not only couldn’t protect my own daughter, I can’t even return your phoenix. It’s my Dong House who have wronged your Lan House….”

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