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Did Di Fuyi regret his actions? Was he trying to fix the relations.h.i.+p?

Gu Xijiu was a very determined woman. She would still uphold her sense of pride, regardless of the depths of love that she had for him. When she cared for someone in that manner, she would love him wholeheartedly. But when she decided to give him up, there would be no turning back. She was not someone that he could summon and dismiss at will. It would be very difficult for him to win her heart back.

While Li Mengxia was still deep in her thoughts, she could tell that the light in her room became dimmer. It was Di Fuyi. He reappeared at the side of her bed again.

She wanted to rise from her bed but was dejected at the thought of her pajamas, so she returned into the comfort of her blanket. "Master," she remarked in an embarra.s.sed tone.

She thought to herself. 'Master, even though I act manly, I am still a woman. Will you please knock the door every time you visit?'

Di Fuyi was wearing his mask, so Li Mengxia could only see his dark eyes through the holes. He threw the directed audio spell back to Li Mengxia and she quickly picked it up from her side. Di Fuyi flicked his sleeves gently and gleams of seven-colored rays suddenly appeared to wrap her up.

A few moments later, there was no sign of Di Fuyi anywhere in the room. Li Mengxia was still in her bed. She stared blankly at the directed audio spell.

She could barely remember what she was doing then. She recalled that she was having a chat with Gu Xijiu. The more they talked, the more tired she became, so she ended the call.

She could somehow feel that she had lost some parts of her memory but was not quite sure what the memory was about. Li Mengxia proceeded to rub her temples to calm her troubled mind. Blankly, she stared into the void.

Soon, she decided not to care about it anymore, dismissing it entirely. She yawned. Determined to leave the incident behind, she proceeded to keep her directed audio spell and go to bed.

It was the first time for her to sleep so well. The deep sleep had also prevented her from having any dreams. She woke up feeling completely energetic the next day. It was indeed a good rest.

She took a look in the mirror and realized that her dark circles were gone. Her complexion seemed better than yesterday. She checked her health and realized that her restless condition was all right now. Her blood circulation had been greatly improved like she had just been through a ma.s.sage session.

Relieved, she took out the directed audio spell and was immediately delighted. She did not expect Li Mengxia's voice would turn out well as a lullaby, especially a song. Even though the song was a little out of tune at certain parts, her voice came like waves of highs and lows. The song entered the system of her body through her ears and circulated along with the flowing blood. It worked wonders by eliminating her uneasiness and calming her troubled mind.

She had already memorized the song that Li Mengxia sang to her the night before. The next time she was sleepless, she would request for the singer in her residence to perform for her.

One of the many servants in her residence was a singer. She had a great voice and was a fast learner; she could learn anything almost immediately.

Her voice closely resembled the recital of the Sanskrit that could bring about steady waves of joy and tranquility to her audience. Gu Xijiu sat on a lazy chair and watched as she performed.

Frankly, the singer could sing better than Li Mengxia, but Gu Xijiu could somehow feel that something was missing. She requested the singer to practice more for the future.

While she was still discussing the key points of the song, the arrival of an imperial edict was announced. Rong Jialuo had been sending her more and more imperial edicts as of late, so Gu Xijiu no longer regarded the imperial edict as a matter to be taken seriously. She thought that the imperial edict was an order for her to expiate more sorrowful souls of their sins; little did she know that it was actually an official announcement of her promotion.

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