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Chapter 175 "Stealing the Dan Pill? (4)"

Although Bai Zheng Xiang wanted to send Bai Zhi to Di Cang's side, but never once did he intend to have his daughter service another man to achieve this goal. In his view, whether it be pre-marriage or after marriage, any women who loses their virginity or go out to cheat can only die for repentance!

“Father, did you say Bai Yan and the Flower Brothel are related?" Holding her breath, Bai Zhi forces herself to blurt this question out using that remaining strength in her vocals.

A frosty chill flashed across the man's iris: “Bai Yan is the leading prost.i.tute of the Flower Brothel, this is already a well-known fact. That girl really is Lanyue's daughter. If not for her mother's good personality and wealth, I never would've married that woman back then."

Lanyue was known as the kingdom's number one beauty. Both virtuous and kind, any normal men would've prized such a wife. But in Bai Zheng Xiang's heart, there's a blemish that can never be removed.

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Prior to their meeting, the dowager had always wanted Lanyue to marry into the palace that even the king himself had once intended to make the woman his queen. Though Lanyue in the end rejected the proposal, this man here still held the matter to heart and never once forgive the supposed betrayal.

Due to Bai Zheng Xiang's own anger, no one was able to notice the hatred spewing out of the girl's eye in this moment.

Bai Yan!

It is Bai Yan!

It must be her, the reason why I was taken to the Flower Brothel and forced to go through that nightmarish h.e.l.l!

I will never let you go Bai Yan!

“Daughter, you first rest and look after your wounds." Looking at all the injuries and bruises on her daughter's body, Bai Zheng Xiang's brow inexplicably curled into a knot: "We must remove these scars, otherwise, this will be a great shortcoming when you marry into the Cang Manor."

Cang Manor?

Stunned by her father's word, she depressingly lowered her head: "Father, how can I enter the Cang Manor when Lord Cang treats me like this?"

“You don’t need to worry about this matter, I have a way. All you need to do now is to look after yourself and wait for Lord Cang to marry you." Raising a smile of confidence, he firmly rea.s.sures his daughter.

Sure enough, a flicker of hope once again ignited in the girl's eye as a result of this. In her mind, so long as she can marry that man, she's willing to do anything.


Undoubtedly, whatever plan Bai Zheng Xiang had in mind was perfect. Pity though, before he could enact his scheme, another problem arose out of nowhere which causes him to regret for the rest of his life.

On this day, Yu Rong's elder brother, Yu Fei and his family had just arrived at the city when they came across an incident on the street. A youth had just lost consciousness and the one tending to the patient was none other than Bai Xiao.

This should've been nothing too eye-catching, but Bai Xiao just had to bring out a Dan pill to help the youth after normal means didn't work.

When Yu Fei saw that round beady object in the boy's hand, his eyes nearly popped out as result of the shock. Without thinking twice, he slashed out with his sword at the boy's hand.

If it were normally, this slash wouldn't be able to harm Bai Xiao. Unfortunately in this case, due to the boy's focus being entirely on the unconscious youth, he was unable to notice the attack until it was too late.

As for those tasked with protecting the young lord, these hidden guardians were literally scared out of their wits. Due to the abrupt nature, plus how close the proximity it was, the best these people could do was resolve some of the power in that slash and deflect the trajectory so slightly.

In the end, blood came spewing out of Bai Xiao's hand due to the bone piercing cut….

“Sir Xiao!” While one of the hidden shadows swiftly lands to tend to the boy, the other shadow made a dash for Bai Yan's place to report this.

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