Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 152

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Chapter 152 “Sudden Tenderness (3)”

By the time Bai Yan returned to the front yard, there were already three familiar figures waiting there. It was Lan Xiaoyun, Chu Yi Yi and her son.

Naturally, Bai Xiachen would be the first to notice her arrival. But just as the little steam bun wanted to call out, he was stopped by a gesture from Bai Yan.

“Yi Yi, you just don’t know how dastardly hateful that Bai Zhi is! Not only does she often bully my cousin, she even dared to pretend to be Lord Cang’s fiancée! Fortunately Lord Cang didn’t like her and locked her away.” Puffing in her cheeks, Lan Xiaoyun would still gnash her teeth in anger at

the mention.

Like her newfound acquaintance, Chu Yi Yi also gnashed her teeth at the topic, but not at Bai Zhi though. Rather it’s at Di Cang’s enchanting face. “I’ve met him before, that Lord Cang. He’s indeed extremely handsome, but I don’t like him.”

“Why don’t you like Lord Cang?”

Blinking her eyes, Lan Xiaoyun couldn’t quite understand where the hate was coming from because there are too many girls eyeing Di Cang in the kingdom.

Puckering her mouth in discontent, Chu Yi Yi explains: “The guy is so bad and he wants to chop off Bai Yan’s hands.”

“But, in this world, only Lord Cang can match my cousin….”

“Who said that? Although my older brother isn’t as handsomely seductive as

as Lord Cang, but his character is many times better. Plus, Xiachen already promised me before that he will help my brother pursue Bai Yan.”

Jumping up urgently, Chu Yi Yi turns to lift the little steam bun up in front of herself like a little puppy. “Xiachen, you will help me right?”

Not answering immediately, he first looked at Chu Yi Yi, then back at the woman behind her: “My mother is right behind you, I think you should ask her yourself instead.”

Stiffening up at the statement, “I…. I was only joking. Hahaheee.”

Raising a smirk, Bai Yan somehow became frightlfully intimidating despite not trying to do so: “So you not going to be your brother’s supporter anymore?”

Embarra.s.sed by the

by the fact that she’s been pointed out, Chu Yi Yi wittingly pulls the topic away with a puppy face and a quick embrace at Bai Yan’s waist: “Sister Yan… I know I’m wrong so please don’t send me away. I promise I won’t try to persuade you into marrying my brother.”

Not getting the reception like she wanted, Chu Yi Yi’s look became increasingly miserable: “You are my one and only sister, please don’t be so cruel. I really don’t want to go back to the Holy Land. They only know how to restrict my freedom.”

And why do they limit your freedom?

Isn’t it because if they don’t, you will turn the Holy Land upside down with your plays?

Still unmoved your plays?

Still unmoved in her expression, Bai Yan only asked this: “You really know you’re wrong?”

Elated by the question, Chu Yi Yi hurriedly nods to show her determination.

“There won’t be a second chance.” Loosening her expression, Bai Yan remains indifferent still while the other party was overjoyed. Chu Yi Yi just knew it, only pleading would work with her sister here.

Likewise, Lan Xiaoyun also exhaled a sigh of relief because she also found the new girl to be very pleasant to hang around with.

“Xiaoyun, did you not say your big brother is going to the palace to carry out the punishment?” Making a slightly evil chuckle: “I also want to see this palace. Bring me along?”

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