Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 300

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Chapter 300 “The Broken-Hearted Di Xiao Wan (1)”

“Me and Auntie Xiaoyun went out today, and along the way there were many people giving Auntie and Sister Yi Yi flowers. They say flowers are meant for the ones they love.” Soft and cuddly in his body, the baby boy leans upward to offer up the branch, “Mother is my most favorite person in the whole wide world so I’m giving you flowers. Of course, if Mother is willing to give birth to a little sister then I too will love her to the core.”

Receiving the peach blossom as well as her son into her embrace, Bai Yan was very pleased by the soft fragrant smell of the child. It had a soothing effect on her wrinkled forehead.

“Who taught you these words?” Pulling her nose closer to the flower, she takes a pleased whiff of the smell.

“Mother,” puffing up his cheeks into a ball, Bai Xiachen appears insulted, “These words are straight from my heart so how can you suspect me of faking them.”

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“Three plates of Dongpo Meat?” Her lips curling into a shallow smirk.

Note: Dongpu Meat is a Chinese dish. Stewed with rock sugar, cinnamon, star anise, and some other sauces for several hours, it has a dark red tint once finished.

Sure enough, Bai Xiachen instantly went stern in his face and came clean: “Mother is right to be skeptical, they were all taught to me by Auntie Xiaoyun.”

Poor Lan Xiaoyun, merely three plates of meat and that was enough to be sold out….

“You keep your distance from them, I don’t want their bad habits rubbing off on you.”

Don’t think she doesn’t know about Chu Yi Yi and Di Xiao Wan running off to the Flower Brothel whenever she’s not around. If this continues, it’s a certainty her son here too will be turned into a regular of the brothels.

“Okay Mother, I will listen to you.” While the baby boy gave an obedient nod, his eyes said otherwise, they were cunning with slyness.

Just as Bai Yan wanted to continue lecturing her son, the woman suddenly felt a pair of powerful gazes shooting her way.

That feeling… It’s like a snake strangling around her neck, very uncomfortable.

“Mother, what’s wrong?” Raising his innocent big eyes, Bai Xiachen worriedly asked.

In response to her son’s voice, Bai Yan consciously tightens her grasp around the boy’s body in a protective manner until she found what she was looking for – it was a long snake of cyan color.

Sorrow, anger, and unwillingness, these were the emotions that could be discerned from the snake’s eyes. For a normal animal this should’ve been impossible, maybe a demon beast, but why would one be doing here of all places?

Just as Bai Yan was musing over the plausibility of that idea, a series of brisk footsteps from the front had caught her attention, which also allowed the cyan colored snake to slither away into the nearby shrubbery.

“Sister-in-law.” Flying over like a cat getting their favorite toy, Di Xiao Wan for some reason halted in her steps only inches away from the woman of her delight. There’s a faint scent in the air, so faint that she could only catch the slightest whiff before losing it. Wrinkling her brow, the girl shoots a doubtful look at the general direction of where the snake disappeared off to.

“What’s wrong?” Bai Yan frowned.

“It’s nothing,” the girl shakes her head.

The scent is too weak, so weak that she can’t confirm whether or not it’s that woman….

Without proper evidence I better not tell Sister-in-law just yet.

“Sister-in-law,” quickly tossing the thought away, Di Xiao Wan returns to her happy go jolly self, “When are we going back?”

“Didn’t you want to escape Di Cang’s line of sight? Why ask to leave so suddenly?” Narrowing in on her eyes, Bai Yan’s seductive lips immediately curved into a smirk, “Or, do you have something you are hiding from me?”

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