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Inma no Hado chapter 252: Revenge


A beautiful girl trembles on a bed, trembling her thin body. While bending the whole body, she raise a joyful voice which isn’t known for a while. The lovely face is distorted by intense pleasures, sweat grains and perspiration are floating on the small forehead.

As soon as it get out of her mind, she still quietly breathe out with a rough breath. A slim body with elongated limbs. It will take time for this girl to mature into a woman. A tight and pale-white bud. But her future is fruitful, as anyone sees she has a very pretty looking face.

Between the open legs of that girl, a middle-aged man buried his face. The man who put the blue short striped panty aside let his tongue crawl over the exposed pubic area. Painting this secret place with his saliva with his tongue over and over again, he is drinking the honey juice which is overflowing.

“Aa! Aa!! Noo!! Aaaa!! Again!!! Aagainn!!!!”

Doing it for over 30 minutes, the response which was initially embarra.s.sed and dull has become sharp and bold with the excavated s.e.xual feeling. Ema´s 12-year-old body that is running up to the next acme trembles when the tongue stimulated the lower region again. When looking at the time and s.c.r.e.w.i.n.g his thick tongue into this young v.a.g.i.n.a, the whole body shakes with fear and pleasure while Ema is squeezing her throat and raise a voice.

“Noo!! No No!!! Hiiiii!!!”

Ema is shaking her body now, feeling unwillingly. The reaction of a vivid woman is shown to despair when parents who don’t know only the appearance which is carrying the usual school bag is seen. The hand that clenched the sheet is too strong and the fingers are whitening.

(Well, this is how it is…)

When Kenichi finally releases his mouth, he licks the 12 year old honey that stuck around his mouth. He lost reason and unexpectedly tasted the girl’s crotch with desire, but as soon as he do it more energy will be depleted and this beautiful girl will be broken.

(Now, what should I do…)

Ema is gasping for a breath. It is really easy to take a middle schooler´s virginity here. But it is a beautiful virgin he got, so he’d like to play a bit more.

(Well, if there are nasty JS and JC, there are also others types…)

As soon as he injects his sperm, any girl will eventually enjoy the s.e.xuality like a prost.i.tute. Of course not only idols, Risa and Naomi, but also the students of a ballet school that he took a liking to recently.

A few months ago Kenichi got acquainted with a famous ballet cla.s.sroom lecturer in Aoyama and enjoyed the young resilient body unlikely to be 36 years old. And through this beautiful lecturer who became crazy with the pleasures given by Kenichi, he could come close to the students who go to that ballet school and rapes only cute students and is enjoying their young undeveloped bodies.

The young girls from 12 years old to 18 years old who had resisted at first had the magic sperm poured into them many times and eventually came to love having s.e.x with Kenichi without exception, as their intense sphincters which were trained due to lessons can squeeze Kenichi´s p.e.n.i.s so strongly that he is feeling good.

These young ballerinas who are attached with plenty of sweet sweat through intense exercise, giving out a rich fragrance from their whole body. After licking their bodies that can take any poses softly, it is Kenichi´s favorite to violate them in their beige leotards.


Ema was completely exhausted as it is. When Kenichi also become naked and picked up that thin body, he moves to the bathroom.

“The exam is over…. There was not any abnormality in particular, it was good”

While being held snugly in his arms, Ema enters the bathtub with Kenichi. Although it is an unusual situation, the painting that has melted her reason is still boarding. The whole body is enervated to mind many times on the bed. The hot water warms up the young body and the blood inside her body slowly circulates.

“When we get out of the bath, I’ll send you home, because your clothes will be dry till then”

While sticking her skin together with a man nakedly, even if he says so, Ema cant respond. Although it is an absolutely impossible situation if it is the usual Ema, Kenichi already licked every corner of her crotch and showed where he caressed many times.

“Uncle…you know…. I have something to ask, but…”
“What is it, Emchan?”

Kenichi is trying to wrap himself around Ema from behind. His huge p.e.n.i.s stood up in between his crotch. While looking at it from the edge of her eyes, Ema keeps talking in a loud voice.

“That…emm…. Emm…that…is it true what Rischan said?”
“What did Risa say?”
“Emm…when I drink uncle’s sperm, my dancing will become very good…. My body will get lighter and I will be able to dance even to difficult songs…”

Ema begins to speak with resolvement.

