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Chapter 774: Island (Part One)

Just when [Brilliance] was in a desperate situation, land suddenly appeared not too far away.

When they saw the coastline and the green mountains, the university students of Chambord couldn't hold back their excitement and cheered.

A smile also appeared on Fei's face.

With the appearance of land, he would have the ability to rival with the Sea Tribe.

In the beginning, everyone thought that this was the end of the sea. However, when they got closer, they realized that it was only a big island. Even though this was the case, those mountains and that white beach were enough to excite the people who had been on the ocean for more than ten days; they were bored by the simple ocean view.

The sound that the wind created when it blew through the forest was pleasing to everyone.

Most importantly, this island was able to alleviate the current situation for [Brilliance].

Guarding around the island was much better than trying to fend off the Sea Tribe on the s.h.i.+p.

Even if the members of the Sea Tribe were violent and fierce, could they destroy and sink this giant island?

[Brilliance] increased its speed. Before sunset, it finally arrived at the leeward side of the island where the sea wind couldn't blow directly onto the s.h.i.+p.

The university students such as Louise, Pato, and Oscar cheered and jumped down from the s.h.i.+p, landing on the soft and cool beach. Then, they kneeled and kissed the beach before applauding and shouting as if they pa.s.sed through a tribulation.

The sailors who were the captives also started to cheer, and they began to move down the food and stored drinkable water from the s.h.i.+p under the command of Buckingham, the No.1 Captive in the group.

Soon, people discovered a new issue.

"How did this happen?"

Louise who had long red hair looked at the huge hole on the side of [Brilliance] which connected to the storage room in shock. She was stunned to find that there were almost no food and drinkable water left.

Before they left the Byzantine Kingdom, [Brilliance] stored enough food and water for 300 people to last three months. However, the current situation…

Even if people reduced their consumption by two-thirds, these supplies couldn't last 100 people for two days.

"When the Sea Tribe attacked us last time, the side of the storage room was broken. It was already too late when we discovered this, and most of the drinkable water and food were washed away by the sea waves. We tried our best to save the supplies, but we only got this much!" King Buckingham opened his hands and shrugged helplessly.

"Impossible!" Louise wasn't convinced as a confused expression appeared on her cute and smooth face. "King Alexander His Majesty protected the entire s.h.i.+p using his energy flames, and even the masters of the Sea Tribe weren't able to get within 100 meters of the s.h.i.+p. How could they create such a big hole?"

"Facts are facts." It was clear that Buckingham didn't want to explain further.

"Humph! Despicable and violent invaders! None of you are good eggs! Don't let me find any evidence of you breaking the storage room on purpose and throwing out the supplies. Otherwise, all of you will have an ugly death! Especially you! Little White Face! Don't try to be sneaky. Otherwise, I will cut off all your limbs!" Louise said with a cold smile as she flipped her beautiful long red hair. This beautiful girl wasn't buying it.

Although she was Pierce's daughter, she was a girl and wasn't as impatient as her father. Instead, she was detail-oriented and thoughtful. She had the nickname of [Little Witch] in Chambord's Civil and Military University, and her playfulness gave headaches to many of her cla.s.smates.

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Chapter 774: Island (Part Two)

Also, as someone who believed in Chambord, she admired the king and despised all enemies of Chambord. Therefore, she wasn't going to believe Buckingham's reasoning and accept the fact that a member of the Sea Tribe sneaked under the king's detection and created this hole on the side of the s.h.i.+p.

However, she wasn't able to find any clues after carefully studying the hole, so she could only give up her a.s.sumptions. Then, she strictly monitored these captives and watched them move the rest of the food and water onto the island.

After the necessities were taken off the s.h.i.+p, Fei was worried that [Brilliance] which was resting on the beach would be destroyed under the attack of the Sea Tribe, so he moved the s.h.i.+p into the island entirely.

Buckingham and other captives were gathered temporarily, and Torres who had recovered from the injuries was asked to monitor them in case that anything strange happened.

Neymar, the genius mage, started to work on the repair of the magic cruising array.

Other students started to create the campsite under the lead of Louise.

Royce, a handsome young man, had learned these things from Warriv, the caravan leader in [Rogue Encampment], and he was a specialist in this field.

As Royce moved the components smoothly, a perfect campsite soon appeared by a mountain which was about 1,000 meters away from the beach.

Also, various kinds of magic traps were set up around the campsite.

At this moment, the education that these students received from Chambord's Civil and Military University came into effect. Also, all kinds of secret weapons that the Mad Scientists' Laboratory created were put into use. This little campsite for about 100 people was more secure than the ones made for tens of thousands of soldiers. Any force that wanted to raid this small campsite would have to sacrifice thousands of lives!

A giant magic tent was placed in the center of the campsite, and it belonged to the king.

Unknown to Buckingham and the other captives, there were many secrets hidden in this tent.

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After everything was organized, it was already sunset.

Before the dinner was ready, Fei arranged some things and left with Louise, Pato, and Oscar quietly.

Before the nightfall, the king had to make sure that this island was safe and didn't have threats. Otherwise, if dangers appeared suddenly, they would be caught off guard.

Also, the food and water on [Brilliance] were running out. Perhaps the king could find food and drinkable water on this island.

The size of this island was beyond its first impression.

The dense forest behind the campsite seemed like a tropical rainforest, and there were all kinds of plants there. Trees that had cross-sectional diameters of more than four meters were everywhere. Perhaps due to their old age, green mosses were all over them, and thick vines coiled around them.

The leaves on these thick vines were as sharp as knives; they could cut into people's skin easily.

In the beginning, there was still soft sand on the ground. Then, the ground was layered with rotten leaves. It seemed like these leaves had been piling here for many years; some of them had turned into dark, thick liquids.

The sunlight couldn't pa.s.s through all the trees and s.h.i.+ne on the ground, and all kinds of strange bugs were crawling around.

Of course, such a damp and dark environment was the paradise for all kinds of poisonous creatures. Colorful snakes and other types of poisonous bugs could jump out and gave people lethal strikes. Death was lingering around in the forest, making it seem scarier.

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