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Shen Yanxiao had unwittingly reached the peak of centralization.

She had not yet realized how much influence she had on the people who live in The Rising Sun and Oriental City. This layer of influence would also create a flouris.h.i.+ng future that belonged only to Shen Yanxiao.

At present, everything was still just a prototype.

Shen Yanxiao continued to be busy with carrying out the expansion of her forces.

Day after day had pa.s.sed and the seventh day of the seventh month, when the tournament between all forces of the four regions would be held, was getting closer.

At this time, Shen Yanxiao received an invitation letter.

In the hall of the City Lord Residence, Shen Yanxiao sat on the main seat, looking at the invitation in her hand. The corner of her mouth slightly hooked up.

She had been waiting for this day for a long time. She had not yet forgotten how much trouble Geng Di had given her when she was just building The Rising Sun City.

The seventh day of the seventh month would be a good time to take her revenge and release her hatred. She could finally justifiably beat that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Geng Di!

"The tournament on the seventh day of the seventh month is divided into three categories: team battle, individual battle, and group battle. The team battle consists of 100 people per team. The individual battle is the battle between the City Lords of the four regions, and as for the group battle... every sides should send five to ten people. Has the City Lord already decided who to bring with you for the tournament?" Du Lang explained and asked.

Today, all major members of The Rising Sun City had gathered. This was the first time they would partic.i.p.ate in this tournament. They wanted to amaze the world with a single brilliant feat so they had attached great importance to this matter.

If they came out as a victor this time, the eastern region would stand firm in the Barren Land from then on. If they were defeated, they feared that the eastern region would be reduced to that once pitiful vast land that had been exploited by everyone again.

This tournament would also test the disparity in strength between several cities in the Barren Land. For the team battle, the most important was the comprehensive strength. The individual battle would depend on the strength of the four City Lords, and the group battle was usually a compet.i.tion between the elites of each city. 

The winner was the king while the losers would be reduced to bandits.

The winner would be able to obtain certain benefits from the other three regions while the losers could only accept the fact that they would be exploited.

"Which country was the winner of the previous tournament?" Shen Yanxiao asked, supporting her chin with one hand.

"It’s the Twilight City of the Seven Kingdoms." Du Lang replied.

“Twilight City? It’s not Blizzard City?” Tang Nazhi, who was sitting on one side, was surprised by the answer. No matter how he looked at it, among the three cities not including The Rising Sun City, Blizzard City was the most powerful one.

Whether it was the personal strength of Long Fei, or the quality of soldiers in Blizzard City, or their elites, Blizzard City was second to none.

Du Lang shook his head and said, "Last time Long Fei did not partic.i.p.ate in the previous tournament; it was tantamount to forfeiting the match. During the team battle, something went wrong, leading to their failure."

"The Divine Wind Alliance actually lost the team battle?" Yan Yu raised an eyebrow. This situation was even more unbelievable. Long Fei was likely not able to attend because of physical reasons, but Blizzard City belonged to the Divine Wind Alliance and the strength  of the mercenaries under the Divine Wind Alliance was the best in the entire Radiance Continent; it would definitely not lose to any country’s military.

Du Lang explained, "Since Long Fei did not attend the last match, the team that had been sent that time was not from the Blizzard Mercenary Corps. It was a combination of members from the other four mercenary corps. Each of the four mercenary corps sent twenty-five people to make up the 100 people needed for the team battle. Although their individual qualities were strong, since they did not come from a single corps, their teamwork in the team battle was inferior to the opponents. There was naturally no way to compete against the other two forces.”

"There seems to be no harmony within the Divine Wind Alliance." Qi Xia faintly smiled as he muttered.

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