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Chapter 141 "Innocent Di Cang"

Before anyone else can speak up here, the old queen had already come over under the support of a palace maid. Due to her excessive rage, that frail body was constantly shaking.

"Queen Mother, what are you doing here?" asked Nangong Yuan with a tinge of surprise in that voice.

Stern in her expression, the old queen lashes out: "I don't care about whatever wors.h.i.+p of the beasts, or whatever royal grandson, you must punish this boy today. He is bold enough to beat his own uncle and scold at me with his finger pointing out. What's more, he can actually call me old hag and claim he will drive me out of the palace!"

“And there's also your son. He ignored my orders and had the guards besiege Bai Yan and her son! That you must also manage!"

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Nangong Yuan's face abruptly changed. Turning to his grandson, he snapped, "Come apologize to your great grandmother!"

“I will not!”

"Apologize, now!" The king's voice went up a few notches, a sign that his temper was starting to flare up.

As a dutiful son, he most certainly won't allow someone to openly point at his mother and start scolding her. It's just that the child in question was born under special circ.u.mstances, he can't exactly punish that one either.

Beginning to give in, Nangong Lin (bully) finally submitted because he do hold some fear towards this grandfather of his: "I'm sorry…" As weak as that voice was, it's still an apology.

“The person you should apologize to isn't me. What's more, your mistake is so huge that mere words won't be enough!"

The old queen's face remains unkind as she dragged Nangong Zhun (skinny boy) to the forefront. Like before, she pulls open that linen robe to reveal the wounds underneath: "Look at your son here, is this how you care for your son as a father? Your son is facing such discrimination and you never once bothered to intervene? If you won't care for him then I will! From now one this child shall be raised by me!"

Watching those heart numbing wounds, the man himself only made a slight frown. Inwardly, he honestly didn't feel much because he had conceived so many children over the years. Besides, this one was an accident, a dispensable by-product of a one night stand.

Not missing the face coming off of the king, Bai Yan couldn't resist a snickering sneer, It's as they say, kings are always the most heartless.

“Queen Mother, since Lin (bully) knows his wrong now, we should just let the matter slide. I will compensate the child here to make it up to him."

“I don’t want any compensation!" Nangong Zhun stubbornly raises his little face, "He made a mistake so he should pay the price!"

Not looking so well, Nangong Yuan didn't think the child would be daring enough to openly refute his suggestion.

Just as he wanted to continue his persuasion, a bloodthirsty and indifferent voice chimed in, causing the man himself to go stiff in the body.

“When did I ever agree to let him go?”

Awkwardly twisting his head around, his smile was very stiff and weird: "Di Cang, Lin is but a child."

“And my son is an adult then?”

“But… Miss Bai Yan over there seriously injured one of our guards. That should be enough to even the fault."

“That's because he deserved it!” Cold and indifferent in that voice, Di Cang only had Bai Yan in his eyes as he spoke: "Yan Yan, come to my side. Today I like to see who will dare touch my wife and child!"

Doing as told, she slowly walked up to the man's side and whispered into that ear: "You know you didn't have to come, I could've handled it."

“And what does that matter to me?”

She can deal with it is her business, me wanting to protect her and my child is my business.

Lagging there for a second, Bai Yan found herself choking for a proper response.

Arghh! Why is he so frustrating every time he speaks!

Even so, she understands the meaning behind that statement….

"Di Cang!" All of a sudden, Bai Yan made a grab for the man's collar after realizing something crucial, "Didn't I tell you before not to tell anyone about Xiachen being your son! Didn't you say you understand?"

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