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Celestial Master Zuo was always an unpredictable weirdo, in fact, Gu Canmo did not really understand him and he was also very upset with Di Fuyi's action's this time around!

No matter if the girl liked him or not, she did not do anything harmful to him and yet, she helped him destroy his enemy. Thus, he was supposed to treat her nicely as it was good to be friends even though they could not be husband and wife.

However, Celestial Master Zuo seemed to have hated her as he neglected her in the cla.s.s and intentionally embarra.s.sed her publicly by implementing a practical cla.s.s...

He was such a jerk! He was not generous with Gu Xijiu at all! Hmph!

And now she decided to avoid him! True, she should switch for the sake of her health!


He looked at Lan Waihu and Qian Lingyu, "Xijiu has an excellent reason to change her cla.s.s but why are you here?"

Little Fox immediately answered, "I want to follow Xijiu!"

Qian Lingyu was decisive as well, "We're not leaving anyone behind!"

Gu Canmo frowned.

It was not a big deal to swap as long as both of the cla.s.s teachers agree on their withdrawals and enrollments.

Teacher Ren was the cla.s.s teacher of the first cla.s.s, while Teacher Qian was the cla.s.s teacher of the second cla.s.s. Although both of them were extremely strict on selecting students, they prioritized their students more than anything else.

However, Gu Xijiu seemed to be the hotcake on the table as every cla.s.s teacher never gave up on pulling her to their cla.s.s. Ironically, Teacher Qian would definitely want her to come but Teacher Ren would not necessarily agree with letting her go. That was even worse than killing himself!

Not to mention she wanted to bring the two of them along?

That would possibly make Teacher Ren mad!

Although Gu Canmo had the authority to swap the students, it was kind of a big move which might upset Teacher Ren - one that would create a chaos in the school management!

Therefore, Gu Canmo gave Gu Xijiu two options after careful consideration.

One, Lan Waihu and Gu Xijiu are to go to the second cla.s.s, on the account that Qian Lingyu stays in the first cla.s.s.

Two, three of them are staying in the first cla.s.s and no swapping is allowed.

Gu Canmo was very firm with his stand and there seemed to be no room for negotiation.

In the end, Qian Lingyu was willing to compromise for Gu Xijiu. Both of them would go to the second cla.s.s and he would stay in the first cla.s.s...

Therefore, Gu Canmo agreed to the deal. However, it was not an easy job to swap them out and there was some coordination works to be done. Gu Canmo told Gu Xijiu to wait for another two days so that he could make the arrangements.

Gu Xijiu exhaled in relief once she came out from Gu Canmo's study room. Yes! Finally, she got her freedom again!

She wanted to focus her attention and effort on her martial arts!

She was only 15 years old and it was a good time for learning! She did not care about anything else!'

Since Gu Canmo needed some time to coordinate, it was not suitable to disclose to others before the arrangements could be done completely. Thus, she reminded the two of them to keep it as a secret.

Little Fox should be fine as long as she sticks to Gu Xijiu.

However, Qian Lingyu was very depressed as he was kind of attached to them, but he had to let go for the sake of their future.

Gu Xijiu felt attached as well, after all, they have been companions

for so long. Perhaps, they would need to reform their team respectively after this.

However, Gu Xijiu was not worried about him as he could definitely excel no matter who was his partners.

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