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Chapter 180 "The Strong Robs the Weak (3)"

Originally Yu Rong was already out for the count lying there on the ground, but upon hearing this, her eyelids promptly leaped open as a flash of panic flashed across those eyes.

No! It's not possible, how anyone know when I did it so secretly?

“Sir Xiao.” Left Guardian looks down to the boy, "Right Guardian has already returned to find your sister. She will be here soon. Until then, you decide on what to do while I deal with this man…."

He did not deliberately press down his voice here, letting it all reach into everyone's ear. This naturally causes Bai Zheng Xiang to fly into a fitting rage.

"Our family matter doesn't need a prost.i.tute's patron to interfere! These two, Bai Xiao and Bai Yan, they deserve to be struck by lightning for going against their parents." With that, this man had indirectly given proof to Yu Rong's claim from earlier.

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Huffing inconsistently in his chest, Bai Xiao tightly clenched his fist as a beam of frost emulated out of his eyes.

The boy really wanted to ask right now if he and his sister are really this man's child. Or did he pick them up from the street?

“What is the meaning by not talking? I'm telling you, today you must hand over the Dan pills!"

Seeing the silence hanging over the boy, Bai Zheng Xiang mistook it as a form of guilt and wanted to make another s.n.a.t.c.h for the valuables.

However, Bai Xiao's reaction wasn't slow either. In his quick response, he swiftly receded several steps to gain some distance: “He is not my father and I am no longer a member of the Bai family. You are free to do as you wish.”

This sentence gives proof to his decision today.

Whether Bai Zheng Xiang was dead or alive, it no longer has anything to do with him.


At the same time over on a busy street, a fiery figure was das.h.i.+ng through the crowd at breakneck speed, shocking any pa.s.serby with that powerful gust of wind in the aftermath.

As fast as Bai Yan was, it was also precisely because of her speed that she couldn't notice the obstacle in front. Before she knew, she had crashed into the poor guy, forcing her feet to an abrupt stop. Slightly wrinkling her brow, she looks over to the rattled man.

This person was roughly around forty years old with an extraordinary temperament. Though that face can definitely be called handsome, the pale complexion hinted he wasn't well.

“Are you okay?” Realizing it's her fault for all this, Bai Yan eagerly apologizes: "I'm sorry, but I'm in a rush right now. When there's time, I will be sure to apologize properly."

“I'm fine,” the man weakly smiled. Despite the collision, it didn't appear he's angry at Bai Yan for her carelessness.

It's just that, as soon as the frail man looked up, his expression instantly froze over. Staring wide eyed, he showed shock and astonishment in his eyes.

So similar!

How can there be such a similar person in this world?

But before the man could recover from his momentary trance, the woman had already disappeared from his view.

“Master.” An old man slowly walked over to help support the frail man whose eyebrow were clearly stuck in a knot.

“That girl is too much like her! Do you think she is back? But if she is, why would she not recognize me?” The middle-aged man tightly grabbed at his supporter's hand as he asked.

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