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Chapter 299 “Intent on Reusing the Dong House (4)”


Upon hearing her son Dong Mu Lin has been involved with an accident, Fu Bao Yun’s (shameless woman) first instinct was to grab for the maid’s arm.

Due to how sharp those nails were, piercing right into her flesh, the poor maid nearly exclaimed right there and then. Sadly for her, she knew this woman’s temperament well enough that if she did so, a much more horrible fate will await her.

“When the little young master was at the restaurant, he was beaten by another occupant inside.”

“What?” Due to the excessive blood rus.h.i.+ng to her head, the abhorrent woman had nearly fainted by the news, “Who dares! Who dares to hit my son!”

“It’s… its two women with a child,” the maid meekly replies.

Woman? Child?

It must be them!

Clenching her fist until a bone crunching sound could be heard, Fu Bao Yun (shameless woman) wanted to scream to vent her anger: “Dong Rou Qin! Your precious niece there just hurt my son! If you don’t get justice for us then I will never forgive you this time!”

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“You… you say the one to hit my son is Lan Xiaoyun?” The cowardly man became stupefied, unable to believe the maid’s words, “How can that be?”

He simply couldn’t imagine that usually docile niece of his would do something so vicious.

“Who else can it be other than Lan Xiaoyun? Don’t forget, the woman next to your niece is with a child.”

Now the cowardly man didn’t know what to do anymore. Hesitant at first: “If it really is Xiaoyun’s fault then I will have her give our son an apology.”

It’s bad enough as it is for my wife, I can’t let anyone else bully her….

“We’re going back.”

Shrouded in a cloud of gloom the entire way, Fu Bao Yun swears, she will never let Dong Roulan and her daughter off the hook this time.

Anyone who helps Lan Xiaoyun deserves to die!!


Speaking of Dong Mu Lin taking a beating, it’s entirely the brat’s own fault.

Not long ago due to their boredom and unwillingness to stay cooped up in the Dong House, Di Xiao Wan (demon girl) and Chu Yi Yi (Holy Land Princess) had brought the baby boy out for some fun. That’s when they happened to come across Dong Mu Lin, the abhorrent woman’s son at the restaurant.

Lascivious by nature, Dong Mu Lin was what you called a perverted boy. Therefore, it’s not unexpected that he would immediately connive after the two beauties to come his way. What he didn’t expect though was how fierce these fine damsels were in reality.

After getting a thorough beating, the perverted boy eventually faints away after getting his head hammered in while his personal guards scurried off with their lord like cowards that they are.

Shame though, despite running back for help, what the brat got from his grandmother was a disappointed shake of the head while the grandfather outright refused it. Old Lord Dong already made his stance clear that he won’t intervene. So…. Dong Mu Lin can only swallow this humiliation and call for his parents help.

“My child!”

When Fu Bao Yun returned home, the first thing this woman did was to rush for her son’s room. Seeing the bandaged bun that was the boy’s head, tears instantly rolled down those pained eyes: “My poor son, what sort of animal would harm you to such an extent! Don’t worry, Mother will make sure they die a thousand times for this!”

Bloodshot in her eyes, Dong Bao Yun immediately s.h.i.+fts her sight over to the kneeling guards and maids.

“Madam…” One of the maid nervously stepped forward to report after making a heavy gulp, “The person who injured the young master are the guests that came with Miss Xiaoyun, so…..”

“I knew it! It is them!” Fu Bao Yun’s eyes were so full of hatred that it was blinding, “Mu Lin is the creation of me and my beloved man. I won’t allow anyone to harm my son! Someone come, lead me to those responsible!”

Hearing the “beloved man” part, Dong Rou Qin’s (cowardly man) immediately got warm and fuzzy inside.

That’s right, I am my wife’s beloved husband. I must get justice for them….


As the sun slowly set for the evening, Bai Yan was currently lazily lying around in the backyard while she sipped away at her tea.

“Mother, this is for you.”

Toddling over to his mother’s leg, Bai Xiachen readily hands over a peach blossom branch to show his good side.

“Eh?” p.r.i.c.king her brow at the sight, Bai Yan was somewhat surprised by this.

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