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Grace Mainland was now located in the old holy land of the Cloud Tribe. This ma.s.s of cloud sea was strange; it had so many ivory cl.u.s.ters of clouds rising from beneath and hovering like pieces of cotton by Grace Mainland.

It was extremely pure earth and heaven energy.

Grace Mainland was even stranger. This ancient continent came from Desolate Territory with abundant energy. After it had stopped here, the magnetic field of Grace Mainland expanded. It was quietly gathering earth and heaven energy around and guiding it to the continent.

It made the warriors on Grace Mainland crack in happiness.


Endless Sea.

The warriors from other great star areas had come and dwelled on the islands scattered around the vast sea.

Ming Hao, Frederick, and Xuan He had chosen the islands belonging to the Dong Fang Family and the Gu Family. They had accommodated the retinue members cultivating the eight great, evil power Upanishads. Ming Hao, Frederick, and Xuan He had chosen a place for themselves to cultivate and aimed for the Territory Ancestor Realm.

The members of the Yang family and the s.h.i.+ family dwelled and cultivated on the Immortal Island. They were spending a lot of effort to build and strengthen the place.

Black Water Sea Area, the Kyara Sea, Vault of Heaven Sea Area, Yuan Luo Sea Area, and the Tuta Sea hosted the other forces. s.h.i.+ Yan had requested their leaders to strictly control their subordinates. Everybody was busy building new homes and gathering forces.

Many people couldn't adapt well when they first left Desolate Territory. However, as the situation had come to this, they didn't have a way back so they had to keep moving forward.

Many of them were experts with a great reputation in Desolate Territory. They all had profound realms and outstanding talents. As Grace Mainland had thick earth and heaven energy, they didn't hate cultivating here. Also, they knew that they had to count on s.h.i.+ Yan from now on.

Deep inside the Endless Sea was where Emperor Sea Shark and his fellows stayed. On the seabed of the Endless Sea, Emperor Sea Shark taught the Sea Clan low-realm warriors. He had benefited the Sea Clan warriors in the Endless Sea a lot and many of them had advanced fast.

Deep under the sea, inside a brilliant crystal palace, Emperor Sea Shark's voice was like a dragon roaring that emitted through the sea water.

Many members of the Sea Clan had traveled a long distance to come to the crystal palace and study the power Upanishads with Emperor Sea Shark. They all looked earnest.

Also, this crowd of students also consisted of members from the Gu G.o.d Sect and even members of the Wu families. Moreover, most of them were experts. They got news and they came to learn the true meanings of power Upanishads with Emperor Sea Shark.

Emperor Sea Shark was at the Territory Ancestor Realm!

On this Grace Mainland, he had the highest realm and was one of the peerless existences. The warriors at the Immortal Realm hoped that they could learn something deeper about their power Upanishads from Emperor Sea Shark.

As Emperor Sea Shark was teaching them, he suddenly raised his brows. He released the Soul Consciousness to check the commotions around…

His eyes turned strange; he found that the energy pouring into Grace Mainland from the clouds was reducing greatly!

The earth and heaven energy in Cloud Mist Territory wasn't ordinary; it was really suitable for warriors from different clans to cultivate. This place especially had the thickest earth and heaven energy. After Grace Mainland had come, it had continuously absorbed energy and filled the creatures and plants on the continent. It helped the warriors condense the G.o.d power faster.

Emperor Sea Shark was very satisfied with this stop.

However, the earth and heaven energy pouring into Grace Mainland reduced greatly. Emperor Sea Shark was frightened as he knew things had gone wrong. "We're done for today. I have something to do." Emperor Sea Shark stood up and gave Hu Jiao and Shen Ren some notes and then left alone.

Shortly after, Emperor Sea Shark came to the cloud layer outside Grace Mainland.

Inside the sea of clouds, s.h.i.+ Yan was frowning and watching Grace Mainland with a dark face.

Seeing Emperor Sea Shark, he nodded and said, "You got it too?"

"The earth and heaven energy in this area is reducing. It's not normal. I'm sure someone is troubling us." Emperor Sea Shark and s.h.i.+ Yan hovered by Grace Mainland. Emperor Sea Shark watched the clouds underneath, "This cloud sea used to be the holy land of the Cloud Tribe. Logically, it should have the thickest earth and heaven energy. And it's true. But now, the energy is reducing rapidly. What happened?"

s.h.i.+ Yan has just come to the cl.u.s.ters of cloud underneath Grace Mainland to check, but he hadn't found anything yet.

The clouds hindered the eyes and even the Soul Consciousness. The sea clouds were really vast. If something changed somewhere, it would be very difficult to spot.

While Emperor Sea Shark and s.h.i.+ Yan were pondering, their faces darkened as they saw a group of warriors quietly approaching.

They were Fan De Lei, Fan Hui Nai, Dalsa, and Cilan. They had come here half a month ago when Montecie and Mei Ji were still here. As they came again at this moment, s.h.i.+ Yan would never be convinced if they said that the reducing earth and heaven energy had nothing to do with them.


Fan De Lei's face turned solemn. He looked at Emperor Sea Shark from a far distance, his eyes releasing bright divine light.

"Who is he?" Dalsa and Cilan noticed Fan De Lei's face. As soon as they saw Emperor Sea Shark, they felt their heart get stuck. It was the invisible pressure from a peerless expert.

"Emperor Sea Shark from the Sea of Annihilation's seabed!" Fan De Lei shouted.

"Oh, that's him!" Dalsa changed his visage and became worried. "Emperor Sea Shark is also at the Territory Ancestor Realm. Why is he with them? What's the relations.h.i.+p between them? Does he want to settle down on that life star?"

After Montecie and Mei Ji had left, Dalsa a.s.sumed that Cloud Mist Territory now had only one Territory Ancestor, which was Fan De Lei. They thought that they could manage everything with his power.

But with Emperor Sea Shark, there was another added variable.

They had a character that could resist Fan De Lei!

Cilan was surprised too. Her plan of forcing the others failed. She put on a smiling face and moved forward, "Distinguished guests, we were hurried the last time so we didn't explain something to you. We came to do that now. The holy land of our Cloud Tribe is really strange. The earth and heaven energy in this place is like a tide. When the tide rises, the energy is extremely rich. It has the thickest energy in the entire Cloud Mist Territory. However, when the tide ebbs, it will become an extreme area with the thinnest energy. It's not a good timing that you've come at a time when it ebbs."

"Is that so?" s.h.i.+ Yan's voice was cold and stiff. He snorted, "I have to correct you. We're not guests. We are the owners here! We are the owner of this Cloud Mist Territory!"

Dalsa and the warriors of the Cloud Tribe turned harsh.

"Also, I don't care about the rising or ebbing tides. We won't leave this place!" s.h.i.+ Yan sneered.

Cilan's smiling face froze embarra.s.sedly…

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