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"Humph! This Shen Yanxiao is really not a good thing! Such a young age yet already so vicious!" Elder Wen was very angry.

Geng Di striked while the iron was hot, "Alas, such a cancer actually appeared in this Barren Land; I wonder what the future will be..."

Elder Wen said, "Such a villain naturally can't be left drifting with the wind and the current. Since all the City Lords of the Barren Land are present today, we can't let such a person break the order of the Barren Land. It seems that what I have done to her this time is still polite! If I had known, I would never have sent an invitation to her tonight.”

Elder Wen felt that he made a wrong decision by sending Shen Yanxiao an invitation. He should not let a villain such as Shen Yanxiao pollute this place.

"Elder Wen is wise!" Geng Di was laughing coldly in his heart. It looked like he had already won over the Twilight City to his side. He glanced at the City Lord of the Twilight City, Duan Hen. From the beginning of the banquet until now, the boy remained silent. If not because he was sitting in the seat of the City Lord, he feared that he his existence would have been long forgotten.


The Twilight City had always been under the control of the Elders Council. During Duan Wuya’s generation, the Twilight City still held a certain degree of autonomy. But now that the position was pa.s.sed down to the fifteen-year-old Duan Hen, the Twilight City had long been turned into a purse of the Elders Council and the current City Lord had become a mere puppet.

As several people were talking to their heart’s content, a guard ran into the hall looking fl.u.s.tered.

"El... Elder Wen..." The guard flopped down to the ground, sweating and frightened, and he couldn’t speak clearly.

Elder Wen slightly knitted his brows.

"What matter made you so fl.u.s.tered. Don’t lose your manners in front of the guests."

The guard swallowed his saliva and pointed at the door, "The Rising Sun...the City Lord of The Rising Sun City... Shen Yanxiao… has come..."

Elder Wen’s brows stretched; he sneered and leaned on the back of the chair, "Come then come, what are you shuddering for? Bring her in."

The guard bitterly said, "But...but she requested to see the City Lord..."

"If she wants to see the City Lord then let her come in herself!" Elder Wen was very unhappy. His impression of Shen Yanxiao had already been extremely bad.

Before the guard could answer, the entire City Lord Residence experienced a violent quake, and the crystal cups fell to the ground, producing a crisp sound.

Elder Wen almost fell to the ground due to shock, "What is the situation?!"

"I humbly ask the elder to go outside and see it." The guard said in distress.

The City Lord Residence was constantly shaking. All the food on tables fell and scattered to the ground. Elder Wen’s face had already turned green. He suddenly got up. "I must see for myself what fuss that Shen Yanxiao is making now. This is not The Rising Sun City of hers, she can’t be allowed to act presumptuous!”

After finis.h.i.+ng his spiel, Elder Wen rushed out.

Geng Di and Luo Fan looked at each other and naturally walked outside. Long Fei and Long Xueyao also followed with taut faces, deeply afraid that Shen Yanxiao would suffer.

Inside the main hall, only Duan Hen was left. He remained silent as he watched the crowd leave one after another. His dark eyes stared at someone's back with a trace of resentment.

Outside the City Lord Residence, the surroundings were ablaze with the color of fire, and the dark night sky was illuminated by a touch of flame. All the citizens who lived near the City Lord Residence were gathered outside, looking up at the two gigantic figures on the roof of the City Lord Residence!

Elder Wen and the others finally came out. As soon as they looked up, they sucked in a breath of cold air!

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