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Long Siye had initially given up on Gu Xijiu, but now that she had broken up with Di Fuyi, did it mean that he had a chance? Was fate smiling on him right now? He had missed an opportunity before, so he did not want to miss one again.

Gu Xijiu's was stunned; but then she continued to drink the wine. She remembered hearing that the best way to get out of a broken relations.h.i.+p was to get into a new one. Long Siye was her former instructor and used to be her favorite person; if she continued to be with him, could she emerge from this suffering situation?

The alcohol had clouded her judgment, and her heart could not take all this drama.

'Gu Xijiu, you are useless! He mistreats you, but you still can't forget him! You still hope to see him! Don't you feel shameful?!'

'He does not want you anymore and treats you as a stranger and an ordinary colleague. Why do you still think of him? Do you still want to be his regular friend to see him more?'

'Are you pathetic? You are so useless!'

'Gu Xijiu, I look down on you! Really!'

'If you continue to think of him again, you might as well die!'

Her inner thoughts were discouraging her from thinkingo him. However, she wanted to see him again! She thought she could see him at the banquet in the palace, but he did not come.


There were many self-deprecating thoughts that swirled through her mind. She drank another gla.s.s of wine but choked. She coughed intensely and almost teared.

Long Siye got up and patted her back. He also pa.s.sed her a white handkerchief and let her wipe her face. Gu Xijiu finally stopped coughing, but her face was now covered in tears.

She wiped herself with the handkerchief and laughed. "It's been a long time since I got choked. This was an intense one..."

She snorted and talked in a nasal voice. Her tears were still flowing so she rubbed her eyes with her hands. Long Siye looked at her for a while and sighed. "Xijiu, you don't have to be strong in front of me. If you want to cry, do it."

Gu Xijiu tried to argue, "I didn't want to cry, the wine just choked me..."

Long Siye looked at her silently. After all, they used to be very close. He naturally knew her very well. He could easily sense when she was pretending.

She pretended to be okay over the past few months. Even her brother might not be able to see that she was faking it. All the people thought that she had walked out from the pain and gotten over Di Fuyi. However, Long Siye was more aware of the truth. That was why he felt so uncomfortable. Things only got worse for him as he watched Gu Xijiu deny her pain. In the end, she could not continue talking anymore. She knew that Long Siye understood her and that there was no point lying anymore.

Initially, Long Fan's soul was sealed in Long Siye's body. However, five months ago, when Di Fuyi found Long Siye, he realized that Long Fan's soul had disappeared from his body. He was not sure if he had escaped from Long Siye's body or had immersed entirely in Long Siye.

Di Fuyi tried to summon Long Fan's soul, but nothing was retrieved. There were only two possibilities for this to happen. One option was that he was no longer in the world, and the other was that he had reincarnated and was no longer able to possess other people's body.

Di Fuyi had marked Long Fan's soul before so that he could not possess other people's body anymore; not even on a clone! Either of these two was a good thing for Long Siye, and it was also a good thing for the world, so Di Fuyi and Long Siye no longer investigated this issue.

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