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"What Elder Wen said is reasonable." Geng Di did not even cover up his flattering.

Elder Wen’s status in the Seven Kingdom was equivalent to the position of Long Fei in the Divine Wind Alliance. However, the people of the Seven Kingdoms had a higher respect towards the Elders Council, while the people of the Divine Wind Alliance were a little more free. After all, they were mercenaries. But in the Seven Kingdoms, the Elders Council represented everything.

Even if the City Lord of Twilight City was surnamed Duan, he could only swallow up his saliva in front of Elder Wen.

Duan Hen was still young. With Elder Wen sitting on the side, he did not have the qualification to speak up. Since Eder Wen came to Twilight City, Duan Hen became a mere figurehead. Even though he was named the City Lord, he could basically do nothing.

Even the arrangements for the Four Regions’ Tournament were done by Elder Wen. He was also the one responsible for the various arrangements for The Rising Sun City this time.

Of course, Elder Wen was so disgusted with Shen Yanxiao because of Geng Di’s contributions. His father and Elder Wen had some sentiments. After learning that Elder Wen was coming to Twilight City, Geng Di wrote a special letter. After expressing his greetings on the letter, he also had not forgotten to smear Shen Yanxiao’s name to the utmost. After writing the letter, he sent it together with a gift.

Looking at the att.i.tude Elder Wen had towards Shen Yanxiao right now, he knew that his work had achieved its intended result.

Geng Di and Elder Wen echoed one another, and the faces of the pair of father and daughter, Long Fei and Long Xueyao, were gloomy to the extreme.

Long Fei and Shen Yanxiao had been in contact; it was Shen Yanxiao who had removed his curse, and even before that, Shen Yanxiao had also saved Long Xueyao’s life. Long Fei had already treated Shen Yanxiao as their life-saving benefactor. Listening to an old and a younger b.a.s.t.a.r.d slander his benefactor here, no matter how good Long Fei’s temper was, he was still unable to bear it.

"I have seen Lord Shen. Her personality is not like what you two have said at all. She is indeed young, but she handles matters with propriety. Although she is a Warlock, she has never done b.l.o.o.d.y atrocities that cry to the heavens. And even though she was still young, she was able to build a main city in the Barren Land with just less than half a year. This strength is definitely not something that ordinary people can possess." Long Fei calmed his mood down and spoke up for Shen Yanxiao.

Elder Wen and Geng Di slightly blanked out . They did not expect that Long Fei and Shen Yanxiao had actually met each other before. Moreover, when they heard the meaning of Long Fei, they had the feeling that he was defending Shen Yanxiao.

Elder Wen’s expression was not very good at all. The system of the Seven Kingdoms and the Divine Wind Alliance was somewhat similar, but Elder Wen quite disliked the excessive liberalized customs of the Divine Wind Alliance. Besides, although the Divine Wind Alliance was powerful today, they were mostly military people and the talent was too unitary. Now, they relied on one group of mercenaries to fight down troubles. There was no foundation at all. Compared with the other three countries, it was a lot more shallow.

"Lord Long is really good-natured. Actually, that Shen Yanxiao acts artfully to get what she wants. Lord Long does not understand her deeply, that’s why you will have such a feeling." Geng Di let out a chuckle. He must not allow anyone speak good about Shen Yanxiao.

Moreover, he did not want Long Fei to stand on the same side as Shen Yanxiao. The grudges between the Magical Fantasy City and The Rising Sun City had been deep. There was no room for reconciliation at all. Right now, Geng Di was winning over the Twilight City and Blizzard City, making them both hostile to Shen Yanxiao.

"Lord Long said that she handles matters with propriety, right? Actually, the thing I’ve mentioned to Elder Wen about the fact that Shen Yanxiao privately detained the Crown Prince is not a false statement. With such a young age, can she reclaim The Rising Sun City with just herself? It is because she detained the prince and the state preceptor, forcing the emperor of the Long Xuan Empire to give her a lot of manpower and resources to have this kind of achievement. If not, what could she do with her alone? Don’t forget, The Rising Sun City is one of the five main cities in the Barren Land!”

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