Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 303

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Chapter 303 “The Broken-Hearted Di Xiao Wan (4)”

“Dong Ruolan is only pretending to be sick so only you idiots would waste such precious medicine on her.”

It’s not like she’s going to die anyways, why waste such money?

“You…” Dong Tian Ling’s (old lord) was trembling by now, “I should’ve known better. You took the money and returned with some fake pill, I really am a fool to have trusted you.”

Inhaling deeply as his fists gripped into a ball: “Someone come, I’m going to help my son divorce this woman!”

“Do you know what you are saying?!” Not even Fu Bao Yun (shameless woman) can stay calm after that. Popping her eyes, she was aghast by what she heard.

How dare they? My marriage into this family is already a degrading fact in of it itself, now they want to kick me out?

“Father!” Dong Ruo Qin (cowardly man) had gone white too: “Bao Yun’s grievance had already been so great over the years, you can’t expel her out of the family over an outsider!”

Going stiff at his son’s outburst, Dong Tian Ling (old lord) was truly disappointed to his core now. The only comforting part here was his daughter Roulan not being here. Otherwise, he won’t even know what sort of reaction his daughter would make at this foolish son’s statement.

So this is the brother Roulan protected all these years, loved all these years….

“Mother,” tilting his little head, Bai Xiachen appears confused at this moment, “Is Grand Auntie adopted?”

“Why do you say that?”

“If Grand Auntie is Grandpa Dong’s biological daughter then it should be her who’s the real close kin. Yet, they keep calling her an outsider. That’s so sad. I feel sorry for Grand Auntie.”

The innocent and childish voice instantly causes the noisy courtyard to quiet down.

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Dong Ruo Qin (cowardly man) was blaring with irritation, “My sister is of course my father’s real daughter. But she’s already married so it’s normal for her to be an outsider.”

“So it’s like that,” nodding his head like he now understood, Bai Xiachen’s voice was still so naive and childish, “Then did Grand Auntie change her blood when she married? If she didn’t, then she should still be of Grandpa Dong’s blood. I can only think of that way for her to be an outsider.”

Speaking of this, the baby boy then puts on a frightened appearance by biting his fingernails: “Mother, would I have to change blood too when I take a wife? I’m scared of the pain.”

If this was said by anyone else, Dong Rou Qin (cowardly man) would definitely yell at them for putting on an act. But the one in front was but a child no older than five at best, how can he match a scheming person with that sort of face?

As such, the only recourse he can do was to shoot a displeased glare at Bai Yan as if blaming her for not educating the child properly.

Ignoring that look, Bai Yan only raised a smirk while she rubbed her son’s head, “It’s not your Grand Auntie’s blood who has changed, but the other person over there. Naturally your Grand Auntie is an outsider to them, they don’t even share the same blood.”

“I understand now Mother. Grand Auntie and Grandpa Dong is of the same family while this man is the real outsider.”

“It’s good that you understand. If you don’t in the future then you must ask okay?”

The inconsiderate dialogue between the mother and son definitely didn’t sit well with Fu Bai Yun and her husband. From displeasure to anger, they wanted to outright attack the pair at this point.

“Father, Mother!” Giving a warning glare at Bai Yan, Dong Ruo Qin (cowardly man) then turns back to his parents, “How can Xiaoyun bring such a woman over to our home? She doesn’t even know how to educate her son so she herself can’t be any good either.”

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