Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 173

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Chapter 173 "Stealing the Dan Pill? (2)"

“I think Bai Yan is relying on the fact that we can't get an audience with Lord Cang, that's why she's not threatened. But she seems to have forgotten something important. In order to bring the message to that man's ear, we don't necessarily to see Lord Cang in person," as Bai Zheng Xiang says this, a sinister chuckle soon ensues. "When the time comes, we only need to spread the word out and someone will do the job for us."

While Yu Rong showed shock on her face, her insides were in fact thrilled at the idea. But in order to not be caught, she pretends to be troubled instead: "Wouldn't this be too much?"

“Too much? And that stinking girl is not being too much? I won't just stop at exposing her secret, I will also have the world know how that stinking girl forced her own father to return her mother's dowry!" In that instant, a cruel light quickly flashed across Bai Zheng Xiang's iris.

Don't blame me for this, it's you who made the first move. Unless your reputation falls into tatters, I will never stop!

"Oh yes," a meaningful light flashed across Yu Rong's eye. "Husband, for this crisis faced by our family, my maiden family had already expended everything they had to support us. Even their property was sold as a result. Is it alright for my brother and the others to come live with us?"

Exhaling a lamenting sigh, Bai Zheng Xiang showed a hinge of pain in his expression: "It's as the old saying goes, difficult time shows true people. Unlike that unfilially girl and rebellious son of mine, only you and your maiden family cares for me best!"

In the heart of this man, the fact that the Yu family was willing to help him in the times of crisis was worthy of his grat.i.tude.

However, he seems to have forgotten one crucial factor.

Years ago, his first wife Lanyue and the Lan House also expended their all to give him his status of today. But instead of grat.i.tude, he only showed hatred and blamed Old Lord Lan for all the fault.

We are all related so why can't those people be as kind and not ask for anything in return like the Yu family?

Getting the reaction in which she wanted, Yu Rong's secretly smirked: "Husband, now you should understand who is it that truly looks out for the good of the Bai family…. By the way, I also have another good news. I'm pregnant again."

Her tone may be steady, but it was more than enough to sent tremors across her husband's heart. "You're telling the truth, you're pregnant?"

Giving a shy nod, “Husband, we will soon have a son of our own."

“Hahaha!” In his excitement, Bai Zheng Xiang instantly broke out into a roaring laugh and swept away all of the gloom hovering over his head previously.

“My wife, you are biggest hero of our family! The fact that Bai Xiao has such a horrible sister gives proof that he too isn't good at heart either. If you give birth to a son for me this time, I will hand over the Bai House to him in the future!"

“Husband, which wing should I arrange for my brother and his family when they come? The East Wing or West Wing?" Looking up to meet the man's eye, Yu Rong showed a pleading face.

Due to his excited state, Bai Zheng Xiang couldn't be bothered to give much thought to the idea. In his haste, he directly stated his will: "Your brother and his family helped us so much so of course we got to give him the East Wing!"

“Then what about Bai Xiao…”

“Have him moved to the West Wing!” As soon as he heard the name, Bai Zheng Xiang immediately made a heavy grunt: "A useless and ungrateful boy like that deserves nothing more than the West Wing. If he wasn't my only son until now, I never would've left him to do as he wished!"

More importantly, the main factor in his decision here had something to do with his request a while ago. When Di Cang forced them to puke out the dowries, Bai Zheng Xiang specifically went to Bai Xiao and requested the boy to go the Lan House for money. Naturally, the end result was a big fat NO and a stinging insult from the boy.

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