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Chapter 155 “Di Cang’s Revenge (3)”

Yes, even if Bai Zheng Xiang had Yu Rong already, even if he hates Bai Yan and disliked Bai Xiao, he still thinks of his first wife as the best.

Such a gentle, beautiful, dumb and stupid woman, how can she not be the best?

“Husband, this time when your injury is healed, let us go find Bai Yan once again. We now control her secret. If we use it to threaten her, I’m confident she will cave in to our demands.”

Nothing but a prost.i.tute of the Flower Brothel, as if she’s eligible to become the Sovereign Princess?

When the time comes, all I have to do is use the secret and force her to yield. Then all will be well and Zhi will take the main wife’s


“This.…” Still feeling the stinging burn from the kick to his chest, Bai Zheng Xiang was surprisingly calm this time: “Let’s talk about this when I get better first.”

Despite the cold reception to her idea, Yu Rong didn’t notice it one bit. In her mind, silence was agreement so a bright smile naturally formed on that grotesque face.

“Husband, I’ll go right away to raise money for you. Don’t worry, your injury will soon be healed.” Having said this, Yu Rong then ordered a maid to see to her husband while she left the premise.

Once outside though, things swiftly changed. Darkening in her expression, Yu Rong first scanned her surroundings for any sign of others: “If you weren’t the supporting pillar of this family I would never use ten million gold on

on your sorry excuse of a man. Just wait until I give birth to a son, then everything here will be mine!”

Slowly lowering her head at the thought, a disturbing smirk suddenly emerged from that mouth while she murmurs to herself, It should be about right according to Mother’s calculation. If I try during this period then I will definitely get pregnant. Best part of all, Mother found me such a handsome man for tonight!

Unbeknownst to Yu Rong, everything that she said to herself just now had been caught by a certain shadow nearby.


At this time somewhere else in the Cang Manor, a certain guard was busy kneeling before his lord and master. Due to the oppressive pressure radiating off from above, the poor man almost couldn’t breathe.

“That Bai Zheng Xiang seems to

seems to be too free recently. Guess I need to find something for him to do.” From Di Cang’s handsome face, a cold snickering sneer came out: “Send my order out and let Bai Zheng Xiang know that if he wants to save Bai Zhi, he can do so by bringing Lanyue’s dowry out.”

It’s about time he returned the things.

“Yes my lord, I will go to the Bai estate right away…”

Before the guard’s sentence could even finish, it was cut off by the overbearing voice from above: “Who said I want you to pa.s.s the order there?”

“Then…” The servant nervously asked.

“Place the notice at the city wall.”

Naturally the guard would be shocked by this because it’s akin to openly shaming the Bai House if the entire public can see it. But according to But according to the usual doings of his lord and master, the servant here had no doubt things wouldn’t be so easy.

Sure enough.

“Bai Zhi is impetuous and unruly. To teach her some etiquette that’s expected of a girl, have her sent to the Flower Brothel so she can learn how to be a proper human. When the Bai House returns the dowry is when she can go back.”

Twitching in the corner of his mouth, the guard somehow had the odd sensation that the man before him was becoming more and more shameless after meeting the future Sovereign Princess…

Send to the Flower Brothel because she doesn’t know etiquette? Is the Flower Brothel the kind of place for that? If anything, it will turn the girl into a walking play toy for men!

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