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The people in The Rising Sun City had no clue about the danger they were going to face in the future. They were still bustling about as before and living their own comfortable easy days.

However, Shen Yanxiao had already put the plan of strengthening The Rising Sun City on the agenda, and the higher demons had already been handed to Xiu. She believed that with Xiu’s strength, there should not be a problem.

After the higher demons were trained, Shen Yanxiao planned to let the higher demons train the middle and lower demons according to Xiu’s methods. She would integrate all the demons in her hands and turn them into a demon army that would shake the entire Radiance Continent!

Besides those demons, the slaves who had been bought by her also needed to be upgraded. Shen Yanxiao had already made an agreement with Long Fei to buy medicinal herbs from the Blizzard City. She believed that it would not be long until some news should return from Long Fei's side. As long as medicinal herbs were in her hands, she could then concoct physique-improving potions. Although it was impossible for the slaves to be compared to people who cultivated magic and dou qi from an early age, it was still definitely better than being an average person.

Shen Yanxiao did not expect any Senior Professional to come out from among them, but if all of them could cultivate up to the level of Primary Professional, then it would be a big help for The Rising Sun City. A group of ants can kill an elephant. What Shen Yanxiao wanted was to turn every citizen into a soldier.

There was also that group of individuals under Uncle Jiu whose physique had been transformed beyond that of ordinary people. If they were trained, the result would be even better!

Shen Yanxiao hastened to catch up with all the plans for the future development of The Rising Sun City. But she had not had time to tell the news to other people when Vicious Wolf had rushed into the City Lord Residence.

"City Lord! Something’s wrong!" Vicious Wolf rushed in front of Shen Yanxiao, panting.

What happened this time again, ah?!!!

Shen Yanxiao was speechless. How could things happen one after another? Could she just rest for a bit?

"What happened?" With a sigh of helplessness, it finally dawned on Shen Yanxiao that it was not easy to be a City Lord.

"Little Tiny! Little Tiny! It's… it's sick!" Vicious Wolf couldn't speak clearly.

"Little Tiny..." Shen Yanxiao was silent. Little Tiny was a lower demon of The Rising Sun City. When the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps had just entered The Rising Sun City, Vicious Wolf had saved this lower demon’s life. Because of that, this lower demon began to follow Vicious Wolf around and became his small tail. Vicious Wolf did not pay attention to it in the beginning, but after a long time, he had also accepted this small tail of his.

Because this demon was very pet.i.te, Vicious Wolf gave it a name and called it Little Tiny.

"I have no idea what is going with Little Tiny these days. It’s listless. Today, when I went to see it, it was curled up on the ground and its whole body was trembling. I didn't know what to do so I came to find the City Lord.” Vicious Wolf was almost crying. Although he didn't quite like this little demon at first, after being around him for a long time, he got used to seeing the little guy squatting and jumping in front of him. Right now, Vicious Wolf’s face was wrinkled and full of panic.

If it were before, it would be quite easy to handle this matter, because at least there were Fu Tu and the other higher demons for him to ask about the situation. But now that all the higher demons of The Rising Sun City were missing, he was about to die from anxiousness.

"Take me to see it." Shen Yanxiao sighed. A demon's physique was more powerful than that of humans. Even if Little Tiny wasn’t even half the size of Vicious Wolf, it was definitely more tough than Vicious Wolf.

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