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Zhu Fei originally did not want to speak much, but felt that not to say would suffocate panic, and could not help but say, "Zhou Liang, why are you so good to me? What do you like about me?"

When a girl could ask a boy a question like this, it proved that the girl had gradually become fond of the boy, and his goodness has been incorporated into her heart. Even if she doesn't say anything on the lips, she is moved by her heart.

Zhou Liang smiled and curled the corner of his mouth and said, "I don't know. I've never done anything like this to a woman before. It's an instinctive reaction. Like a conditioned reflex, my brain dominates my actions, and when I see that you're not doing well, I think I have to protect you and take care of you. You don't have to be pressured. I volunteered. I'm not going to ask you for anything back, really. You can accept my good, and I am already very happy. If you do not let me complete, I will be extremely uncomfortable."

Zhou Liang's fallacies and heresy may seem unorthodox, but they are actually in line with the psychological laws of human beings.

When couples were in love, many of them would act like this. Often after marriage, when they recalled, they would feel that they were so stupid. How would they be so good him(her). They felt heart can be thrown out at any time, and could love regardless of everything. But when the pa.s.sion slowly falls behind, the two people's feelings become firm, get along for a long time, and then they will not have that kind of feeling.

Those that precipitated was true love, and that pa.s.sion for love, in fact, was only a temporary human impulse. It had nothing to do with love. Today they may also say their heart, liver, spleen and lung can be thrown out, but tomorrow there may be a great change in temperament, and directly say goodbye.

Hearing Zhou Liang's words, Zhu Fei's heart flew a warm current. She hoped that this was what Qin Feng said and had fantasized about how happy she would be if she could marry Qin Feng.

In fact, transposing the position to think about it, her feeling to Qin Feng was like Zhou Liang's feeling for her. When her brain was heated, no one could persuade her to calm down. If she wanted to be good to a person, she would plunge into it and never turn back.

"Zhou Liang, thank you. Without you, I'm afraid I'd really have been in trouble. As you can see, my father has been out of society for too long, and his brain is a little behind the times. If he encourages you to do something, don't listen to him. Just do what you want. I'll be fine here."

Said Zhu Fei.

She even suspected that Zhou Liang had been encouraged by his father to buy a house and live in Tianhe for a long time, so that they would have more chance to meet each other.

For his father, Zhou Liang was really excellent in all aspects, but what he looked at was the external conditions, but what about his inner feelings?

Who can control it?

Even Zhu Fei herself did not know how to do. She was now very confused, and was trapped in the incomparable entanglement.

Someone she liked didn't like her.

She couldn't say she didn't like Zhou Liang, but she felt she hadn't really touched it with her heart, so she couldn't comment on it.

But one thing was certain, he was much better than she imagined. When Li Jianbin first introduced her, she had a heart to die. Can the son of the introduced business partner be a good one? It must be a big belly, inarticulate, ugly, very low quality.

But she did not expect, Zhou Liang was really 360 degrees of turnover. If only on his own conditions, he was much better than Qin Feng.

"Are you going to talk about the house?"

Zhou Liang smiled and said, "You don't think much about it. I bought it myself. The house you rent is too bad and the living conditions are too bad. If you feel pressure, you may not want it, but you have to have some place to live. Just let me the rent it later, okay? But you have to listen to me and move in. First of all, you should have a good living environment, so that you can have a good mood, right?"

Listen to these words, Zhu Fei was temporarily speechless. Zhou Liang's gentleness let her once very moved. For a long time, no guy had cared about her like this.

When she first met Qin Feng, he also looked like this. On the first day of his acquaintance, Jia Dapeng was beaten, and his father was also injured. After entering the hospital, Qin Feng ran for them, and was busy all day, and didn't even care to eat food. He even pretended to be his boyfriend. Although later the truth was exposed, thinking of that short time, Zhu Fei was still very pleased.

"If you do that, I'll feel guilty. How can I ever say no to you?"

Zhu Fei said half-jokingly and half-seriously.

"Hha, then make do with it. Don't say no. My fragile heart, was almost pierced by you."

Zhou Liang looked rather reserved usually, but he was also a humorous person. When he saw that Zhu Fei was in a good mood, the dark clouds on his face disipated. When he first sent Zhu Fei into the operating room, his palms were full of sweat, who was even more nervous than Zhu Fangguo. He was afraid that they would arrive late and delay the best possible time for the operation.

"Well, I don't care."

Zhu Fei snorted.

"Then I'll go get a scalpel, and I'll just puncture it."

Zhou Liang smiled and said, "you just keep yourself safe, and don't worry about anything. I've already asked for leaves for you at your unit. Don't go to work there when you get out of the hospital. Take over and I'll get you a good job. You're too tired to work at the mall. And your eating is not regular. You always eat in a hurry and at the end of the meal you will have to come back to continue your work. That is not good for the stomach.

Standing for a long time is bad for knees, ankles, and lumbar vertebrae."

"Oh, how can I be so delicate? If I am like that, who needs me?

I'm glad I could sell dresses."

Now, when she chatted with Zhou Liang again, she was more peaceful, just like chatting with her friends. She was relaxed and even happy.

"Hha, then we'll talk about it then. If you want to quit, let me know. You want to go to the formal unit, I will let you enter the unit. If you want to do something on your own, we will go to investigate a good project, and then rent a shop, make a good decoration. That's how you're really settled in Tianhe."

Said Zhou Liang.

His words remind Zhu Fei of Qin Feng. Qin Feng also said some time ago that he would open a bar, and let his father to be cleaning captain, and let her become foreman of the reception. Compared to Zhou Liang's commitment, Qin Feng's work was a lot weaker.

Money is the bottom. To Zhou Liang, spending $3 million to $5 million on a small shop in the center of the Tianhe was nothing big at all, but to Qin Feng, it was not the same thing. Although he had large amount of wealth, he couldn't move it freely. Around the world, n.o.body knew how many pairs of eyes stared at his family's Swiss bank accounts. Qin Feng could only support himself, at least he got millions from Ji Jiangshan and that could help Sister Hua through difficulties.

But if Zhu Fei wanted to miss Qin Feng's money, she was afraid it would be more difficult.

Everyone had their own generosity in their hearts. Some people may be willing to spend a hundred yuan, while some people may be willing to spend only one yuan.

Obviously, in Qin Feng, Sister Hua's weight was far greater than that of Zhu Fei, just like Zhu Fei to Zhou Liang and Qin Feng to Zhu Fei.

Such a complex relations.h.i.+p decided their messy emotional lines.

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