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Like a fool.
「… I, I thought of breaking off the engagement with Olga… roughly two months before the actual annullment」

Under Rish.e.l.l’s inquiring face, Albert started speaking timidly.

He didn’t speak because he’s reflecting upon it, but obviously because he was scared of Rish.e.l.l.

「I met Sherina a little while before that… she told me what Olga did to her」

No, I didn’t do anything.

From the way he speaks, it does seem that he does not believe that I bullied Sherina anymore.

… So much proof has provided after all, even an idiot would have to accept it.

「… I had no interest in Olga, so I thought just a little would be fine… and so I strolled around the castle town and slept with other girls」

Ou, how straightforward…

How could he say「Slept」without a change in his expression?
Moreover, in front of his former fiancée and his little brother who threw him in the cell.

Take a look at Rish.e.l.l’s face.

He’s smiling but his eyes are 100 points below the freezing point.
I don’t care, alright?

Faltering under Rish.e.l.l’s glare, Albert continued talking.

… This fellow’s mentality is strong in a sense.

「… And then, one day, I met Sherina… she told me that she wants to become my wife」

Albert was fond of Sherina, but he didn’t consider marrying her as that would be defying His Majesty.

No, he was not concerned with me at all.
I thought it would be nice if I didn’t have to marry you.

Rather, I quite didn’t want to do it.

「When I told Sherina that it would be troubling, “Do you hate me!? You like that woman more than me, huh” she said…」

So, after soothing the crying Sherina, he somehow ended up promising her to cancel my engagement with him.

… This fellow is the pinnacle of stupid.

Crying, huh. Those were definitely fake tears, right?
Those were crocodile tears to shake you up and make you lose the correct judgment, right?

Sherina is so good at fake crying? eh~ how amazing~

「… You annulled the engagement because of that?」


Rish.e.l.l’s aura finally took the final form.

He was a Demon King no longer, but Asura or Acala instead.

Dante too muttered「Huh? Am I imagining things…? A demon has…」, Sherina and Serena were trembling.

I feel that Serena is trembling more than usual.

「Are you an idiot? Even as a joke, you are the First Prince. Were you always such a fool that you would be deceived by seductive techniques and lies?」

Letting out a scornful laugh, Rish.e.l.l slapped Albert with a sound reasoning.

I bet he must have been careful about not saying something like this since he was a child.

That is why Rish.e.l.l is here now though.

「Wha… it couldn’t be helped right, after being told a story like that…!」

「… You, have you confirmed with Olga after hearing that story? You have just come to believe grievances of one side, have you not?」

「… Ugh」

Indeed, I understand unconditionally believing what your beloved says.

However, it came at a price of a disengagement that influenced my whole life.
You would normally at least confirm what’s wrong and what’s right.

… Well, the contents of his head aren’t normal as they are completely empty though!

「… Now then, let’s me hear about the false charges you accused Olga with and your want to get engaged to Albert」

Ignoring Albert, Rish.e.l.l turned towards Sherina with questions.

The face of Sherina who was locked on stiffened.

「… Eh, err, that’s」

「That’s what? Answer me」

Rish.e.l.l continued pressing Sherina with a smile.
Sherina’s face was completely cramped, but I don’t think he intended to stop anytime soon.

「… That’s because I hate this woman! She has more influence than this very me, she had a fiancé of a high status too… there is no way she can be superior to me!」

Sherina spoke with a vigor that made waves surge, as if that cramp from before was just a lie.

… The contents were qui~te unpleasant towards me.

No, are you going to bully every human that is superior to you?

If that was the case, then almost everyone in the world has a better character then Sherina, so I don’t think there would be an end to it.

「… Are there only idiots here?」

Rish.e.l.l said in a low voice that only Dante and I heard and let out a sigh.

… This fellow will have a hard time in the future, no doubt.

I sent a silent, Buddhist prayer to the future of Rish.e.l.l’s hair.
Survive, hair.

「… Companions of idiots are idiots as well, huh. Even though there are many other people who are a lot better than you… mainly in the character department」

… Rish.e.l.l, we were thinking the same thing, huh…

You are way too straightforward though.

Seeing Sherina stare in a daze at Rish.e.l.l who got carried away with his rash remarks, I smiled wryly.

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