The shocking story that she heard from Risa and the fact she also saw it with her own eyes. Although she couldn’t say what she was looking into at the hotel as expected, Risa and Naomi, who had been together with her during lessons, pa.s.sed the audition and confess that they were left with impatience. Ema is about to give up being an idol.

“So…what if it is true, what will Emchan do?”
“…Th, that is…”

Ema paints and keep silent. If that is true, she also want to improve her dancing. She wanted to realize her dream of becoming an idol which was a dream since a young age. But on the other hand, she doesn’t have the courage to do so with a strange adult like that. If Risa and Naomi were doing so, she wouldn’t be able to do it.

The man who kept silent for a while whispers softly into Ema´s ear with a gentle voice. The proposal of a devil.

“Why do not you do something h.o.r.n.y, do you want to try uncle’s thing, so why not try it out if you really want to get good at dancing?”
“Eh! …I cant…”
“Because Emchan wants to be an idol, so maybe it is useless as it is…. But if Risa’s saying is true, is not it worth a try?”
“Th, that’s right…”

The heart of a swaying girl. But what will happen as a result of trouble, cunning evil spirits are more prosperous than fire.

“Here, I wash it properly, so it’s not dirty. You want to lick it?”
“…Bu, but…what shall I do…”

Kenichi got up from the bathtub and sat on the edge of the bath. Between his legs there is a p.e.n.i.s which responded to the taste of the crotch of a beautiful girl, by standing up fiercely.

“It’s alright. It doesn’t bite…. Don’t be afraid to touch it?”

It is a strange and grotesque shape for a 12 year old girl like Ema, as it is an orders of magnitude from her father’s thing that she saw by accident. Even professional prost.i.tutes and AV actresses are amazed by its size, so it is reasonable for a 12-year-old middle school student to scream.

(Such a…putting such a thing…?)

It is the place where pee comes out. Ema couldn’t think of it a while ago, to put such a dirty thing into her mouth.

But at that time, she saw it from the closet in that hotel room. Two idols who were longing for it adorably seemed happy to have it. Two beautiful girls who gathered great popularity among men from all over the country gladly licked it like candy or ice cream.

(Aaa…but…if I can also do well with dance…)

Ema is still scared of losing her virginity, but she can stand it for as long as this. Risa and Naomi were able to do it. Ema ought to be able to do it herself.

(Sorry…. Reiji-kun…)

Suddenly Ema apologizes to her favorite boy who came into her mind. Recently he confessed to her, so they began to a.s.sociate with each other. Even though Ema is a middle school student, she hasn’t had her first kiss yet.

(I wonder if this will be my first kiss…)

While thinking about such a thing, this 12 year old beautiful girl has her cheeks dyed red, brought her small pink lips close to the dark filthy p.e.n.i.s and devoted her first time to it.



“So, with this heinous c.o.c.k you raped a 12-year-old idol, so you’ve let her drink a c.u.mshot at the end of her first experience…”
“No……he rarely let us drink it…”
“Is it better for middle school student to feel better than us? No…that’s shocking…”

Junko Yos.h.i.+kawa and Yumiko Yamaji who brought their face from the left and right near the crotch raised a sweet protest voice while letting their long tongues crawl over the p.e.n.i.s. Sensuous lingeries bites into their white bodies and you can see the softness of the finest meat at a glance. Their huge b.r.e.a.s.t.s push up the lace bras and protrude forward as if to break through.

“Neither Yumiko nor Junko should lose to a 12-year-old girl…. We are the best woman, we must tell this guy how much we hate it…”
“I know…Yuki-san”
“Because I cant sleep until the morning even today…. Please be prepared…”

Three beauties gathers around Kenichi who is lying on the bed. All of them have a beauty that is superior and as women they have an outstanding style that everyone looks back on. All three people who have totally ripened with continuously having s.e.x, they have reached the most beautiful period as a woman. While sweetly licking Kenichi ‘s ears, Yuki Yamaoka, a mama of a super club, snuggles on Kenichi´s upper body, while Junko and Yumiko lick the p.e.n.i.s from left and right in the lower body.

“Uhuhu…. But I understand…. You were excited, it is really demonic to let such a small child lick this heinous c.o.c.k…”

Yuki laughs while fingering on Kenichi´s nipples and stroking his chest. These words remind Kenichi hid d.i.c.k sandwiched between two tongues shakes.

