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Chapter 156 “I Said I Will Wait For You (1)”

“Yes my lord.” Pressing down his shock, the guard respectfully complied.

For the Bai House to provoke the master… only death awaits.


Meanwhile back at the courtyard.

A certain red blossoming figure was currently resting inside a pavilion when a heavy ma.s.s pressed in against hers. It was a little body. Soft and fragrant to her nose, Bai Yan had to open her resting eyes at the smell.

“Mother,” Bai Xiachen’s face burst into a bright smile with his baby hands hooked around the woman’s neck. “What were you thinking about?”

“I was thinking about your grands.h.i.+fus.”

In this world, aside from Bai Xiao and the Lan family, her grands.h.i.+fus are the closest people she has while also being the ones she interacted with

the most.

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“But don’t Mother miss G.o.dfather too?” Puffing up those cheeks, Bai Xiachen was obviously not very happy.

He misses G.o.dfather so much so why was his mother not missing him too?

Smiling at the question, Bai Yan pulls the little steam bun into her arms and explained: “I miss him too, but I owe your G.o.dfather way too much. In this life, I can never repay him for everything that he’s done for me….”

Chu Yi Feng’s style was the cold and indifferent type, but it’s precisely such a cold and indifferent man that gave her everything that he owns.

Sadly, towards the man, Bai Yan only has family affection and not love….

While Bai Xiachen wanted to say a few good words for Chu Yi

Yi Feng, a hurried footstep came from the outside and stopped him.

Turning around at the source, Bai Yan’s mouth quickly turned into a smile at the sight of the person: “Hualuo, is Yi Yi and Xiaoyun back already?”

“Mistress,” coming before Bai Yan, this head of the Flower Brothel replied with a smile of her own. “Guess what sort of notice I saw at the city gate just now?”

“What notice?” Bai Yan p.r.i.c.ked her brow and asked.

“Lord Cang has ordered. If Bai Zheng Xiang wants to save Bai Zhi, he must return your mother Lanyue’s dowry.”

When stating this part, the charming woman carefully observed her mistress, seemingly trying to find something in her attempt. Yet, Bai Yan’s expression remains unmoved without a spec of change: “I understand.”

“Uh……” Surprised in her

in her eyes, Hualuo couldn’t understand how Bai Yan could be so unmoved. Anyone can see that Lord Cang was doing this for her sake.

“Hualuo, you go down first. Once Yi Yi returns, come back and tell me.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Getting the dismissal, the charming woman didn’t try to overstay herself and left.

But once she was gone, Bai Yan’s hand quickly tightened its grips around her son’s body: “Hey son, do you know why your father is doing this much for me?” A complicated light could be seen in her eyes.

“I don’t know Mother.” Obediently leaning against her mother’s body, those fluttering little eyes were sparkling like the dazzling stars in the night sky.

“Mother, I suddenly found that big baddie isn’t all that hateful…”

Towards the remark from her son, Bai Yan son, Bai Yan only faintly smiled because she knew it too inside. If Di Cang really wanted to get revenge for six years ago, he would’ve done so already. But he didn’t do that.


The reason why the man treats herself so special was all due to his personal preference of not finding her disgusting. Then there’s also their son.

In the end, he doesn’t love me for who I am so how can my heart be moved…?

“Mother, are you not happy?” Likely becoming aware of Bai Yan’s change in emotion, the little steam bun quickly raised his adorable little face and snugged it against her cheek: “If having a father will make Mother unhappy then I don’t want a father. As long as I have Mother then that’s enough.”

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