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"“Oh?” Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows slightly. Sure enough, Su He knew about it.

Su He slowly told everything she knew to Shen Yanxiao.

Similar to what Shen Yanxiao had guessed, Su He and Yin Jiuchen knew the existence of that group of people. Moreover, Su He himself was an experimental product of those people, but his body was only integrated with the characteristics of two races—  dragons and dwarves; that was also why he was very clear about ores.

Su He was just a failed product. He was able to escape from the organization only by an accident. Unlike Lan Fengli, Su He’s value was not high, so they did not pursue his matter too much. Su He was desperate and had nowhere to go until he finally fell into the Forgotten Traces and was treated as a slave...

In the Forgotten Traces, he met Yin Jiuchen. As a man who had once been tortured by the experiments of those people, at a glance he saw the special characteristics of Yin Jiuchen. Her const.i.tution simply made her the best test subject for that group. Therefore, when that man appeared, Su He had fled with Yin Jiuchen. In his view, the simple and fragile Yin Jiuchen was like his little sister. He could not bear to let Yin Jiuchen fall into the hands of those people.

In those people's hands, even if Yin Jiuchen survived the experiment, he still feared that she would become a monster.

Therefore they fled, and fortunately met Shen Yanxiao halfway, which changed their situation.

When Su He heard Shen Yanxiao mention that man today, he immediately realized that Yin Jiuchen was likely to be the target they were seeking because of her const.i.tution. He knew that he was not their opponent. He could only pray that Shen Yanxiao could protect Yin Jiuchen.

He also knew that his deliberate concealment was likely to bring damage to The Rising Sun City.

Therefore, all these days, he had devoted all his life to his work in The Rising Sun City in order to make up for his own inner debt.

Shen Yanxiao quietly listened to everything he had said. Looking at the tear-stained face of Yin Jiuchen, she sighed in her heart. This was just an ordinary girl, but because of her const.i.tution, she had provoked such a great trouble.

However, that man appeared in The Rising Sun City because of Lan Fengli, which meant that they did not care about Yin Jiuchen, which might also be a good thing.

Only in the future, she would still have to take better care of Yin Jiuchen.

“These things don’t matter. As long as I’m in The Rising Sun City, I’m going to protect you. That person has already been killed. You don’t have to worry about it anymore.” Shen Yanxiao spoke to dispel Su He’s worries. She just wanted to know the truth, she really did not want to scare them.

Su He was slightly surprised. He immediately thanked Shen Yanxiao unceasingly.

Shen Yanxiao comforted them for a moment and then allowed them to go back.

However, her heart could not calm for a long time.

How many people like Yin Jiuchen had been eyed by that group of men? Because of Lan Fengli, Yin Jiuchen was ignored. However, if it were elsewhere, she feared that not everyone would have such good luck as Yin Jiuchen.

Lan Fengli, Yin Jiuchen, and Shen Jiawei. They were all still children who had yet to reach their adulthood. However, because of their const.i.tution, they had gotten involved with the experiments of that group of people.

Shen Yanxiao didn’t consider herself as a good person, but her heart also had its own bottom line.

Since these people had already taken refuge with her, she must protect them all.

If in the next days, if those people really rose to the surface, she would not yield in the slightest bit.

If she couldn’t even protect her own people, then wouldn’t she be too useless!

Anyone in The Rising Sun City was her person. And as long as she was alive, she would not let her people be wronged by anyone!

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