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Chapter 772: The Beginning of An Era (Part One)

"Do you want to die? How dare you question the decision of the great Princess Her Highness?"

"I… I'm just saying…"

"Ok, stop arguing! This is a part of the agreement between us and the ent.i.ty who helped us break the seal. Hehe, also, it isn't too much to kill a few dirty humans. As long as that ent.i.ty was telling the truth, our tribe will have the hope of stepping onto the land! Hahaha!"

"Eh, that is right. After more than 1,000 years, we will become the first royal tribe to step onto the land from the sea. Even if the other races break their seals soon, they won't be able to fight with us!"

"However, what should we do now? This human is far more powerful than us! Even if we attack together, we might not be able to kill him!"

"This is unexpected. After thousands of years, there are still such powerful humans. Whatever, let's not make any decisions. While these weak sea creatures continue to hara.s.s them, let's go and report to Princess Her Highness! This is something way too unexpected; she won't get mad at us for it!"

After the discussion, these few mystical figures instantly dashed into the sea and disappeared.

Their movements in the water were smooth, and they were as fast as lightning. When they swam, they didn't even create any splashes or ripples as if they became one with the cold seawater.

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[Brilliance] got attacked again and again.

The situation was getting stranger and stranger.

In the afternoon, Fei was enraged and made his move again.

His power was beyond insane, and none of the sea creatures could block the king's energy fists; it was a ma.s.sacre. In an hour, countless sea creatures were killed.

Raging, Fei even chased after the sea creatures that fled and completely cleared out all of them that were within a 100-kilometer radius and a 1,000-meter depth.

The surface of the sea finally calmed down after one hour.

The broken corpses of the sea creatures were floating everywhere on the surface of the sea, and all the water in the area turned red. In this battle, hundreds of thousands of sea creatures died under Fei's fists.

The mercilessly killing seemed to have made this hidden force retreat a little.

That night, the sea creatures didn't surge up like waves and attack again.

The magic cruising array on [Brilliance] was being used to its max, and the s.h.i.+p traveled more than 10,000 kilometers in the night.

In theory, they should be close to the Leon Empire now, but the people on the s.h.i.+p didn't see any coastlines nor other s.h.i.+ps. On the vast sea, it seemed like [Brilliance] was alone since there was nothing around it.

As waves appeared and the wind blew, it seemed like this s.h.i.+p was the only thing in this world; there weren't even seagulls around.

Fei grabbed a chair and sat on the bow of the s.h.i.+p. He simply sneered and didn't say anything as if he were waiting for the arrival of the storm.

Everyone could tell that the king was murderous at the moment.

Even if a little shrimp leaped out of the water, it would be turned into pieces by the angry king.

-Deep in the se

An angry roar sounded as if it were about to penetrate the sky, stirring up waves in an area of thousands of square kilometers and making all the creatures s.h.i.+ver at her feet.

"Kill that human at all cost! The honor of our tribe can't be shamed and stained by a dirty human after we woke up from more than 1,000 years of deep sleep!"

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Chapter 772: The Beginning of An Era (Part Two)

Many members of the Sea Tribe who just woke up from their thousands of years of deep sleep heard this voice, and they all let out angry roars as well. Suddenly, the entire sea started to boil due to their anger, and this calm and peaceful ocean that was silent for many years instantly changed. Like a prehistoric giant beast that opened its eyes, a sudden and ancient viciousness enveloped this body of water.

A new force was on the rise after more than 1,000 years of slumber!

A new era began at that moment!

Humans now had a terrifying opponent!

The cycle that spun once in thousands of years turned around, and the mortal enemies that had opposed each other for tens of thousands of years were about to face off again. The most chaotic era on the Azeroth Continent began!

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-One day later-

As time pa.s.sed, the amount of pressure that [Brilliance] was facing increased drastically.

Now, the people on the s.h.i.+p were sure of their opponents' ident.i.ties.

The Sea Tribe! The legendary Sea Tribe!

This was a race that was infamous in history! Back in the era where hundreds of races fought against each other, many sage and wise people believed that if the Sea Tribe could stay on land for the long term instead of having to return to the sea after a short time, this race would have conquered and controlled the Azeroth Continent!

Even with a powerful master such as Fei, [Brilliance] was in trouble.

In the morning, six terrifying high-level members of the Sea Tribe appeared.

It was clear that these six creatures were from the same race. There were mystic blue lights around them, and their skin was in the same strange and oppressive color. They had small yet dense scales on their bodies, and they each had six arms. With impressive bodies, they held a weapon in each arm and were natural warriors. Also, it was clear that these weapons were combat weapons made from rare metals that could only be found in the sea, and they had magical properties.

What was worth mentioning was that they were humanoids. Although they were about as powerful as mid-tier Full Moon Elites, they could unleash powers that were on par with peak Full Moon Elites in the sea, which was their natural habitat.

Their bloodlines and innate abilities made them have the key advantage over their human counterparts who were on the same level as them.

These six members of the Sea Tribe battled with Fei, and they gave Fei a hard time. After fighting for more than three hours, the king finally got used to the way that these creatures battled, and he injured five of them, finally pus.h.i.+ng them back.

While Fei was tied down by the masters of the Sea Tribe, Torres and other Chambordians were being pressured very hard as well. There were just too many powerful sea creatures. Even though Torres shot out arrows non-stop, and the university students used all their secret techniques as well as the secret weapons made by the Mad Scientists' Laboratory, they were barely able to defend [Brilliance], and they were all exhausted.

This was the most amount of damage that [Brilliance] had suffered on this journey; the magic cruising array was damaged in this attack.

If this crucial array couldn't be fixed in time, it would take more than 20 days to reach the Leon Empire even if the Sea Tribe didn't attack. Therefore, this was unbearable to everyone on [Brilliance].

Fei's frown got more intense.

Even though the high-level members of the Sea Tribe were challenging for the king to deal with, it wasn't dangerous for him. However, it would be tough for him to protect the people on the s.h.i.+p while he battled such enemies.

Since [Brilliance] was already damaged, more danger would be waiting for the s.h.i.+p if more powerful members of the Sea Tribe came.

"I have to find a way!"

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