“Ah, it was still great to screw the c.o.c.k into the mouth of that small child and let her drink plenty of s.e.m.e.n…”

While becoming sweaty in the bathroom, Kenichi remembered the face of Ema who desperately held his p.e.n.i.s in her mouth. That 12-year-old young girl who was still refraining at first, was gradually suffering from the magical power and gradually felt its fever. However, as he screwed into her too small mouth, it seemed to be very difficult. After a long excitement and using a bit of his waist, her throat is blocked and Ema cant breathe.

Still Ema wasnt swallowing the root till the end, until finally she could lead it to an e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n. While Ema was desperately swaying her head, she wasn’t able to tolerate Kenichi who is watching her 12 year old look and naked body.

The expression of a beautiful girl who desperately swallowed the s.e.m.e.n which was spit out in large amounts was great. During the e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n which lasted long enough, Ema moved her throat all the time and swallowed it, after finis.h.i.+ng she was soothed as if everything was exhausted.

(Well, I cant play for a while with this…)

While entrusting the whole body to the caress of three beautiful women, Kenichi who got a new toy laughs with a grin. Since he taught Ema his contact address on the way home, he will hear from Ema soon. She swallowed a lot of magic sperm inside her body, so she will feel the effect for a while, but it will soon fade away as well. If so, there is no doubt that Ema would like to see Kenichi again.

“I really don’t have any clothes…”
“Uhuhu…. In the meantime, he gathered 30 n.o.ble wives at the hotel and ate them at once”
“30 people!! Lie!”
“Really…. It took from mid-afternoon to midnight, he gathered mothers of his students to a hotel and ate everyone…”

Junko told Yuki about the parents a.s.sociation that was held the other day, with a laugh.

“There are only 30 oddly greasy married women…. Although I thought I was going to pull out a little bit, after all this person licked every sweaty p.u.s.s.y, before having s.e.x with everyone…”
“Just imagining it is awesome…”
“Not only that, there are also two beautiful young teachers who have been newly appointed. Poorly, even though both of them have a boyfriend, this person forcibly raped them and c.u.mmed inside them”
“Well, both of them as usual, at the end they got drunk and opened their crotches on their own”

New teachers Saegusa Noa and Kawasaki Maiko lost their reason from the too great pleasures and their resistance has completely disappeared at the second time and on the third time they opened their legs and held out their b.u.t.tocks on their own. Especially when Kenichi looked through Noa´s rape desire intentionally and handled it, that beautiful cool beauty became crazy shedding tears while being f.u.c.ked from the b.u.t.t in front of everyone.

(It was because of that p.e.n.i.s that those two changed their life…)

Junko imagined what happened after the countless kiss marks attached by Kenichi remained vividly on their white bodies without permission and she laughs with a laughter.

“That, what happened to him…?”

While enjoying Junko and Yumiko’s double f.e.l.l.a.t.i.o, suddenly someone asked Kenichi.

“Ah…. That guy…. It was a long way to go, but Goto-san went out and seemed to be quiet”

The club mama laughs with mischievous eyes.

Last month, Kenichi asked s.h.i.+oya, his former cla.s.smate who was trying to make a lot of money at his store, trying to pay for the payment, by pus.h.i.+ng a bill at him and asking for payment. However s.h.i.+oya disagreed and touched that there was no duty to pay to him. As a result, the executives of the Genkai group finally went to the company and directly threatened s.h.i.+oya. Even if s.h.i.+oya was fighting strongly during school days, he isnt supposed to be able to win against real pros. s.h.i.+oya who got into the company to the muscle seems to have signed the borrowed letter saying while trembling in his executive office.

“Well, it is about time soon…”

An opponent who has bullied Kenichi pretty much during middle school days. Kenichi have been told many times and wont forget the days when he was drinking toilet water without eating lunch. He got his pants down in front of the girls and when he was in the toilet he was bathed with water from the top. And the man who married his first love that he liked and succeeded the president of a large company.

Kenichi had a chance to reward his partner. By the way, the other party may lose everything, but such a thing isn’t important.

(The promise taken at that time will be given back with interest….all of you are got me…)

“Bad guy…you have a very bad face…. Ah, I’m getting soaked”

Yuki who became irresistible pushes her valley against Kenichi´s face. Yuki´s huge b.r.e.a.s.t.s are wrapped in a black bra. Like her name her skin is white like snow. Burying Kenichi´s face in her deep valley, Kenichi is enjoying the smell of a rich woman while smiling.

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